Bory de Bori és Borfői

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Bory de Bori és Borfői is the name of an ancient Hungarian noble family who lived in Hont County . It is one of the oldest noble families in Hungary and partly belongs to the high nobility .

View of Krupina in the 16th century with the palace of the Bory family (No. 17)


The first documented mention of the family comes from the 12th century, but the rise only began under King Ladislaus IV of Hungary. He made a donation to the Bory estate in Hont County, because members of the family fought valiantly against King Ottokar II Přemysl .

In the 16th century, the family flourished mainly through military service against the Ottoman Empire . One member was Michael Bory, who valiantly defended Nograd and Drégely Castle. His bravery was also shown at the Battle of Pukanec in 1574.

In the 17th century, another Michael Bory of Emperor was Leopold I to the captain of Krupina appointed. He was able to use his high military position to make contacts. His closest friend was Count Franz Wesselényi , with whom he organized and supported the magnate conspiracy . Wesselenyi appointed him personal ambassador in Regensburg to the Elector and Archbishop of Mainz , Johann Philipp von Schönborn .

In the 18th century the family acquired lordships in Neograd County , including Felsőpetény, Karancskeszi and Tereska.

The sex is related to well-known noble families such as u. a. Balassa, Hellenbach , Vecsey, Gosztonyi, Sembery, Madach , Pomothy , Dalmady and Kapy.

Known members

Bory Castle

coat of arms

The shield shows an armored, curved arm holding a scimitar, on the tip of which appears a mustached, turban-covered Turkish skull separated from the torso, the neck of which is pierced by the saber.

The shield figure reappears as a helmet jewel, accompanied by a crescent moon and a six-pointed star.

Individual evidence

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