Bouquet garni

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Bouquet garni made from thyme, sage and laurel

A bouquet garni or bouquet of herbs is a mixture of herbs . It consists of various herbs that are tied together or put in a cotton bag. The bouquet is cooked to flavor bouillon , but also thicker soups , stews and stews and is removed shortly before serving.

Traditionally it consists fresh of parsley , thyme and a bay leaf . Dried thyme is usually wrapped in a leek leaf to prevent hard herb components from spreading in the dish.

The bouquet garni can be varied depending on the intended use: Other herbs such as basil , celery leaves , pimpinelle , chervil , tarragon , rosemary , savory or components such as lemon peel and root vegetables are used for lamb or red sauces . The bouquet for pork usually contains sage , thyme and marjoram , while that for poultry contains celery , parsley, thyme, marjoram, tarragon and bay leaf. A seafood bouquet usually consists of dill , tarragon and lemon peel.

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