Bram Stoker Awards 1991

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The 1991 Bram Stoker Award was given in 1992 for literature from the previous year in seven categories. At the award ceremony, exceptional contributions to horror literature are honored every year. The Bram Stoker Award has been presented since 1987, the winners are chosen by election by the members of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), until 1993 Horror Writers of America .

In 1991 there were two double nominations: Stephen King was nominated twice in the Roman category for Needful Things (German: In a small town ) and Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands (German: Tot ), Dan Simmons received the award for his anthology Prayers to Broken Stones (German: Styx - Thirteen Dark Stories ) and was also nominated in the Roman category with Summer of Night (German: Sommer der Nacht ).

Winners and nominated authors

The Bram Stoker Award 1991 was given in 1992 in seven categories:

category winner plant Other nominated authors Pictures of
the winners
Novel ( novel ) Robert R. McCammon Boy's Life (German: innocence and evil )
Debut ( First Novel ) Kathe Koja
Melanie Tem
The Cipher
Prodigal (German: Black Abyss )
Novella ( Long Fiction ) David Morrell The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves David Morrell, 2009
Short story ( short fiction ) Nancy Holder Lady Madonna
Anthology ( Fiction Collection ) Dan Simmons Prayers to Broken Stones (German: Styx - Thirteen dark stories )
Fiction book ( Nonfiction ) Stephen Jones Clive Barker's Shadows of Eden
Lifetime ( Lifetime Achievement ) Gahan Wilson Gahan Wilson, 2012

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