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Bruckmann Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1858
Seat Munich, Germany
management Clemens Schüssler
Branch Publishing house, books, magazines, calendars, cards

The Bruckmann Verlag GmbH is a German publishing house , based in Munich and is part of the publishing house GeraNova Bruckmann. The managing directors are Clemens Schüssler, Henry Allgaier and Claus W. Küster.

Bruckmann Verlag is active in the fields of tourism , outdoors and sports and publishes the Bergsteiger magazine.


Cover of the catalog for the Xth exhibition of the Munich Secession in 1904

In 1858 Friedrich Bruckmann founded the publishing house for art and science in Frankfurt am Main . Since 1861 the publisher has had the name Bruckmann in the company name (company) with interruptions. In 1863 the company moved to Munich. From 1885 the magazine Die Kunst für Alle was published . From 1900 the company was called Verlagsanstalt F. Bruckmann A.-G. He achieved fame with works on art and cultural history . The books produced in our own print shop were characterized by their high print quality. High-quality art volumes were published up to the year 2000.

Poster print "Graphische Kunstanstalten F. Bruckmann AG";
for "[...] Germany / donation for the protection of babies and young children"; Design by Ludwig von Zumbusch , 1917, First World War

After the death of Friedrich Bruckmann, the racist and anti-Semitic work Foundations of the Nineteenth Century by Houston Stewart Chamberlain was published by his sons Hugo Bruckmann and Alphons Bruckmann, who had been working for the publishing house from 1889 onwards . After that, Chamberlain's 33 more racist works came out in large editions. With this, under Hugo Bruckmann's impetus, the publishing house took a turn towards nationalistic ideas that became the basis of National Socialist ideas after the First World War. Consequently, the couple Hugo and Elsa Bruckmann belonged to the friends and early supporters of Adolf Hitler . Thanks to the high level of recognition that the publishing couple enjoyed in Munich, they were able to provide the unknown Hitler with important contacts in society in the early 1920s. The publishing house flourished during the Third Reich and received many book orders through its political contacts. Hugo and Elsa Bruckmann did not join the NSDAP until 1932 because they did not want to risk their social position by supporting a radical splinter party. This was done with the approval of Hitler, who in 1932 gave them honorary membership numbers 91 and 92 as old fighters of the NSDAP.

The publisher expanded its range of travel and alpine literature early on. In the 1920s, Alfred Bruckmann founded an alpine department. The Bergsteiger magazine has been published by Bruckmann Verlag since 1930 . After the Second World War, the publishing house took up the alpine tradition with books by the mountaineer Luis Trenker and expanded the program area in the 1980s. After taking over J. Berg Verlag in 1995, he became a leader in the alpine and outdoor literature segments. Bike guides have been supplementing the offer since the 1980s; in the 1990s the program was expanded to include motorcycle guides. At the same time, the travel book segment was expanded. The travel guide series Time for the Best has been published since spring 2010. In 2008 the GeraNova Bruckmann publishing house acquired the Frederking & Thaler Verlag from Prestel and has been managing Frederking and Thaler since 2012 as an imprint of the Bruckmann Verlag.

In January 2006 the first edition of “ Climb! ", The first German-language magazine for indoor climbers, which was discontinued in 2011. The magazine " Procycling " for cyclists was published in April 2007 and was handed over to the Degen-Mediahouse in 2010.

The touring portal Planet Outdoor , which belongs to the publisher, has been online since June 1, 2008 and presents tours from the books of Bruckmann Verlag in regional online maps. A lot of important tour information is conveyed. These can be printed out together with a card.

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