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Bible in the coat of arms of Luven , Switzerland

The book is a mean figure in heraldry and symbolizes scholarship.

The description determines whether an open or closed book is shown in the coat of arms . The open book with the lion of St. Mark is known . The representation in the coat of arms is varied. The Bible , as the book of books, is open in Luven , in the Surselva district of the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland . On one side is the A for the beginning and the heraldic left side shows the Omega for the end. The Russian city of Perm had a book on its coat of arms as early as the 17th century.


  • Many newer national coats of arms show a book, like those of Angola and the Dominican Republic .
  • Universities often show one or more books in their coat of arms
  • The bag book represents a special form , as it is shown in the logo and coat of arms of the Schottenstift ( [1] ) in Vienna , also quoted in the coat of arms of the Vienna district of Breitenlee .


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