Federal Highway Research Institute

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Highway Research Institute - BASt -

State level Federation
position Technical-scientific institution of the federal government
Supervisory authority Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
founding 1951
Headquarters Bergisch Gladbach
Authority management Stefan Strick
Servants approx. 380 plus over 20 trainees
Budget volume EUR 48.7 million (2019)
Web presence bast.de

The Federal Highway Research Institute ( BASt ) is a technical and scientific research institute of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure based in the Frankenforst district of Bergisch Gladbach . Around 400 people are employed there.


The tasks of BASt in the field of road systems range from answering short-term inquiries to coordinating and carrying out research projects lasting several years .

One focus of the tasks is the participation in the drafting of regulations and standards in all areas of the road system.

BASt works with various partners, including the Research Association for Roads and Transport , universities , the German Institute for Standardization , the German Institute for Building Technology , the German Road Safety Council , the federal state authorities responsible for road construction and road traffic , associations and the relevant industry .

BASt also advises the Federal Ministry of Transport and the road construction administrations of the federal states that manage the federal highways on behalf of the federal government.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, BASt also manages an international database on roads and traffic accidents ( IRTAD ), which is publicly accessible to the specialist authorities and in some areas via the Internet ; at the national level, it carries out the GIDAS project .

Since the liberalization of the Medical-Psychological Examination (MPU) in 1999, the BASt has also carried out the assessment of the bodies of assessment bodies for fitness to drive .

The BASt also assesses the providers of courses to restore fitness to drive and the technical test centers (area of ​​driving license test) with regard to the fulfillment of the professional requirements set for them.

BASt plans and designs all prototypes for traffic signs that are used in German streets.

Since September 2013, the start of the trial operation of market transparency agency for fuels supply more than 13,000 of around 14,500 service stations in Germany at short intervals its pricing data to the mobility data marketplace of BASt , which can be used in unmodified form of consumer portals.

BASt is also networked internationally. It has cooperation agreements with 13 partner institutions from 9 countries.

Goals and lines of research

Northern part of the "duraBASt" test site at the Köln-Ost motorway junction

The work of BASt is based on defined research goals and lines:

Research goals

Research lines

  • Road infrastructure reliability
  • Sustainable road infrastructure
  • Improving the resilience of road traffic
  • Ensuring availability
  • Holistic consideration of the road surface properties
  • Substance registration and evaluation
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly road construction
  • Innovations in road construction
  • Vehicle automation
  • Networked mobility
  • Electromobility
  • Increasing freight traffic - measures for a sustainable road infrastructure
  • Transport and environmental protection
  • Maintaining and optimizing performance
  • Design and equip safe roads
  • Improve vehicle safety
  • Social change and behavior in traffic
  • Change in behavior of road users
  • Safety of pedestrians, cyclists and physically weaker road users

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