Bachberg Castle

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Bachberg Castle
Bachberg Castle, view of the hill from the west 2010.

Bachberg Castle, view of the hill from the west 2010.

Alternative name (s): Bachberg
Castle type : Niederungsburg, moth
Conservation status: Burgstall, ground monument
Standing position : Ministeriale
Place: Frankfurt - Preungesheim
Geographical location 50 ° 9 '26.5 "  N , 8 ° 41' 16.4"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 9 '26.5 "  N , 8 ° 41' 16.4"  E
Height: 124  m above sea level NN
Bachberg Castle (districts of Frankfurt am Main)
Bachberg Castle

The Burgbach Mountain is a Outbound Turmhügelburg (Motte) in Frankfurt - Preungesheim in Hesse . Part of the castle hill has been preserved in a playground.


The castle complex is located northwest of the Preungesheim town center on the edge of the valley of the flood ditch (also Oberwiesengraben or Lachegraben ). A wet meadow area adjoins it further to the northwest. Until 1899 there was a small pond in the immediate vicinity. Today the complex is wedged between Gießener Straße and the Am Bachberg housing estate .


There are only few significant sources about the castle complex. It was initially thought to be a burial mound near a Roman road that crossed the Nidda at Ulmenrick further north . A note about Preungesheim from 1410 probably refers to the Bachberg, where it says: the castle stood there. The place itself is mentioned for the first time in 772 in a deed of donation to the Lorsch monastery . Knights of Preungesheim have been documented since 1143. Possibly the castle belonged to a free estate from the Franconian times.


A hill measuring 20 × 35 m has been preserved from the moth enclosure . Its western half was already removed in 1845, it originally had an oval shape with a width of 80 m. The Preungesheim pastor Junghans had excavations carried out on the hill in 1888, which remained largely unsuccessful. Finds of various layers of ash and ceramics led to the assumption that it must be a castle. Further statements, such as the dating of the facility, were not possible. According to Georg Wolff , who visited the facility in 1895 and 1900, the hill was still up to 5 m high at that time.


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