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There is a large number of palaces and castles in the German state of Hesse . These buildings, some of which can look back on a 1000-year or even longer history, from the beginning of the early Middle Ages to modern times , were the scene of historical events and the workplaces of well-known personalities and are often still impressive structures today.


Regional peculiarities exist in Hesse particularly in the customs castles on the Rhine and the numerous noble residences around the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt am Main . In the Hessian low mountain range , the predominant castle form was the hill or spur castle . Moated castles or lowland castles are often heavily overbuilt due to their topographical conditions, mostly in locality, or their substance is over-shaped in later times.

Over time, the majority of the castles came into the possession of larger sovereigns, and some were converted into palaces. Important palace buildings in Hesse go back to the larger princely houses of Hessen-Kassel , Hessen-Darmstadt and Nassau . In Südhessen some come Electoral Mainz and Palatine Castle and Castle Building added. Other palaces and castles that go back to the clergy come from the Abbey of Fulda (later diocese) and the Abbey of Hersfeld .

The need for representation of smaller sovereigns such as the Counts of Erbach , Counts of Hanau , Counts of Solms , Counts of Isenburg or Counts and Princes of Waldeck and their branch lines has resulted in attractive residences in many small towns in Hesse. Even the lower nobility, for example the Lords of Buchenau or the Lords of Hutten , built handsome residences, which in many villages still determine the appearance of the village and represent centers of the communities.

Many castles and palaces are now owned by the administration of the State Palaces and Gardens of Hesse , are inhabited or are privately owned. For a large part of the castle ruins there are local castle associations that take care of the maintenance and security of the structures and make them accessible to the public.

That list includes early medieval are hill forts , tower hill castles , festivals homes and apartment towers listed, as well as in the Middle Ages incurred estates , mansions or the development of cities emerged forts and stately palaces . Both preserved and destroyed buildings ( ruins ) are listed, as well as buildings that have completely disappeared or have disappeared (such as castle stables or systems only preserved as ground monuments ), insofar as they are mentioned in the relevant literature.

Explanation of the list

The list is divided into the corresponding current districts of the State of Hesse. The number of items listed for the structures are counted in the inventory, the number of items is named. Structures without an article are visible as a red link , but then the most important data are listed in the corresponding line.
  • Location : Indicates in which municipality the building is or was or in which district it is located.
  • Type : Indicates the respective building type: For castles mostly according to their geographical allocation; If possible, castles are classified according to their type; z. B. in residential castle, hunting lodge, palace.
  • Date of origin : Shows (if known) the year of construction. For castles, it is usually only possible to first mention them in documents or to date them according to the architectural style in certain periods of time.
  • State of preservation and current use : Describes the current status of the building. A castle is called " abandoned " if there are no more remains - Burgstall if there are no more remains above ground. It is noted if the building is privately owned or not accessible.
  • Image : If possible, shows an appropriate photo, picture or drawing of the building, ruin or castle stables. Often only subsequent buildings need to be documented.
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Darmstadt administrative district (South Hesse)


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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Alexander Palace 49 ° 52 ′ 24 ″ N, 8 ° 39 ′ 1 ″ E Darmstadt City Palace 1804 Destroyed in 1944, demolished Alexanderpalais-um1890 HStAD-Best-R4-Nr-28928 Detail.png
Old palace 49 ° 52 ′ 19 ″ N, 8 ° 39 ′ 5 ″ E Darmstadt City Palace 1802-1804 Comprehensively restored by Georg Moller from 1839–1842 , destroyed in 1944, today the Luisencenter is located there AK Darmstadt-Altes-Palais Blickrichtg-Süd vor1906.png
Darmstadt Residence Palace 49 ° 52 ′ 25 ″ N, 8 ° 39 ′ 19 ″ E Darmstadt Residenzschloss , Landgrave / Grand Ducal residence of Hesse-Darmstadt Middle of the 13th century, numerous modifications Rebuilt after destruction in 1944, used by parts of the TU Darmstadt , university and state library , castle museum , branch of the LfD Hessen in bell building Residenzschloss Darmstadt west side.jpg
Dianaburg 49 ° 55 ′ 22 "N, 8 ° 41 ′ 56" E Darmstadt-Arheilgen Jagdschlösschen 1765 demolished around 1808, from 1836 only small. pavilion Dianaburg 1768.jpg
Kranichstein hunting lodge 49 ° 54 ′ 1 ″ N, 8 ° 41 ′ 51 ″ E Darmstadt-Kranichstein Hunting lodge 1578 Hunting Museum and Hotel Jagdschloss Kranichstein HDR.jpg
Louisburg Griesheim Hunting Lodge
(Ludwigsburg, Griesheimer Haus)
49 ° 51 ′ 6 ″ N, 8 ° 36 ′ 25 ″ E Darmstadt-West Hunting lodge 1713 2. New building demolished in 1774 Johann Georg Stockmar View of the Griesheimer Jagdlusthaus.jpg
New palace 49 ° 52 ′ 7 "N, 8 ° 39 ′ 4" E Darmstadt Residenzschloss, grand ducal city ​​residence of Hesse-Darmstadt of Ludwig IV and his successor Ernst Ludwig , first playground of Darmstadt Art Nouveau 1864/1865 Destroyed in 1944, finally demolished in 1955 AK Da-Neues-Palais before-1912.png
Orangery 49 ° 51 ′ 29 "N, 8 ° 39 ′ 11" E Darmstadt Bessungen lock 1719-1721 Concerts and meetings, restaurant Orangery in Darmstadt-Bessungen (Germany) .jpg
Rosenhöhe Palace 49 ° 52 ′ 31 "N, 8 ° 40 ′ 35" E Darmstadt lock 1894 Destroyed in 1944 and resigned, only one archway get Palais-Rosenhöhe um-1900.png
Prince Carl Palais 49 ° 51 ′ 55 "N, 8 ° 39 ′ 12" E Darmstadt Bessungen Castle for Karl von Hessen-Darmstadt by Georg Moller 1835 State Insurance Company Prinz-Carl-Palais 1849 Stahlstich.png
Prince Emil Schlösschen 49 ° 51 ′ 37 ″ N, 8 ° 39 ′ 0 ″ E Darmstadt Bessungen lock 1775-1778 Preserved garden palace in a U-shaped complex in a restored park landscape, used as a Bessunger neighborhood house Prinz-Emil-Palais Darmstadt.jpg
Prinz-Georg-Palais 49 ° 52 ′ 47 "N, 8 ° 39 ′ 12" E Darmstadt Castle for Landgrave Ernst Ludwig , it was named by Prince Georg Wilhelm (summer residence from the 2nd half of the 18th century) 1710 simple two-storey building, porcelain collection Prinz-Georg-Palais02.JPG

Frankfurt am Main

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Old Praunheim Castle Frankfurt-Praunheim Königshof , later a local castle unknown Seat of the knights von Praunheim , Younger Line, 1911 last Torrest to Burg Kronberg sold Burgtor zu Praunheim with a view of the church.jpg
Bachberg Castle Frankfurt-Preungesheim Moth (castle) 12th Century Parts of the castle hill are visible Bachberg Castle Preungesheim.jpg
Bolongaro Palace Frankfurt-Höchst City Palace 1772-1774 municipal property, administration, registry office, exhibitions, concerts Frankfurt am Main-Hoechst-Bolongaropalast-Suedseite.jpg
Bonames Castle Frankfurt-Bonames Moated castle Early 13th century Not preserved, location marked in the pavement Bonames Castle 2009.jpg
(Glauburger Hof, Günthersburg)
Frankfurt-Bornheim Moated castle, fortified courtyard,
part of the fortifications of Frankfurt,
after laying down in 1847, new construction of the Günthersburgpalais from 1855
Probably 10th century, documented mention 1189
(new building as Rothschild ́s Palais 1855)
Moated castle and palace without remains, only the park and ancillary building (orangery from the 19th century) have been preserved Günthersburg Bornburg 1826 drawing Lagis-Hessen.png
De nieuwe Günthersburg het Rothschildpalais in Frankfurt in 1855.jpg
Fleschenburg Frankfurt-Oberrad Wasserburg, fortified courtyard 13th Century Not received Zehender Fleschenburg Oberrad.jpg
House Fürsteneck Frankfurt old town Patrician seat Mid-14th century Destroyed in 1944, ruins completely removed during and after the Second World War Frankfurt Am Main-Haus Fuersteneck-Vor Umbau-Reiffenstein.jpg
Goldstein castle Frankfurt-Goldstein Moated castle 13th Century Only park received Usener Hof Goldstein.jpg
Grüneburg Frankfurt-Westend Rothschild family castle 1837, previously courtyard Destroyed in 1944 Grüneburgweg and entrance to Rothschild'schen.jpg
Heddernheimer Schloss
(New Palace)
Frankfurt-Heddernheim Castle of the von Riedt family 1740 Received, apartments Frankfurt-Heddernheim, the New Palace.JPG
Highest castle Frankfurt-Höchst Castle, Mainz official residence 14th Century Preserved, owned by the German Foundation for Monument Protection Highest Castle.jpg
(also Holzhausen-Oede )
Frankfurt-Nordend Moated castle of the von Holzhausen family Late medieval (expansion mentioned in 1540),
today's baroque palace from 1729
Receive Holzhausenschloesschen Frankfurt 2016 02.jpg
Klettenburg / Augustusburg Frankfurt-Praunheim Castle seat of the Knights of Praunheim , later Counts of Solms-Rödelheim Documented in 1194 Canceled 1760–1791
Königspfalz Frankfurt
(historically incorrect also Kaiserpfalz Frankfurt )
Frankfurt am Main
( Cathedral Hill )
(base of the Carolingian and Ottonian kings and emperors)
approx. 9th century
(probably replaced the royal court of the Merovingians in the 7th century)
Decreased in importance from the 11th century, probably overbuilt after the construction of the Saalhof , remains of the wall are visible today Archaeological-garden-2010-ffm-048.jpg
Lersner's Palace
Frankfurt-Nieder-Erlenbach Manor house of the 17th / 18th centuries Century in place of an older castle First mentioned in 1275/85 Residential complex Lersnersches Schloss Hofseite.jpg
Reichenbach-Lessonitz Palace Frankfurt am Main Palace 1891/92 Burned out by bombs in 1944 and later demolished, today the location of the Deutsche Bank high-rise Palace of Countess E. von Reichenbach in Frankfurt am Main, architects L. Neher and A. v.  Kauffmann Frankfurt, main facade, plate 48, kick volume II.jpg
Palais Thurn and Taxis Frankfurt am Main Palais built
by Robert de Cotte on behalf of the Imperial Heir General Postmaster Prince Anselm Franz von Thurn und Taxis , u. a. 1816 to 1866 conference center of the Bundestag of the German Confederation
1731 to 1739 Demolished in 1951, the portal structures were rebuilt using the previously secured sandstone parts. 2004 to 2009 rebuilding with a slightly different floor plan Frankfurt am Main-Palais Thurn and Taxis-view from the Maintower-20110328.jpg
Philippseck Castle Frankfurt-Heddernheim Castle,
knight seat on the foundation walls of a Roman villa
1584 Not preserved, destroyed in the Thirty Years War.
Saalhof Frankfurt old town Stadtburg ,
Staufer Reichsburg
12th Century Corner tower demolished in 1840, minor damage in the Second World War, main hall, corner tower and chapel largely preserved Frankfurt am Main-Saalhof view from the Eiserner Steg.jpg
Schelmenburg Frankfurt-Bergen-Enkheim Moated castle , later Schlösschen the rogue of Bergen 12th Century Only castle buildings from 1700 have survived Bergen Schelmenburg 2016 01.jpg
Schönhof Frankfurt-Bockenheim Wasserburg , later manor,
later freiadliges Hofgut
unknown, new building in 1819 Only mansion and relocated residential buildings rebuilt after 1945, restored cultural monument with restaurant and music center Bockenheim Jakobskirche and Schonhof 1855.jpeg
Solms Castle / Rödelheim Castle Frankfurt-Rödelheim Moated castle, later residential palace of the Counts of Solms-Rödelheim 1150 (castle), 1802 (castle) Destroyed in 1944, ruins completely removed after the Second World War (until 1955) Reiffenstein Castle Roedelheim.jpg
Stalburger Oede Frankfurt-Nordend Wasserburg, aristocratic seat of the Stalburger Wasserburg 15./16. Century, Baroque transformation in 1734 Only modern mansion preserved, today Stalburg Theater Frankfurt am Main-Carl Theodor Reiffenstein-FFMU1850-457-Stalburger Oede.jpg
Ulrichstein Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen Customs or fortress of Hagen-Munzenberg or Hanau ,
later an integrated tower in Frankfurt city fortifications
uncertain, first mentioned in the 14th century Badly damaged in 1635, ruin demolished in 1930, location marked in the ground Frankfurt am Main-Peter Becker-BAAF-023-The ruin of Ulrichstein am Schaumainthor daselbst-1872.jpg

City of Offenbach

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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Büsing Palais 50 ° 6 ′ 28 "N, 8 ° 45 ′ 37" E Offenbach am Main Manor house, later city palace 1773, extension of the palace in 1899 Conference center and registry office Offenbach Büsing Palais a.jpg
Isenburg Castle 50 ° 6 ′ 28 "N, 8 ° 45 ′ 54" E Offenbach am Main Castle, Isenburg residence 1559, probably a medieval predecessor Preserved, used by the Offenbach am Main University of Design Offenbach Isenburg Castle d.jpg
Rumpenheim Castle 50 ° 7 ′ 59 ″ N, 8 ° 48 ′ 6 ″ E Offenbach-Rumpenheim Castle of the Landgraves of Hessen-Rumpenheim Built in 1771 instead of a manor house Rebuilt and converted into condominiums Offenbach Rumpenheimer Schloss a.jpg


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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Biebrich Castle 50 ° 2 ′ 15 "N, 8 ° 14 ′ 3" E Wiesbaden-Biebrich Castle, Nassau Residence between 1700 and 1750 Seat of the State Office for Monument Preservation Hesse , used by the Hessian state government WI Biebrich Castle.jpg
Hereditary Prince Palace 50 ° 4 ′ 52 "N, 8 ° 14 ′ 41" E Wiesbaden Lock; Crown Prince Palace 1813-1817 Seat of the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce and Industry ErbprinzenpalaisWI.jpg
Fasanerie hunting lodge 50 ° 6 ′ 9 ″ N, 8 ° 11 ′ 33 ″ E Wiesbaden-Klarenthal Hunting lodge of the princes Nassau-Usingen 1744-1749 Well preserved, used as a restaurant Jagdschloss Fasanerie (Wiesbaden) .jpg
Frauenstein Castle 50 ° 3 ′ 55 "N, 8 ° 9 ′ 16" E Wiesbaden-Frauenstein Castle of the Archdiocese of Mainz 12th Century Castle tower restored, used by the castle association Wiesbaden Frauenstein castle ruins 1.jpg
Freudenberg Castle 50 ° 3 ′ 58 "N, 8 ° 10 ′ 51" E Wiesbaden-Dotzheim lock 1904 Field of experience for developing the senses Freudenberg Castle in Wiesbaden from the south.jpg
Mosburg 50 ° 2 ′ 45 "N, 8 ° 14 ′ 14" E Wiesbaden-Biebrich Residential castle 1805 Artificial ruin Wiesbaden Biebrich Mosburg01.jpg
Paulinenschlösschen 50 ° 5 ′ 12 "N, 8 ° 14 ′ 49" E Wiesbaden Schlösschen, widow's seat of Pauline von Württemberg 1841-1843 Destroyed and demolished in 1945, today the parking lot of the Hessian State Chancellery Paulinenschloesschen Wiesbaden.jpg
Hunting lodge plate 50 ° 8 ′ 3 ″ N, 8 ° 13 ′ 13 ″ E Wiesbaden , "plate" Hunting lodge 1823 1945 destroyed except for the outer walls, is being reconstructed JagdschlossPlatteSouthern FrontwithWestReworked.JPG
Sommerberg Castle 50 ° 3 ′ 58 "N, 8 ° 8 ′ 52" E Wiesbaden-Frauenstein Nassau defense yard and from 1872 castle of the noble family Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg 16th Century privately owned Wiesbaden Frauenstein Schloss Sommerberg from Georgenborner Straße 3 (cropped) .jpg
Sonnenberg Castle 50 ° 6 ′ 10 "N, 8 ° 15 ′ 57" E Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg Spur castle of the Counts of Nassau from 1200 Ruin, museum in the keep Wiesbaden castle sonnenberg 1.jpg
Wiesbaden City Palace 50 ° 4 ′ 56 "N, 8 ° 14 ′ 29" E Wiesbaden Castle, Nassau Residence 1837-1841 Hessian state parliament Wiesbaden Hessian Landtag.jpg

Bergstrasse district

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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Auerbach Castle 49 ° 42 ′ 33 "N, 8 ° 37 ′ 55" E Bensheim Höhenburg of the County of Katzenelnbogen from 1222 Ruin, open to the public Auerbach Castle 11.jpg
Birkenau Castle 49 ° 33 ′ 44 "N, 8 ° 42 ′ 20" E Birkenau (Odenwald) Castle of the Barons Wambolt von Umstadt 1765 Only park accessible Birkenau schloss.JPG
State Park Princely Camp 49 ° 42 ′ 1 ″ N, 8 ° 38 ′ 0 ″ E Bensheim Hunting lodge around 1790 Summer residence with mansion of the landgraves and grand dukes of Hessen-Darmstadt Princely camp Bensheim.jpg
Hammer lock 49 ° 33 '58 "N, 8 ° 50' 38" E Wald-Michelbach lock 16th Century preserved, privately owned Hammerschlösschen Wald-Michelbach 05.jpg
Heppenheim City Palace 49 ° 38 ′ 30 "N, 8 ° 38 ′ 38" E Heppenheim (Bergstrasse) Castle (city palace) around 1700 school Heppenheim Schulgasse Castle School.jpg
Hinterburg 49 ° 24 ′ 35 "N, 8 ° 49 ′ 39" E Neckarsteinach Spornburg , ancestral seat of the Landschad von Steinach . around 1100 Castle ruins Neckarsteinach Hinterburg1.JPG
Hirschhorn Castle 49 ° 26 ′ 58 "N, 8 ° 53 ′ 54" E Hirschhorn (Neckar) Spur castle of the Lords of Hirschhorn around 1260 Castle ruins Hirschhorn Castle.JPG
Hundheim Castle 49 ° 25 '4 "N, 8 ° 52' 24" E Neckarsteinach Hilltop castle 11./12. century Burgstall , ground monument, faintly visible
Jagdschloss Jägersburg 49 ° 41 ′ 59 "N, 8 ° 31 ′ 39" E Einhausen Hunting lodge 1609 no structural remains Jaegersburg Hunting Lodge 1609.jpg
New hunting lodge Jägersburg 49 ° 42 ′ 18 "N, 8 ° 30 ′ 41" E Einhausen Hunting lodge 1713 no structural remains Jagdschloss Jaegersburg 1713.jpg
Kurmainzer Amtshof 49 ° 38 ′ 32 "N, 8 ° 38 ′ 42" E Heppenheim (Bergstrasse) Amtshof late 14th century Wine cooperative Heppenheim Amtsgasse 5 Kurmainzer Amtshof Total.jpg
Lindenfels Castle 49 ° 40 ′ 56 "N, 8 ° 46 ′ 37" E Lindenfels Hilltop castle 11th century Castle ruins BurgLindenfels.jpg
Burgstall Mörlenbach 49 ° 35 ′ 57 ″ N, 8 ° 44 ′ 5 ″ E Moerlenbach Moated castle in the 14th century departed Mörlenbach drawing 1860 003.jpg
Mittelburg 49 ° 24 ′ 34 "N, 8 ° 49 ′ 58" E Neckarsteinach Castle around 1165 preserved and inhabited Neckarsteinach-Mittelburg2.jpg
Neuschloß / Friedrichsburg 49 ° 36 ′ 6 ″ N, 8 ° 31 ′ 6 ″ E Lampertheim -
lock 1463-1468 Destroyed in 1622, (a chemical factory on the castle grounds from 1829–1927), remains of the castle (commercial and civil servants' building), today a residential building Neuschloss Lampertheim 02.jpg
Upper castle 49 ° 43 ′ 22 "N, 8 ° 36 ′ 57" E Zwingenberg Hilltop castle probably 11th century Castle stable, small remains of the wall in the vault and ground floor of the Zwingenberg youth hostel Upper castle Zwingenberg 01.JPG
Rennhof Palace 49 ° 35 ′ 55 "N, 8 ° 35 ′ 17" E Lampertheim -
in Empire style
until 1853 Lithuanian Central Committee and Lithuanian Cultural Institute, seat of the Lithuanian High School Rennhof Palace in Hüttenfeld.jpg
Burgstadel Rimbach 49 ° 37 ′ 22 "N, 8 ° 45 ′ 28" E Rimbach Castle unclear, mentioned 14th century unclear, presumed near the church
Zwingenberg Castle 49 ° 43 ′ 26 "N, 8 ° 36 ′ 46" E Zwingenberg Castle of the Oberamtmann of the Upper County Katzenelnbogen , later a noble seat around 1500 Town hall and administration building, cultural monument Castle Zwingenberg 01.JPG
Swallow's nest 49 ° 24 ′ 25 "N, 8 ° 49 ′ 28" E Neckarsteinach Hilltop castle 1230 Castle ruins Neckarsteinach Schwalbennest.JPG
Schoenberg Castle 49 ° 41 ′ 34 "N, 8 ° 38 ′ 47" E Bensheim -
Castle of the house of Erbach , later residential castle of the Erbach-Schönberg line 13th Century Training and conference center of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See Schoenberger Castle 02.jpg
Starkenburg 49 ° 38 ′ 46 "N, 8 ° 38 ′ 55" E Heppenheim (Bergstrasse) Höhenburg, Mainz property 1065 youth hostel Starkenburg 02.jpg
Stein Castle
49 ° 42 ′ 13 "N, 8 ° 23 ′ 32" E Biblis Customs castle on the foundation walls of a Roman burgus New building after 1068 In the Thirty Years' War destroyed excavated foundations preserved Palatinatus Rheni (Merian) 213 section.jpg
Vorderburg 49 ° 24 ′ 33 "N, 8 ° 50 ′ 7" E Neckarsteinach Hilltop castle around 1200 inhabited Neckarsteinach Vorderburg.jpg
Waldau Castle Stables 49 ° 36 ′ 34 "N, 8 ° 51 ′ 12" E Grasellenbach -
Moated castle 12-13 century Burgstall Burgstall Waldau - Lageplan.png
Wald-Michelbach Castle 49 ° 34 ′ 21 ″ N, 8 ° 49 ′ 29 ″ E Wald-Michelbach Castle 12-13 century Remnants of moats and walls Germany wald-michelbach evangelic church.jpg
Zwingenberg hunting lodge 49 ° 43 ′ 19 ″ N, 8 ° 36 ′ 51 ″ E Zwingenberg Hunting lodge of the Landgraviate of Hesse , later a winery , later a district court 1563 New building from the beginning of the 18th century, renovated in 1988, apartments, senior citizen meeting place, theater Jagdschloss Zwingenberg 02.JPG
Zwingenberg moated castle 49 ° 43 ′ 19 "N, 8 ° 36 ′ 47" E Zwingenberg Moated castle before 1250 small remains of the wall Moated castle Zwingenberg 01.JPG

Darmstadt-Dieburg district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Albini Castle The castle Castle on the remains of the Dieburg castle complex 1809 received, apartments, restaurant Burganlage-Dieburg access-inner courtyard.jpg
Alsbach Castle (Bickenbach Castle) Alsbach chicken Spornburg of the Lords of Bickenbach around 1235 Castle ruins Alsbach 1.JPG
Old castle Mühltal -
Spurburg unknown, probably mid-11th century no remains, presumed predecessor of Frankenstein Castle Old Castle Nieder-Beerbach 01.jpg
Old Eschollbrücken Castle Pfungstadt -
Moated castle or moth of the local nobility probably 11th century no remains above ground, evidence of aerial photographs and geophysical prospection
Old castle Mühltal -
Spurburg unclear, probably 11th century Burgstall, small remains of ramparts and moats Old castle (Nieder-Beerbach) 03.JPG
Babenhausen Castle Babenhausen Wasserburg of Hagen-Münzenberg , later Hanauische castle and secondary residence; Expansion to the castle Around 1200 Is currently empty and should be used as a hotel Babenhausen Castle Gate Tower.jpg
Bickenbach Hunting Lodge Bickenbach Hunting lodge of the Landgraviate of Hessen-Darmstadt 1720/1721 Manor house (residential building) and large building (today town hall ) still exist Bickenbach Town Hall 20070905.JPG
Braunshardt Castle Weiterstadt -
Castle of the Landgraviate of Hessen-Darmstadt from 1760 Municipal property, partly retirement home Schloss-Braunshardt071208.jpg
Curti lock Groß-Umstadt Adelshof, later Castle of Curti from 1500 Deposed in 1963 Curti-schloss partial view from-AK-before-1912.PNG
Darmstadt Castle Groß-Umstadt Moated castle of Fulda Abbey
from 1750 castle
12th century
1727–1747 conversion to a baroque palace
Sold privately, usage rights for church organizations Da-Schloss gr-umstadt südflügel.jpg
Dieburg Castle The castle Wasserburg , founded by the von Hagen-Münzenberg gentlemen Mid 12th century small remains preserved Dieburgausn Schloss.jpg
Dorndiel Castle
(Pfalzhof, Pfälzer Hof)
Groß-Umstadt -
Castle, presumably owned by the Amorbach clamp Mentioned in a document in 1390 no leftovers received
Ernsthofen Castle Modautal -
Moated castle, later a castle 8/9 It was built from a courtyard in the 14th century, expanded into a castle by the 14th century at the latest preserved in parts as a closed system, private property (cannot be viewed ) Ernsthofen Castle 1895.JPG
Fechenbach Castle The castle lock 1717 in place of a Burgmannenhaus Museum Schloss Fechenbach Dieburg Castle Fechenbach.jpg
Frankenstein Castle Seeheim-Jugenheim Spornburg, built by Conrad von Breuberg , ancestral castle of the barons von und zu Frankenstein Early 13th century, first mentioned in 1252 Castle ruins, restaurant InnerCastle.jpg
Gans'scher Adelshof Groß-Umstadt Adelshof Mid 13th century Remodeled preserved, private property Gans'scher Adelshof entrance portal.jpg
Graefenhausen Castle Weiterstadt -
Moated castle, later a castle after 1211, 1555 castle renovation Retirement and nursing home Graefenhausen former castle.jpg
Habitzheim Castle Otzberg -
Wasserburg, later Hofgut 13th Century Hofgut, remains preserved Habitzheim Castle 1777-1846.png
Old hunting lodge Harreshausen Babenhausen -
Hunting lodge with armory and forest garden by Johann Reinhard III. from Hanau 1722-1723 House and remnants of the garden, private property Jagdschloss-harreshausen seitenansicht.jpg
Heddersdorf'scher Adelshof Groß-Umstadt Adelshof, mansion 13th century, mansion around 1570 Manor house and barn in the area preserved, private property, apartments Heddersdorfscher-Adelshof Gross-Umstadt 2011.jpg
Heiligenberg Castle Seeheim-Jugenheim Castle of the Grand Dukes of Hesse and the Battenberg line 1862-1867 Headquarters of the Office for Teacher Education Seeheim-Jugenheim-Heiligenberg-Schloss.jpg
Jossa Castle Seeheim-Jugenheim Hilltop castle around 1290-1300 Castle ruins, ramparts preserved Jossa Castle, remains of the wall.jpg
Castle small rooms Large rooms -
small rooms
Wasserburg, expansion to a castle probably 13th century overbuilt like a castle, today a modern youth welfare center "St. Josephshaus" Burg-Klein-Zimmer St-Josephshaus 01.jpg
Lichtenberg Castle Fischbachtal Höhenburg of the County of Katzenelnbogen , later a castle and secondary residence of the Landgraviate of Hesse 12th Century Property of the State of Hesse, partially inhabited Lichtenberg Castle view from Bollwerk.jpg
Nieder-Modau Castle Nieder-Modau Hilltop castle around 1200 Burgstall, barely visible remains Spot1972 Nieder-Modau Burg Montage.jpg
Schloss-Naus moated castle Otzberg -
Naus Castle
Wasserburg, aristocratic seat of the goose from Otzberg First mentioned in 1471 Much preserved, restaurant Wasserschloß Schloß-Nauses.jpg
Veste Otzberg Otzberg -
Höhenburg, foundation of the Fulda Abbey , later an Electoral Palatinate fortress End of the 12th / beginning of the 13th century Mostly preserved, used as a castle museum and registry office Veste Otzberg.jpg
Palatinate Castle Groß-Umstadt Moated castle of the Fulda monastery ,
later castle of the Electoral Palatinate
12th century (moated castle)
15th century (castle)
municipal property Palatinate Palace Groß-Umstadt 2012.jpg
Rodenstein Castle Groß-Umstadt Castle, Adelshof 14th Century municipal property, senior housing complex Rodensteiner Castle northeast side-inner courtyard Gr-Umstadt.png
Schaafheim Castle Schaafheim Lower castle of the Lords of Hanau , later a castle Probably 14th century, 15th century castle reconstruction Demolished in 1823 (except for small remains) Information board Schloss-Schaafheim.jpg
Schlierbach Castle Babenhausen -
Höhenburg, Hanau fiefdom of those from Düdelsheim and von Wasen unknown, only mentioned between 1393 and 1539 departed Burg-schlierbach location-01a.JPG
Castle Ober-Beerbach Seeheim-Jugenheim -
Hilltop castle unknown, probably 11th century small remains, presumed predecessor of Frankenstein Castle
Seeheim Castle Seeheim-Jugenheim Hofgut , after expansion, the summer palace of the Grand Dukes of Hesse before 1808 Hofgut, 1831–1834 palace construction Private residential complex, park freely accessible Seeheimer Schloss main building.JPG
Stockau Castle (Groschlag's Castle) The castle lock 1699 Demolished in 1857 Groschlagsches-schloss-stockau Dieburg 1789.png
Tannenberg Castle Seeheim-Jugenheim Hilltop castle around 1230 Destroyed in 1399, excavated and preserved castle ruins Spot ruin Tannenberg.JPG
Wambolt's castle Groß-Umstadt Castle of the Wambolt of Umstadt Late renaissance complex of the 17th century in place of the older castle complex preserved, in need of renovation, sold to private in 2015 Gross-Umstadt Wambolt sches Schloss.jpg
Hamlet hill between Alsbach-Hähnlein and Bickenbach High moth of the Lords of Bickenbach Late 11th / early 12th century Tower hill eleven meters high preserved, ground monument Weilerhuegel Suedansicht.jpg
Wellberg Castle Pfungstadt moth 10/11 century Tower hill six meters high preserved, ground monument Burgstall Wellberg Pfungstadt 02.jpg

Groß-Gerau district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Alt-Wolfskehlen Castle Riedstadt -
Niederungsburg, moth first mentioned in 1184 Burgstall southeast of the village, no remains above ground, moat indistinct
Astheim Bohemian Castle Trebur -
Niederungsburg 13th Century Burgstall
Dornberg Castle Groß-Gerau -
Moated castle, later residence and Hessen-Darmstadt hunting lodge. 12th Century Destroyed by French troops in 1689. Remnants of the surrounding wall, a gate and an archway have been preserved, used by the adult education center. Dornberg Castle Torbau.jpg
Falkenau Castle Gernsheim Niederungsburg first mentioned in 1266 nothing received
Gernsheim Castle Gernsheim Moated castle first mentioned in 1276 Burgstall
Swedish Fortress Gustavsburg
(Fort Mainspitze)
(Gustavsburg Fortress)
Ginsheim-Gustavsburg -
fortress 1632 Abandoned again in 1636, demolished in 1673, remains and gabions indicating the course, in Gustavsburg Castle Park De Merian Mainz Trier Cologne 013.jpg
Hassloch Castle Rüsselsheim am Main - Haßloch Moated castle 1331 Burgstall, overbuilt, remains of moats and foundations
Kelsterbach Castle
Kelsterbach Castle, Isenburg Renaissance complex between 1564 and 1580 In ruins since the Thirty Years War, not visible Kelsterbach De Merian Hassiae.jpg
Mönchbruch hunting lodge Moerfelden-Walldorf Castle ( hunting lodge ) around 1730 Privately owned Jagdschlossmoenchbruch.jpg
Mörfelden Castle Moerfelden-Walldorf Moated castle unknown, no later than 1325 Burgstall, no leftovers
Neu-Wolfskehlen Castle Riedstadt -
Niederungsburg 13th Century Burgstall, destroyed again in 1301, location verified and basic structure determined in 2017 Magnetometer prospection burg neu-wolfskehlen 2.png
Rüsselsheim Fortress Rüsselsheim am Main Fortress , expansion of a previous castle complex from 1479 City and industrial museum, city archive, café Fortress Ruesselsheim 04.JPG
Schwedenschanze Kelsterbach Ring wall 8-10 century Ground monument Schwedenschanze kelsterbach 014.JPG
Palatinate Trebur Trebur Königspfalz Beginning in Carolingian times (9th century) not visible


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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altweilnau Castle Weilrod -
Hilltop castle around 1200 by the Counts of Diez , first documented mention in 1208 abandoned after 1608, restored 1980–86, today castle ruins Burg-Altweilnau-JR-F2-B30a-2001-08-21.jpg
Binzelberg Castle Usingen Niederungsburg unknown no leftovers
Bassenheimer Palais Schmitten -
Castle, palace around 1720 or after 1763 renovated, private property 2016-Bassenheimer Palais-ks01.jpg
Bommersheim Castle Oberursel -
Moated castle , initially tower hill castle, later low and Ganerbe castle 11th or 12th century Destroyed in 1382, partially excavated and built over, parts of the circular wall reconstructed, ground monument. Bommersheim Castle Ringmauer.jpg
Brendelburg Friedrichsdorf -
Dillingen desert
Moated castle unknown, 15th century document gone, the area built over, no remains Land map Seulberg-Erlenbacher Mark 1715.jpg
Trumpet Wehrheim -
moth middle Ages Ground monument Obernhain, Drusenknüppel.JPG
Eichelbacher Hof Weilrod -
Rod an der Weil
Moated castle First mentioned in a document in 1213 East wing of the later manor house preserved, private property, gastronomy Rod an der Weil Eichelbacher Hof 001.jpg
Eichelberg Castle (Weilrod) Weilrod -
Tower Hill Castle First mentioned in a document in 1213 Burgstall Castle stable Eichelberg.JPG
Emmershausen Castle Weilrod -
Höhenburg, permanent house around 1207 Burgstall, today a church, few remains can be seen Evangelical Church Emmershausen.JPG
Falkenstein castle ruins Königstein im Taunus -
Hilltop castle Mid 14th century Castle ruins Burg-Falkenstein-Taunus-B-10a-JR-2001-08-16.jpg
Gothic house Bad Homburg vor der Höhe -
Hunting lodge 1823 Never used hunting lodge of the Landgraves of Hessen-Homburg , today Münz- und Hut-Museum ( Homburg-Hut ) GotischesHausBadHomburg.jpg
Friedrichshof Palace Kronberg im Taunus lock 1889-1893 Castle hotel, owned by the Hessian House Foundation Schlosshotel-kronberg002.jpg
Hattstein castle ruins Schmitten Hilltop castle around 1150 small remains preserved Burgruine-Hattstein-Taunus-B-17-JR-2004-03-28.jpg
Homburg Palace
Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Residence of the Landgraves of Hesse-Homburg around 1180 Seat of the administration of the State Palaces and Gardens of Hesse , Castle Museum Castle HG.jpg
Ringwall Hünerberg Kronberg im Taunus Ring wall , probably from the early Middle Ages Franconian time Wall preserved and visible Ringwall Hünerberg 165.JPG
Koenigstein Castle Königstein im Taunus Hilltop castle before 1200 Castle ruins, open all year round Burg-Koenigstein-JR-E-106-2010-04-25.jpg
Kransberg Castle Usingen -
Hilltop castle 1170 Used by the military until 1990, since then mixed use by living and office space. Kransberg Castle Totale.jpg
Kronberg Castle Kronberg im Taunus Spurburg Around 1220 to 1230 Museum and venue Burg-Kronberg-JR-E-65-2010-04-18.jpg
Luxembourg Castle Königstein im Taunus lock after 1858 since 1981 district court of the Hessian Ministry of Justice District Court Koenigstein- Rueckseite.JPG
Neuweilnau Castle Weilrod -
Castle of the Counts of Nassau-Weilburg goes back to the castle from 1302 Weilrod Forestry Office Neuweilnau Castle main building.jpg
Nürings Castle Königstein im Taunus Hill castle of the Counts of Nürings 11th century Preserved tower stump Nuerings-Koenigstein Castle Taunus-B 29-JR-2002-2002-10-02.jpg
Prinzenpalais Usingen Usingen City Palace 1768 (on an older Freihof) Preserved, owned by the city Usingen, Prinzenpalais.JPG
Reifenberg Castle Schmitten -
Hilltop castle First mentioned in a document in 1331 Castle ruins Burg-Reifenberg-JR-E-85-2010-04-24.jpg
Schnepfenburg Friedrichsdorf moth Middle Ages (no later than 12th century) Burgstall Schnepfenburg066.JPG
Usinger Castle Usingen lock First mentioned in 1382 Burned down in 1873, the new building is now a school Usingen Castle.jpg
Wingertsbergschlösschen Bad Homburg vor der Höhe lock around 1860 Demolished in 1966 and a clinic of Federal Labor overbuilt Wingertsberg HG.jpg

Main-Kinzig district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
(Kenzheim Castle)
Hanau -
Wallburg early to high Middle Ages Ground monument, ramparts and moats visible Altenburg Hanau Wall1.jpg
Altengronau moated castle Sinntal Castle, Niederungsburg of the Lords of Hutten 1506-1527 Parts received Altengronau moated castle.jpg
Bad Orb Castle Bad Orb Höhenburg, location first mentioned in 1604 restored hall Bad Orb Castle - street view 1.JPG
Beilstein castle ruins Jossgrund -
Hilltop castle 1343 first documented mention Bering received in parts Beilstein ruins.jpg
Birstein Castle Birstein Castle, residence of the princes of Isenburg-Birstein 1517 Privately owned Birstein 153540.jpg
Blue miracle Wächtersbach -
Former castle, residence of the Freiherren Forstmeister von Gelnhausen around 1600 instead of an earlier moated castle Not preserved, today riding stables Map of Kinzighausen Castle.jpg
Brandenstein Castle Schluechtern -
Hilltop castle 1278 Preserved or essential parts preserved, private property and wooden equipment museum Brandenstein-002.JPG
Old Castle Büdesheim
( Bruderhof or Brendelstein )
Schöneck -
lock 1558 Use for cultural purposes Schöneck-Büdesheim Palace 20101101.jpg
Büdesheim New Palace Schöneck -
lock 1885 Private use Buedesheim Neues Schloss.jpg
Burgjoss Castle Jossgrund -
Moated castle, later a castle Moated castle at the end of the 12th century, castle 1540–1573 Forestry Office Burgjoss Wasserburg.JPG
Dorfelden Castle Niederdorfelden Wasserburg, ancestral seat of the Lords of Dorfelden First mentioned in 1234 Castle ruins Dorfelden castle ruins.jpg
Eisenhammer Castle Brachttal -
Isenburg castle from the 18th century with a hammer mill built 1722/23 Is currently empty (2012) Brachttal Castle Eisenhammer01.jpg
Pfalz Gelnhausen Gelnhausen Imperial Palace 1180 The curtain wall and parts of the palace have been preserved Gelnhausen Kaiserpfalz.jpg
Gettenbach Castle Gründau -
19th century castle today's construction started in 1841 Handicapped care by the International Federation Gettenbach Castle01.jpg
Hüttelngesäß castle ruins Free court Moated castle First mentioned in 1131 The ruins, parts of the outbuilding and the surrounding wall as well as the remains of the residential tower have been preserved Hüttelngesäß.jpg
Hanau City Palace Hanau Residence of the Lords and Counts of Hanau goes back to the moated castle of the 12th century medieval parts broken off in 1828/29, baroque parts badly damaged in World War II, only a few outbuildings remain; Use by the Hanau City Library and Congress Park. Hanau City Palace Woerishoffer1.jpg
Hausen Castle Bad Soden-Salmünster -
Castle of the Lords of Hutten uncertain, first mentioned in 1540 Christian Youth Village Association in Germany Hausen Castle 2.JPG
Philippsruhe Castle Hanau Castle in the Baroque style of the Hanau Counts 1700-1725 Historical Museum Hanau , registry office, events Philippsruhe Palace 2004.jpg
Langenselbold Castle Langenselbold Castle of the county of Isenburg-Birstein in place of a previous Premonstratensian monastery 1722-1752 Urban use Langenselbold Castle 20100317.jpg
Meerholz Castle Gelnhausen -
Residence of the counts of Ysenburg-Büdingen-Meerholz (1685-1929 from the line -Isenburg Büdingen divided)
on the 1173 after the reformation existing Prämonstratenser -Chorfrauenstift, the convent Meerholz (Miroldis) , building
1566-1577 Diakonie senior housing complex Meerholz Castle 2016 01.jpg
Naumburg Castle Nidderau -
Hesse-Kassel hunting lodge in place of a previous monastery 1750-1754 Privately owned Naumburg castle 1.jpg
Nassburg Nidderau -
Heroes Mountains
lost moated castle 1383 not visible
Oberburg Heldenbergen Nidderau -
Heroes Mountains
Castle on the remains of a medieval castle complex 13th Century Privately owned Heldenbergen Oberburg01.jpg
Lautersches Schlösschen Schluechtern lock around 1440 preserved, local history museum Lauterschlösschen front.jpg
Ramholz Castle Schluechtern -
Castle on the remains of an older manor 1893-95 Privately owned Ramholz Castle.JPG
Ronneburg Castle Ronneburg Höhenburg, temporarily residence of a branch line of the Isenburg county 1200-1300 Castle museum and gastronomy Ronneburg Hesse 03.jpg
Rückingen moated castle Erlensee - Rückingen Moated castle before 1248 Local museum Wasserburg Rueckingen.jpg
Grinding rashof Bad Soden-Salmünster -
castle-like aristocratic court 15th century at the latest almost completely preserved, renovated; municipal property, wedding hall, apartments Schleifrashof salmünster 01.JPG
Schwarzenfels Castle Sinntal -
Höhenburg, temporarily residence of a side line of the County of Hanau-Münzenberg before 1280 Youth hostel, used by the castle association Schwarzenfels Castle, 2.jpg
Castle Stables (Spielberg Castle)
Brachttal -
Tower hill castle, later water castle around 1200 Tower stump Spyelberg Castle Stables (Spielberg Castle) Brachttal 04.jpg
Steckelberg Castle Schluechtern -
Hilltop castle around 1388 well-preserved castle ruins Steckelberg castle ruins 16.jpg
Steinheim Castle Hanau-Steinheim Höhenburg in the city, Electoral Mainz property First mentioned in 1222 Museum Schloss Steinheim, archaeological collection Steinheim Castle view03.jpg
Stolzenberg Castle Bad Soden-Salmünster -
Bad Soden
Hilltop castle before 1252 Castle ruins, keep as a lookout tower Bad Soden - Stolzenberg Castle 0482 3 4.jpg
Huttenburg Altengronau Sinntal -
Castle, Niederungsburg of the Lords of Hutten 1548-1552 inhabited private property Alexanderburg Altengronau.jpg
Bad Soden Huttenschloss Bad Soden-Salmünster -
Bad Soden
lock 1536 municipal property Bad Soden - Huttenschloss 0473.jpg
Steinau Castle Steinau an der Straße Castle, secondary residence of the Lords and Counts of Hanau First mentioned at the end of the 13th century Castle Museum and Brothers Grimm Memorial. 513burg steinau.jpg
Hof Trages Freigericht -
Hofgut, with lock 13th Century Privately owned castle (noble family von Savigny ), estate part of a golf course 2014-32 Stehling 02p-026 Trages Schloss.JPG
Uerzell moated castle Steinau an der Straße -
Moated castle of the Lords of Mörle 1337 Burgstall, built-up remains in residential building
Wachenbuchen Castle Maintal -
Moth of the Lords of Beeches 11th century Ground monument, trenches and tower mound visible. Wachenbuchen Castle1.jpg
Wächtersbach Castle Waechtersbach Castle, residence of an Isenburg branch line goes back to a medieval moated castle since 2016 owned by the city of Wächtersbach, under renovation Wächtersbach Castle.JPG
Windecken Castle Nidderau -
wind corners
Spornburg, Hanau's secondary seat and widow's seat, later the official seat 1260-1262 The gate and official building from the 18th century have been preserved, gastronomy Burgtor Windecken.jpg
Wirtheim Castle Biebergemünd -
Kurmainzer official seat and renaissance castle First mentioned in 1426 preserved, private property and homes Wirtheim Palace 2016 02.jpg
Wolfgang hunting lodge Hanau-Wolfgang Hunting lodge 1715 Remodeled preserved, administration building Hessisches Forstamt Wolfgang Jagdschloss Wolfgang 02.jpg


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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Ringwall Alteburg 50 ° 7 ′ 5 "N, 8 ° 24 ′ 35" E Hofheim am Taunus -
Ring wall early medieval Ground monument, faintly visible Alteburg lorsbach 050.JPG
Eppstein Castle 50 ° 8 ′ 25 ″ N, 8 ° 23 ′ 35 ″ E Eppstein Spur castle of the Lords of Eppstein First mentioned in 1122 Castle ruins with town and castle museum Eppstein Castle-JR-F-8-B-28a-2002-06-02.jpg
Eschborn tower castle 50 ° 8 ′ 46 ″ N, 8 ° 34 ′ 4 ″ E Eschborn Tower castle 11th century Destroyed in 1622 Luthmer II-061-Eschborn floor plan of the castle excavations.jpg
Hofheim moated castle 50 ° 5 ′ 12 "N, 8 ° 26 ′ 49" E Hofheim am Taunus Moated castle possibly 14th century The moat was leveled and the structure was later rebuilt, the ruin preserved, the town's property, cultural monument, and cellar building from the 18th century in the outer bailey Hofheim Taunus - Burgstrasse Alte Burg (KD.HE 46069 1 09.2015) .jpg
Massenheim Castle 50 ° 2 '26 "N, 8 ° 23' 4" E Hochheim am Main -
Manor house
so-called castle
1740 receive Massenheim.  Schloßgasse 6.jpg
Paulinenschlösschen 50 ° 8 ′ 42 "N, 8 ° 30 ′ 13" E Bad Soden am Taunus lock 1847 municipal property Bad Soden, Paulinenschlösschen, vom Park.JPG
Rettershof Castle 50 ° 10 ′ 9 ″ N, 8 ° 25 ′ 50 ″ E Kelkheim Castle 1884 Castle Hotel MJL Retters Castle 1.jpg
Schwalbach Castle 50 ° 8 ′ 56 ″ N, 8 ° 32 ′ 15 ″ E Schwalbach am Taunus Moated castle first mentioned in a document in 1345 last remains removed around 1960 Luthmer II-146-Klein-Schwalbach View of the manor house (based on Reiffenstein 1838) .jpg
Weilbach Castle 50 ° 2 ′ 45 "N, 8 ° 25 ′ 51" E Flörsheim am Main -
Castle, emerged from an older castle complex 12-13 century Privately owned Weilbach castle fg05.jpg


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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Beerfurther Schlösschen Reichelsheim -
Spurburg before 1200 Ramps and ditches as well as parts of the curtain wall are visible Beerfurther Schloesschen01.jpg
Breuberg Castle Breuberg Höhenburg , founded by the Lords of Breuberg around 1160 Except for parts of the outer bailey largely preserved, youth hostel and Breuberg Museum Breuberg Castle05.jpg
Hunting lodge Carlsruhe Breuberg -
Hunting lodge and rectory of Karl Thomas zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort on the older noble court of the Schenken zu Erbach 1768-1772 preserved, meeting house SandbachHöchsterstr6.JPG
Erbach Castle Erbach Castle, emerged from a medieval castle, ancestral seat of the Erbach taverns 1st half of the 13th century Counts 'collections with exhibitions of hunting, antiques and weapons, the counts' administration, residence of the Counts of Erbach-Erbach , property of the State of Hesse Erbach Castle Odenwald.jpg
Eulbach Hunting Lodge Michelstadt -
Hunting lodge 1771 as a hunting lodge, in 1846 expansion into a hunting lodge Residence of the Counts of Erbach-Erbach , part of the entire Eulbacher Park complex , a listed building MichelstadtWürzbergJagdschlossEulbach.JPG
Freienstein Castle Oberzent -
Spurburg First mentioned in 1297 Castle ruins Freienstein Castle01.jpg
Fürstenau Castle Michelstadt -
Castle ( moated castle , later residence of the Erbach-Fürstenau line ) Early 14th century Residence of the count's family Fuerstenau Castle 02.jpg
Gammelsbach hunting lodge Oberzent -
Hunting lodge 1761 to 1796 receive JS Gammelsbach 02.jpg
Güttersbach Castle Mossautal -
Moated castle probably 13th century Burgstall (no reliable historical knowledge) Burg-Guettersbach-ODW 01.JPG
Manor house (Fränkisch-Crumbach)
Castle of the Lords of Gemmingen
Franconian Crumbach Permanent house , later a castle (after destruction, rebuilding and renovation) 1572-1574 Family owned by the Gemmingen-Hornberg line Fraenkisch Crumbach Hof Gemmingen.jpg
Kirchbrombach Castle Kirchbrombach Spornburg in the local area 13th Century Only parts of the curtain wall have been preserved as a churchyard wall Kirchbrombach Kirchhofmauer.jpg
Bad König Castle Bad King Castle in place of a former fortified cemetery 16th Century Preserved, seat of the city administration Bad Koenig Old Castle.jpg
Krähberg hunting lodge Oberzent -
(location: Krähberg )
Hunting lodge 1761-1771 Preserved, private property Jagdschloss-krähberg main house.JPG
Lützelbach Castle Lützelbach Ancestral seat of Mr. Reiz von Breuberg 1st half of the 12th century not preserved, today church and cemetery Luetzelbach Odenwaldkreis Church.jpg
Michelstadt Castle Michelstadt City castle, later winery before 1344 Michelstadt City Museum , cultural events Michelstadt - Michelstadt Castle - View over the moat from SO.jpg
Mühlhäuser Schlößchen Breuberg Weiherhaus unsure Endangered existence, ground monument Breuberg Muehlhaeuser Schloesschen Westseite.jpg
Former Pretlack Palace Franconian Crumbach Aristocratic residence around 1240 since 1968 town hall Fraenkisch Crumbach Rathaus.jpg
Pretlack's palace Lützelbach -
Aristocratic residence 1733 Village community center with wedding room Rimhorn Pretlacksches Palais.jpg
Rodenstein Castle Franconian Crumbach Hillside castle around 1240 Castle ruins Rodenstein 1.jpg
Reichenberg Castle Reichelsheim (Odenwald) Höhenburg, Erbachische foundation around 1150 restored, owned by the Young Christians Offensive Reichelsheim.jpg
Schnellerts Castle Brensbach Höhenburg, only existed for a short time 13th Century Foundation walls preserved Schnellerts01.jpg
Stutz Castle Oberzent -
Hilltop castle 11-13 Century (little researched) Burgstall, rampart and remains of a moat Castle stutz kailbach 01.JPG

Offenbach district

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Surname Coordinates place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Hainhausen moated castle 50 ° 2 ′ 36 "N, 8 ° 52 ′ 51" E Rodgau -
Ancestral seat of the Lords of Eppstein before 1108 Excavations started in August 2012, display board on site Wasserburg Hainhausen Location.jpg
Hayn Castle 50 ° 0 ′ 5 "N, 8 ° 42 ′ 59" E Dreieich Hagen-Munzenberg Castle in the Dreieich Wildbann around 1080 Castle ruins, owned by the Dreieichenhain e. V., Dreieich Museum and Castle Festival Dreieich Dreieichenhain Castle 20070823.JPG
Houses castle 50 ° 0 ′ 20 "N, 9 ° 1 ′ 8" E Mainhausen -
Niederungsburg Mentioned in 1238 Only castle hill on the edge of a clearing is preserved, sign Houses in Zellhausen Castle 02.jpg
Castle (Heusenstamm Castle)
50 ° 3 ′ 45 "N, 8 ° 48 ′ 28" E Heusenstamm Lower castle of the Lords of Heusenstamm , later Schönbornsches Schloss First mentioned in 1211, castle from the 2nd half of the 17th century Heusenstamm town hall and gastronomy Heusenstamm Castle Rathaus.jpg
Castle in the Hayn 50 ° 4 '5 "N, 8 ° 51' 14" E Obertshausen Moated castle of the Lords of Hausen 12th Century few remains preserved, most of the stones have been removed. Castle im Hayn Obertshausen.JPG
Philippseich Castle 49 ° 59 ′ 20 "N, 8 ° 43 ′ 47" E Dreieich -
Castle, residence of the Isenburg-Philippseich county Late 17th / early 18th century inhabited, private property Philippseich Palace01.jpg
Palatinate Seligenstadt 50 ° 2 ′ 41 ″ N, 8 ° 58 ′ 38 ″ E Seligenstadt Königspfalz Mid 13th century Destroyed in 1460, main front preserved Seligenstadt Pfalz 2014 01.jpg
Seligenstadt moated castle 50 ° 2 ′ 16 ″ N, 8 ° 59 ′ 26 ″ E Seligenstadt Pleasure palace in the style of a moated castle Early 18th century Preserved, private property Wasserburg Seligenstadt GD-1.jpg
Wolfsgarten Castle 49 ° 58 ′ 49 ″ N, 8 ° 38 ′ 20 ″ E Langen (Hesse) Hunting lodge of the Landgraves of Hessen-Darmstadt 1722-1724 Property of the Hessian House Foundation , not accessible to the public Wolfsgarten Castle Aerial fg117.jpg

Rheingau-Taunus district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Adolfseck Castle Adolfseck Spurburg around 1356 Wall remains Valentin Wagner Adolfseck 1631.jpg
Adolfseck ski jump Bad Schwalbach -
Siege castle Thirty Years' War Remains of ramparts Schanze Adolfseck 027.JPG
Old Schanz (Heidenrod) Heidenrod -
Ring wall Early middle ages visible ground monument Schanze Zorn and Hareschloss 005.JPG
Old lock Hohenstein -
Hilltop castle around 1400 Visible ground monument, remains of a moat, castle plateau Old Breithardt Castle 014.JPG
Ringwall old castle Aarbergen Ring wall Early middle ages visible ground monument Altschloss - Ketternschwalbach 041.JPG
Ringwall Altenstein Taunusstein -
Ring wall unknown faintly visible castle stable Ringwall Altenstein 021.JPG
Blideneck stronghold Lorch -
Höhenburg, stronghold 1279 Neck ditch and wall remains
Boosenburg Rudesheim am Rhein Niederungsburg probably 12th century Winery Boosenburg.JPG
Brömserburg Rudesheim am Rhein Niederungsburg on the banks of the Rhine probably end of the 12th century Rheingau Wine Museum Brömserburg1.JPG
Brömserhof Rudesheim am Rhein Fixed house probably 15th century Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet Broemserhof01.jpg
Crass Castle Eltville on the Rhine Niederungsburg owned by the lower nobility, later a neo-Gothic castle probably 11th century Hotel and restaurant Crass Castle 2.JPG
Ringwall Dreibornskopf Kiedrich Ring wall unknown Burgstall, Wallrest Ringwall Dreibornskopf 01.JPG
Ehrenfels Castle Rudesheim am Rhein Spurburg around 1211 Castle ruins owned by the State of Hesse, large parts have been preserved. Ehrenfels 17.JPG
Eltville electoral castle Eltville on the Rhine Low castle and customs castle before 1300 Gutenberg memorial with a historical collection Electoral Castle Eltville.JPG
Geroldstein Castle Heidenrod -
Hilltop castle Late 12th century Remains of the heptagonal keep GeroldsteinerCastleBlickByWisperstr3N.JPG
Glimendal Castle Eltville -
Hilltop castle Mentioned in 1263 Burgstall, few remains of a moat Glimendal.JPG
Greifenstein Castle (Hohenstein) Hohenstein -
Höhenburg in spur location middle Ages Masonry remains Greifenstein 014.JPG
Ringwall Hallgarter pliers Hallgarten (Rheingau) Ring wall middle Ages Remnants of dry masonry Ring walls Hallgartener pliers 067.JPG
Haneck Castle Heidenrod -
Höhenburg above the Rhine at the mouth of the Wisper 1386 Castle ruin with shield wall, private property; Visits only possible after consultation. Further information GeroldsteinBurgHaneck.JPG
Hareschloß Heidenrod -
presumed tower hill castle of unknown assignment unknown visible ground monument HareschlossALIM1418.JPG
Hattenheim Castle Eltville am Rhein -
Niederungsburg in local location around 1100 Castle ruins in private ownership Hattenheim - Burg.jpg
Hohenbuchau Castle Georgenborn Country estate 1869 Demolished in 1963 "Castle" Hohenbuchau 1903.jpeg
Hohenstein Castle (Taunus) Hohenstein Höhenburg, residence of the County of Katzenelnbogen between 1190 and 1230 Castle ruins, restaurant, registry office Burg-Hohenstein-JR-F23-B8-2003-09-20.jpg
Holdersberg Castle Idstein Spurburg early medieval Castle ruins, ground monument Holdersberg Castle 009.JPG
Idstein Castle Idstein Hill castle, later Renaissance castle 11th century, 17th century castle building Pestalozzi School Idstein IdsteinBurgHexenturm.jpg
Johannisberg Castle Johannisberg Hilltop castle probably in the 11th century Burgstall Johannisberg 011.JPG
Johannisberg Castle Johannisberg lock 1716, previously a monastery complex Winemaking domain Johannisberg Rheingau.jpg
Kammerburg Lorch Hilltop castle around 1295 Castle ruins, ground monument Kammerburg Castle ruins.jpg
Lauksburg Lorch Spurburg 12th Century Castle ruins Lauksburg-JR-G6-2648-2008-08-17.jpg
Ring wall system Nack Idstein Ring wall Early middle ages visible ground monument Ring wall system Nack (Idstein) 004.JPG
Neuhaus Castle (Eltville) Eltville on the Rhine Spurburg 13th Century visible ground monument Neuhaus Castle - RW Ramschied -Hennthaler Landwehr 025.JPG
Burgstall Neuhof Taunusstein -
Niederungsburg 11th century no leftovers
Niederwald hunting lodge Rudesheim am Rhein Hunting lodge instead of an estate 16th century Hofgut, 1764 hunting lodge renovated as a hotel, restaurant (owned by the State of Hesse) JagdschlossNiederwaldS.JPG
Nollig ruins Lorch Hilltop castle 14th Century Castle ruins, private property Ruin-Nollig-JR-E-518-2010-08-10.jpg
Ostein Palace Geisenheim City palace, late baroque aristocratic palace 1766-1771 Palais, partly vacant, school property Bicycle tour 2010 07 31 060.JPG
Plixholz ruin Rüdesheim am Rhein -
Eibingen - Windeck
Fixed house 11th century ruin Plixholz 028.JPG
Reichartshausen Castle Oestrich-Winkel -
lock 1737-1740 EBS University of Economics and Law SchlossReichartshausenView from the southeast .JPG
Reinhartshausen Castle Eltville am Rhein -
Erbach (Rheingau)
Castle in place of an older knight's seat 1801 Luxury hotel SchlossReinhartshausenNeubautrakt.JPG
Rheinberg Castle Lorch Spurburg around 1165 Castle ruins in private ownership, accessible Burg-Rheinberg-JR-G6-2607-2008-08-17.jpg
Rotenburger Schlösschen Bad Schwalbach lock 1602-1610 District court, cultural monument Rotenburger Schlößchen (District Court) .JPG
Scharfenstein Castle Kiedrich Spurburg 1160 Castle ruins HE Taunus Kiedrich Scharfenstein02a.jpg
Schönborn Castle Geisenheim Castle, Gothic aristocratic seat Mid 16th century receive Bicycle tour 2010 07 31 082.JPG
Schwarzenstein Castle Johannisberg artificial ruin of the 19th century 1873 Hotel and restaurant for upscale gastronomy Schwarzenstein Castle1.JPG
Walluf tower castle Niederwalluf Niederungsburg around 1000 Ruin, ground monument, remains of the tower and the trenches are visible Niederwalluf tower castle.jpg
Vollrads Castle Oestrich-Winkel -
Castle, emerged from an older moated castle Early 14th century Winery, privately owned SchlossVollradsWinkelHauptbauSchlosshof.JPG
Vorderburg (Rüdesheim) Rudesheim am Rhein Niederungsburg in local location 12th Century Romanesque residential tower preserved Lage-Vorderburg (rüdesheim) .png
Waldeck Castle Lorch Hilltop castle around 1147 Castle ruins, private property, accessible Burg-Waldeck-JR-G6-3919-2009-08-15.jpg
Waldems ring wall Waldems -
Ring wall Early middle ages visible ground monument Ring wall Waldems 012.JPG
Wallrabenstein Castle Wallrabenstein Niederungsburg in local location around 1390 Privately owned ruin Burg-Wallrabenstein-JR-A40-0669-2009-06-13.jpg
Wehen Castle Taunusstein -
labor pains
Castle (on Niederungsburg) in local position before 1330 Taunussteiner Museum and the inn "Zum Schloss" Wehener-schloss.jpg


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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Alteburg (Kohden) Nidda -
Hilltop castle 11th century Ground monument, few remains visible
Assenheim Castle Niddatal -
Niederungsburg, later a castle , residence of the Counts of Solms-Rödelheim First mentioned in a document in 1184, later modifications to the castle Residence of the count's family Assenheim Castle, front page 2015.jpg
Bauernheim Castle Friedberg -
farmer's home
Niederungsburg 11-12 Century Burgstall
Berstadt Castle Wölfersheim -
Moated castle 10-11 century Burgstall, small remains Burgstall Berstadt 05.JPG
Bingenheim Castle Echzell -
Niederungsburg, later a palace, residence of the Landgrave of Hesse-Bingenheim First mentioned in a document in 1064, later modifications to a castle Bingenheim community Bingenheim Castle01.jpg
Bisses Castle Echzell -
Moated castle documented in 1390 no leftovers Burgstall Bisses 02.JPG
Bracht Castle Kefenrod -
Niederungsburg 12th Century Burgstall : remains of the castle hill and foundation walls
Büdingen Castle Büdingen Moated castle, residence of the county of Isenburg First mentioned in a document in 1219 Hotel and restaurant business, castle museum, residence of the princely family Büdingen Castle outer courtyard 0233.jpg
Landgraves Castle Butzbach Butzbach Castle of the Landgraves of Hesse-Darmstadt ( Landgravial or New Castle ) in place of an older castle complex 1610 Magistrate and city administration Butzbach Landgrave Castle 9190.jpg
Degenfeld's Castle Karben -
lock 1728 Apartments, museums, urban use Karben Degenfeldschloss01.jpg
Dorheim Castle Friedberg -
Moated castle and castle Mentioned 13th century Wall remains Dorheim (Friedberg) - Wasserburg (1) .jpg
Echzeller Castle
(Echzeller Castle)
Echzell Baroque castle on an old moated castle 1713 (presumably 11th century) restored, preserved, boarding school Institut Lucius Echzeller Castle 02.JPG
Burgstall Enzheim Altenstadt -
Moated castle documented only in 1414 gone, only trench remains Burgstall Enzheim 02 Nidderinsel.jpg
Friedberg Castle Friedberg (Hesse) Reichsburg and center of the Burggrafschaft Friedberg , one of the largest castle complexes in Germany 1171-1180 Burggymnasium Friedberg and residential buildings, keep can be visited Friedberg Castle North Gate and Adolfsturm.jpg
Gedern Castle Gedern Stolbergisches Schloss, emerged from an earlier castle Castle 1st half of 13th century, castle from 17th century Castle, rent office, archway house (stables), coach house preserved Gedern Castle.jpg
Winning stick Bad Nauheim -
moth in the 10th century, only mentioned in 1283 Castle hill Gewanneküppel-Schwalheim total-01.JPG
Glauburg Castle Glauburg -
Hilltop castle Predecessor facility early Middle Ages, 12. – 13. century ruin Castle ruin.JPG
Griedel Castle Butzbach -
Niederungsburg 14th Century Keep as a church tower Evangelical parish church (Griedel) from the east 02.jpg
Günderrode Castle Altenstadt -
Höchst an der Nidder
Castle of the Günderrode family , emerged from an older castle complex First mentioned castle in 1245, castle in 1718 is currently (2011) empty Guenderrode Castle01.jpg
Hamershusen Castle
Rockenberg Permanent house or small low castle around 1356 gone, desert, no longer mentioned as early as 1398
Hardeck castle ruins Büdingen Hilltop castle 10-11 century Wall systems visible, Burgstall BR-Hardeck castle wall house ruins-3.JPG
Teutonic Order Castle Kloppenheim Karben -
Castle of the Teutonic Order 1708-1718 Privately owned Karben Teutonic Order Castle Kloppenheim04.jpg
Konradsdorf Castle Ortenberg -
Tower castle , later monastery complex around 1000 Ground monument Konradsdorf Castle - Konradsdorf Monastery - Monastery Church 01.JPG
Leustadt estate Glauburg -
Moated castle, palace, estate 780 first mention Exemplarily restored, privately owned Hof Leustadt Stockheim.jpg
Leonhard Castle Karben -
Neo-Gothic palace complex current mansion from 1775 Privately owned Karben Leonhardischloss01.jpg
Lindheim Castle Altenstadt -
Moated castle in the local area, Ganerbe castle , later a castle unknown, second castle from 1289, palace from 1697, destroyed in 1928 only a few remains preserved Lindheim Castle01.jpg
Lißberg Castle Ortenberg -
Spurburg first mentioned in a document in 1222 Castle ruins, community hall for events Burgturm Burg Lissberg 02 by Steschke.jpg
Löwsche Castle (Nieder-Florstadt) Florstadt -
Classicist castle First half of the 18th century Condominiums Loewsches Schloss Nieder Florstadt 2017 01.jpg
Löwsche Castle (Staden) Florstadt -
Modern castle of the Löw von Steinfurth 1746 Community center Loewsches Schloss Staden.jpg
Löwsche Castle (Steinfurth) Bad Nauheim -
Classicist castle Beginning of the 19th century hotel and gastronomy Steinfurth Loewsche's Castle01.jpg
Moritzstein Castle Gedern -
Niederungsburg, castle extension 18th century Gatehouse, museum Wenings-Burg-Moritzstein.jpg
Munzenberg Castle Munzenberg Hohenstaufen castle, ancestral seat of the Lords of Hagen-Munzenberg before 1162 Ruin, essential parts are preserved and can be visited Munzenberg view.JPG
Nidda Castle Nidda originally a moated castle, after 1604 (probably 1633) it was rebuilt as a landgrave's castle Built around 1100 or completed by Volkold II von Nidda in the
17th century as a renaissance castle
until the end of 2011 seat of the local court in Nidda DE Nidda Palace courtyard by Steschke.jpg
Nieder-Rosbach Castle Rosbach vd Höhe -
Moated castle 13th Century public meeting place Nieder-Rosbach, Wasserburg, water side.JPG
Ober-Mörlen Castle Ober-Mörlen lock 1589 Town hall of the municipality of Ober-Mörlen Ober-Mörlen, castle, front view.JPG
Ockstadt Castle Friedberg -
originally a moated castle, after 1714 it was converted into a castle 1495 Private property, home for the disabled Former moated castle Ockstadt 08.JPG
Ortenberg Castle (Hesse) Ortenberg Niederungsburg, later a castle Castle from the 12th century, castle between 1624 and 1627, further renovations in the 18th and 19th centuries Property of the Counts of Stolberg-Wernigerode, partially accessible DE Ortenberg-Hessen Castle by Steschke.jpg
Philippseck Castle Butzbach -
Fortified palace complex of Landgrave Philipp von Hessen-Butzbach 1626-1628 Auctioned for demolition in 1773/74, hardly visible on site Philipseck anonymous steel engraving 1851.jpg
Rockenberg Castle Rockenberg Höhenburg in local location around 1317 Parish ownership Rockenberg Castle West.jpg
Castle (Södel Castle)
Wölfersheim -
Niederungsburg, castle extension 1st half of the 16th century In need of renovation (access blocked), private property Södel Castle 01.JPG
Castle (Ysenburg Castle)
Florstadt -
Medieval low castle and Renaissance castle Mid 12th century agricultural operation and gastronomy Staden Castle Gate Tower.jpg
Stammheim Castle Florstadt -
Castle of the Lords of Rosenbach 1587 in place of an older moated castle inhabited private property Florstadt Stammheim Castle.jpg
Stornfels Castle Nidda -
Hilltop castle 11th century risen in church Nidda-Stornfels Church.jpg
Castle stable Ulfa Nidda - Ulfa -
"Old Castle"
Niederungsburg 11th century departed
Vilbel Castle Bad Vilbel Niederungsburg in local location 12./13. century Castle Festival Vilbel March 07 009.jpg
Solms Castle Butzbach Castle of the Counts of Solms around 1481 Butzbach Solms Castle 2.JPG
Wölfersheim Castle Wolfersheim Solms-Braunfels'sche Stadtburg , part of the fortifications presumably late 14th / early 15th century The former keep is now the church tower of today's Evangelical Reformed Church in Wölfersheim Church tower Ev.-ref.  Wölfersheim Church 2.jpg
Ziegenberg Castle Ober-Mörlen -
Baroque castle in place of the older tower castle Mid 14th century Destroyed and rebuilt in the Second World War as part of the Führer headquarters Adlerhorst , today condominiums Ziegenberg-Bergfried.jpg

Administrative region of Giessen (Central Hesse)

District of Giessen

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Arnsburg Castle Lich -
Arnsburg Monastery
Spornburg of the Lords of Hagen-Munzenberg , predecessor of Munzenberg Castle around 1000 Ground monument, foundation walls preserved Arnsburg Castle Bergfried.jpg
Badenburg to water Niederungsburg on the banks of the Lahn 1358 Catering business Giessen-Badenburg.01.jpg
Bellersheim castles Hungen -
three low castles in the village, two of them water castles 13-14 century Residential buildings Mittelburg Bellersheim 01.JPG
(Middle castle)
Brandsburg Buseck -
Niederungsburg in local location before 1490 Manor house from 1735 preserved, used as a youth club, community room for rural women, library and exhibition room Brandsburg Buseck (02) .jpg
Great-Buseck southern castle Buseck -
Moated castle 1400 nothing received
Castle (Buseck Castle)
Buseck -
2 predecessors on the site: Wasserburg, Burg "Perch", later castle renovation 13th century, castle renovation 1580, neo-Gothic 1860 preserved, seat of the municipal administration Buseck Grossen Buseck Castle 1.JPG
Cleeberg Castle Langgöns Spurburg before 1129 Large parts, including the keep, the hall and residential buildings from the 17th / 18th centuries have been preserved. century Cleeberg, Burg.jpg
Ellhaus Castle Staufenberg -
Treis on the Lumda
Moated castle 13-14 century Residential tower, inhabited private property Ellhaus Treis Castle (03) .jpg
Friedelhausen Castle Lollar lock 1851, older parts from 1564 inhabited private property Friedelhausen Castle (09) .jpg
Gleiberg Castle Wettenberg -
Hill castle of the Counts of Gleiberg around 900 Ruin owned by the Gleiberg Association Burg.Gleiberg.06.JPG
Old Gronau Castle Lollar fortified Franconian royal court, stage court possibly as early as 720 Remains of the foundation IMG 5194 Gronau Castle 1.JPG
Burgstall Grünberg Grünberg Niederungsburg around 1186 Burgstall, no leftovers
Grüningen Castle Pohlheim Moated castle 13th Century Castle ruins Grüningen Castle-4.jpg
Old castle to water originally moated castle of the Landgraves of Hesse, later Hesse-Darmstadt widow seat around 1300 Part of the Upper Hessian Museum and restaurant Giessen Old Castle 20070519.jpg
New lock to water Landgrave's Castle 1533-1539 Institute for Geography at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen 2003-10 Giessen New Castle K.jpg
Hofburg Alten-Buseck Buseck -
Niederungsburg Mentioned in 1393 disappeared castle, now a mansion Hofburg Alten-Buseck (04) .jpg
Hungen Castle Hunger lock 1383, 1604–12 expansion to a castle Three-wing complex around a rectangular courtyard, condominiums Hungen Castle.jpg
Burgstall Kirchberg Lollar -
Hilltop castle 1366 Destroyed a few years later, gone, no remains
Koenigsberg Castle Biebertal -
Hilltop castle Mid 13th century Small remains of the surrounding walls, cellar and the defensive tower. In the 19th century a new building similar to a castle; private, not accessible. Königsberg Castle (Biebertal) 1.jpg
Laubach Castle Laubach Residential palace of the Counts of Solms-Laubach 13th Century Residence of the count's family Laubach Castle.jpg
Burgstall Lauter Laubach -
Hilltop castle unknown, destroyed in 1618 Burgstall, Halsgraben
Lich Castle Lich Residential palace of the princes of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich 17th century in place of an older moated castle Residence of the princely family Lich - Castle.jpg
Burgstall Londorf Rabenau -
Moated castle around 1250 Burgstall, no leftovers
Burgstall Muschenheim Lich -
Moated castle Documented in 1334 Burgstall, vaulted cellar preserved Hessengasse 33 (Muschenheim) west wall 02.JPG
Nordeck Castle Allendorf (Lumda) Spurburg around 1100 Country school home Nordeck Castle 01.jpg
Queckborn castle stable Grünberg -
Niederungsburg probably 12th century Burgstall, no visible remains
Burgstall Reiskirchen Reiskirchen Niederungsburg or fortified noble estate probably end of the 12th century no leftovers, location uncertain
Rodenscheid Castle
( castrensis de rotenschitt )
Lich Niederungsburg Beginning of the 13th century Burgstall, no leftovers
Staufenberg Castle Staufenberg Hilltop castle before 1233 Castle ruins, hotel in the rebuilt lower castle Stauffenburg (Merian) .jpg
Treis Castle Staufenberg -
Treis on the Lumda
Niederungsburg probably mid-16th century Wall remains, corner tower, round tower Treis Castle (05) .jpg
Burgstall Trohe Buseck -
Niederungsburg first mentioned in 1210 no leftovers
Vetzberg Castle Biebertal Hilltop castle 1100-1150 Castle ruins owned by the community Burg.Vetzberg.Bergfried.01.JPG
Castle (Wernsberg Castle)
Lich Hilltop castle 12th Century Ground monument, faintly visible Warnsberg Castle.jpg
Weissburgk Buseck -
Niederungsburg first documented in 1471 no leftovers
Westwich Castle Lich Niederungsburg probably 12th century no leftovers
Winnerod Castle Reiskirchen -
Hilltop castle Mid 13th century no leftovers
Wirberg Castle Reiskirchen Hill castle, monastery 12th Century Wall and moat visible, monastery wall partially preserved Wirberg Castle (03) .jpg
Fence castle Buseck -
Niederungsburg in local location mentioned in 1442 not received

Lahn-Dill district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Alt-Hohensolms Castle Hohenahr Hilltop castle around 1321 Wall and moat systems, small remains of the foundation wall Altenberg (Hohenahr) Tower.JPG
Alt-Dernbach Castle Herborn -
Motte / moated castle 13th Century Sanded ramparts and moats, wall remains in the rubble hill Alt-Dernbach Burgstall 04.JPG
Beilstein Castle Greifenstein -
Hilltop castle 12th Century Castle ruins, enclosing walls Beilstein Castle 2002.jpg
Bicken Castle Mittenaar -
Niederungsburg 1218 no leftovers
Braunfels Castle Braunfels lock Beginning of the 13th century, in 1679 expansion into a baroque residence Castle museum, café-restaurant, privately owned Braunfels Castle 2.jpg
Burgstall Burg
(castle near castle)
Herborn -
Hilltop castle medieval presumed remains of the foundation Turrets Burgreste Herborn-Burg 02.jpg
Dianaburg Greifenstein -
Hunting lodge, forester's house Built in 1842/43 Outbuildings demolished; only the tower (main tower with four corner towers) remained, renovated Jagdschloß Dianaburg - - 38019.jpg
Dillenburg Castle Dillenburg Höhenburg / Fixed Castle around 1130 / expansion 16th century / destruction 1760 Casemates (16th century), Wilhelmsturm (19th century) Dillenburg 1900.jpg
Oberburg Driedorf Driedorf Niederungsburg in local location 1280-1290 small residues Driedorf Oberburg.jpg
Eisemroth Castle Siegbach -
Hilltop castle around 1307/08 no leftovers
Greifenstein Castle Greifenstein Hilltop castle around 1160 Keep with twin towers, enclosing walls, vaults, baroque church, castle restaurant Greifenstein - Castle - overall.jpg
Haiger Castle Haiger Moated castle mentioned in 1178 no leftovers
Herborn Castle Herborn lock 1251 Main building with 3 round towers Herborn - Castle rear side.jpg
Hermannstein Castle Wetzlar Hilltop castle 1373-79 Residential tower, residential building Hermannstein Castle-3.jpg
Hessenwalt castle ruins Eschenburg -
Hilltop castle around 1325/26 Remnants of a rock cellar, neck ditch
Heunstein ring wall castle Dillenburg Ringwallburg Late Latency Wall and moat remains
Hohensolms Castle Hohenahr Hilltop castle 1350/51 Leisure and conference center of the Evangelical Church of Hesse Hohensolms Castle 02.jpg
Junker Castle Driedorf lock before 1290 Remnants of the surrounding wall Driedorf Junkernschloss.jpg
Reichsburg Kalsmunt Wetzlar Hilltop castle around 800/1100 Remains of the gate tower and residential buildings, keep Castle ruins Kalsmunt.jpg
Lichtenstein Castle Greifenstein -
Spurburg around 1225 minimal wall remains Holzhausen - Lichtenstein.jpg
Palais Papius Wetzlar Palace 1740 Collection Dr. Irmgard von Lemmers-Danforth (European home decor from the 16th to 18th centuries) Wetzlar Palais Papius 1.JPG
From Ingelheim'sches Palais Wetzlar Palais of Count Franz Adolf Dietrich von Ingelheim (judge at the Reichskammergericht ) 1715-1718 after renovation: registry office, gastronomy, apartments Wetzlar Ingelheim'sches Palais 1.JPG
Philippstein Castle Braunfels -
Spurburg 1390 Bergfried, Bering, Palaswand Burg-Philippstein-JR-F18-B24-2003-09-13.jpg
Tringenstein Castle Siegbach -
Hilltop castle around 1350 Remnants of a round tower, remains of a wall Tringenstein Castle 01.jpg
Wallenfels Castle Siegbach -
Hilltop castle around 1323/25 Neck ditch, small remains of the wall Wallenfels March 07-16.jpg
Werdorf Castle Asslar -
lock 1686-1690 preserved, local history museum Asslar-Werdorf Castle.jpg

Limburg-Weilburg district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Burgstall Blumenrod Limburg an der Lahn - Linter Niederungsburg Already destroyed in 1242 today there are no more remains (in 1843 wall and moat remains are said to have existed)
Camberg Castle Bad Camberg Hilltop castle around 1281 no leftovers
Dehrn Castle Runkel -
Spornburg above the Lahn 12th century, neo-Gothic parts from the 19th century formerly owned by the state of Hesse, privately owned since 2012 Dehrn Castle Courtyard.JPG
Old Elbe Valley Castle Elbe Valley -
Moated castle unsure, 12. – 13. Century, castle house from 1486 Courtyard preserved, only a few remains of the wall of the moated castle Old Castle 102848.jpg
Elkerhausen Castle Weinbach -
Niederungsburg in local location 1532 in place of an older castle complex essential parts received Luthmer III-031-Elkershausen remains of the castle.jpg
Ellar Castle Waldbrunn -
Höhenburg in local location around 1300 Castle ruins Waldbrunn WW Ellar Burg.jpg
Freienfels Castle Weinbach -
Spurburg around 1300 Castle ruins owned by the Association for the Preservation of Burgruine Freienfels e. V., Freienfelser Ritterspiele Freienfels Castle (Weinbach) Bergfried.jpg
Graeveneck Castle Weinbach -
Niederungsburg ( siege castle against Neu-Elkerhausen Castle ) 1395 Castle rest Gräveneck Castle vaulted cellar 1403.jpg
Grebenhausen Castle Weilmünster -
Moated castle 1335 Castle ruins
Gretenstein Castle Villmar Hilltop castle around 1350 no residues, unclear location
Hadamar Castle Hadamar Castle, temporarily residence of the Nassau-Hadamar line 17th century in place of the older castle complex Authority building, city museum, restaurant Hadamar Castle Suedfluegel inside.jpg
Heckholzhausen Castle Beselich -
Spurburg 13th Century no leftovers
Kirberg Castle Kirberg Hilltop castle around 1355 Tower and remains of the wall preserved Kirberg - Burg.jpg
Laneburg Löhnberg Spurburg 1321-1324 Castle ruins owned by the community, changing events Laneburg-JR-G6-4553-2010-05-22.jpg
Limburg Castle Limburg on the Lahn Höhenburg, later Limburg Castle around 800 Mostly preserved Limburg Castle.jpg
Maienburg (Eigenberg Castle) Mengerskirchen -
Hilltop castle First mentioned in a document in 1331 Castle ruins Mengerskirchen Maienburg.jpg
Mengerskirchen Castle Mengerskirchen Nassau castle, later a castle around 1312 Municipal administration, community center and local history museum Mengerskirchen Castle.jpg
Merenberg Castle Merenberg Hilltop castle first mentioned in 1129 Castle ruins Merenberg - Castle - Palasseite.jpg
Neu-Elkerhausen Castle Weinbach -
Hilltop castle around 1352 destroyed, few remains of the wall
Runkel Castle Runkel Höhenburg above the Lahn First mentioned in 1159 Upper castle ruins, lower castle inhabited, museum, archive and princely-wied administration Runkel Lahn.jpg
Schadeck Castle Runkel Höhenburg, Trutzburg opposite Runkel Castle 1288 Main building is inhabited and cannot be viewed from the inside Biurg Schadeck-1.jpg
Steuererburg (Gräveneck) Weinbach -
Niederungsburg (siege castle against Neu-Elkerhausen Castle) 1381 no leftovers
Villmar Castle Villmar Hilltop castle 13th Century Burgstall Villmar early 18th century gif
Waldmannshausen Castle Elbe Valley -
Castle house and manor 1486 School camp Waldmannshausen Castle Front.jpg
Weilburg Castle Weilburg Residential palace of the Counts of Nassau-Weilburg Baroque complex from 1701 to 1721 in place of the older castle complex Castle museum, castle hotel, changing events Weilburg Castle general view.jpg

Marburg-Biedenkopf district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Allerburg (Dautphetal) Dautphetal -
Spornburg, probably tower castle High Middle Ages Neck ditch remains, exact location unclear, possibly Hünstein
Amönau Castle Weather -
lock around 1500 T-shaped residential building with a mansard roof, private property "Rapunzel-Erker" Rapunzel Tower.jpg
Amöneburg Castle Amöneburg Hilltop castle 1145 "OpenEyes-Filmfest" backdrop. The ruin is freely accessible. SchlossAmoeneburgwiki.jpg
Biedenkopf Castle Biedenkopf lock after 1175, previous building unknown Hinterland museum , restaurant / café 2011-04-22 Biedenkopf Castle Old Town.jpg
Blankenstein Castle Gladenbach Hilltop castle around 1237 Remnants of the curtain wall Blankenstein Castle 001.JPG
Bracht Hunting Lodge (Burg Bracht) Rauschenberg -
Hunting lodge House around 1280,
Landgrave hunting lodge built on it in 1721 (1744), later only forestry office
preserved, private property Rauschenberg-Bracht hunting lodge 3.jpg
Breidenbach Castle Breidenbach Niederungsburg 1394 Nothing
Breidenstein Castle Biedenkopf -
lock 1712-1714 Predecessor castle: sections of the curtain wall, castle preserved, expanded to include an Art Nouveau castle (villa) Breidenstein Castle 06.JPG
Burgstall Brungershausen Lahntal -
Niederungsburg 8th century Burgstall, remains hidden in the ground Burgstall-brungershausen-schema-zoom.JPG
Buchenau Castle Dautphetal -
Spurburg 1210 Neck ditch
Bürgeln Castle
( Birgel )
Cölbe -
Niederungsburg around 1358 Nothing
Caldern Castle Lahntal -
Spurburg probably 11th century Foundations, remains of trenches Castle of Caldern.jpg
Münchhausen -
Höhenburg, ( early medieval Merovingian - Carolingian castle complex of the Franconian period ) around 700 Remains of the castle wall ruins, excavated gatehouse, eastern double wall, remains of ramparts in front of the castle, traces of settlement Burgwald Christenberg 06.jpg
Dörnberg Castle Neustadt (Hesse) Niederungsburg, later a castle around 1270, 1477–1489 new building Rectangular building with high, massive basement and half-timbered structure, town hall since 1952 Neustadt town hall 1.jpg
Döringsburg Biedenkopf Castle seat of the von Döring (possibly only Burgmannenhaus) before 1365 (year of first mention) Burned down in 1635, not rebuilt, no remains
Ebsdorf Castle Ebsdorfergrund -
Hilltop castle 1054 Foundations
Eckelskirche Castle Lahntal -
Wallburg or just ring wall on the Wollenberg not clear Wall and moat remains
Elmshausen Manor Dautphetal -
Manor 1586 Privately owned Rittergut Elmshausen (Dautphetal) .jpg
Elnhausen Castle Marburg -
Moated castle 13th century, demolished 1707–1717 and replaced by a new castle Remains of the moat
Elnhausen Castle Marburg -
lock 1707–1717, on the site of a demolished moated castle from the 13th century Privately owned Elnhausen Castle 1.jpg
Donkey castle Lohra -
Hilltop castle 12th Century Nothing
Etzgerode Castle Neustadt (Hesse) Niederungsburg unknown, decayed at the end of the 14th century Nothing
Fleckenbühl farm Cölbe Moated castle 1214 Manor on the site of a former moated castle, defense tower and remains of walls, old barn, manor house of the court estate, today an addiction prevention center: the Fleckenbühler 20170408 Hof-Fleckenbühl 005.jpg
Forst Castle Stadtallendorf
(east of it in the desert forest )
Moated castle 1283 Moat, remains of walls
Frauenberg Castle Ebsdorfergrund -
Hilltop castle around 1252 Remains of the curtain wall, freely accessible ruins Frauenbergwiki.jpg
Oberburg Fronhausen Moated castle Late 13th century Residential building, privately owned Oberburg Fronhausen.jpg
Lower castle Fronhausen Moated castle, later a castle 1367 Palace construction, private property Lower castle Fronhausen 1.jpg
Germershausen Oberweimar formerly noble manor documented in 1324 agricultural estate with manor house; Privately owned Germershausen (Weimar) House.jpg
Goßfelden Castle Lahntal -
Niederungsburg 1235 Nothing
Burgstall Hatzbach Stadtallendorf -
Kleinburg, presumably the Knoblauch zu Hatzbach family , Ziegenhainer fief probably 14th century nothing to guess at the remains of a trench
Yards Ebsdorfergrund -
Spurburg 8/9 Century ( Carolingian period ) Elevations, excavated and partially reconstructed remains of the foundation wall ( stone house , church, remains of cellars, remains of a circular wall) Höfe (Dreihausen) (1) .jpg
Hohenfels Castle Dautphetal -
Hilltop castle around 1174 Basement, small remains of the wall Hohenfels near Allendorf.jpg
Hollende Castle (Hohenlinden) Wetter (Hessen) -
Hilltop castle 10th or 11th century Foundation walls, trenches
Hunburg (Betziesdorf) Kirchhain -
Moated castle probably 12th century flat mound of earth
Hunburg (Burgholz) Kirchhain -
Spurburg 8th century Ramparts, ditches Hunburg (Burgholz) (0001) .JPG
Hundsbach Castle Rauschenberg Niederungsburg 1332 small remains of the wall, wall Hundsbach Castle (Ernsthausen) (0001) .jpg
Hunsgeweide Castle
Amöneburg -
Moated castle 12th Century Remains of the enclosing ditches and ramparts, remains of the foundations of the cellar and well
Kassenburg Marburg Castle 1234 Nothing
Katzenbach hunting lodge Biedenkopf -
Hunting lodge around 1660 Wall remains, Biedenkopf 18Jh Jagdschloss Katzenbach.jpg
Kirchhain Castle Kirchhain Hilltop castle 1344 Nothing Kirchhain - Behind the churchyard 39.JPG
Leiterstädt Castle Kirchhain -
Moated castle 12th or 13th century, mentioned in 1282 Nothing
Lueneburg (Mellnau) Wetter (Hessen) -
Spurburg unknown, presumed 11th to 12th century Remnants of foundations, walls
Lützelburg (Christenberg) Munchausen Ring wall from the Hallstatt period , early medieval use unclear Hallstatt period until before the 10th century Pit, ditch, wall
Landgrave Castle Marburg Marburg lock 11./12. Century, 15./16. Century new building University Museum for Cultural History, central memorial and information center for Hessian history Marburg Castle 024.jpg
Mellnau Castle Wetter (Hessen) -
Hilltop castle around 1250 Enclosing walls, keep, freely accessible ruins Mellnau Castle.JPG
Momberg Castle Neustadt (Hessen) -
Niederungsburg 1236 Nothing
Naumburg Castle Gladenbach Höhenburg presumably as Turmhügelburg created 12./14. Century Ring wall and moat Wall and moat of the Naumburg near Gladenbach 200809.jpg
Nellenburg Neustadt (Hesse) Hilltop castle 13th Century Wall remains Meisner Newstadt in Hesse Appetitus a temperantia dominantur.jpg
Neu-Dernbach Castle Bad Endbach -
Hilltop castle around 1350 Remains of two corner towers and of the western, eastern and southern castle walls Dernbach castle wall 086.jpg
Yard net Kirchhain -
Moated castle, built on the desert 1480 Remnants of foundations, trenches, vanished manor house
Niederasphe Castle Münchhausen -
Niederungsburg 14th Century Nothing
Niederklein Castle Stadtallendorf -
Niederungsburg Mentioned in 1407 Nothing
Offenhausen Castle Lohra Moated castle around 1234 Nothing Offenhausen moated castle (2) .jpg
Plausdorf Castle Amöneburg lock 16th century,
extensive expansion 1901–1914
Private property, well preserved Plausdorf Palace east view.jpg
Radenhausen Castle Amöneburg Moated castle 11./12. century Nothing
Rauischer Hof Ebsdorfergrund -
late Gothic manor house 1st half of the 16th century Three-storey half-timbered building with corner turrets, owned by the University of Giessen Rauischholzhausen Gutshof von Sueden.jpg
Rauischholzhausen Castle Ebsdorfergrund - Rauischholzhausen lock 1873 Conference site of the Justus Liebig University in Giessen Park and castle of rauischholzhausen.jpg
Rauschenberg Castle Rauschenberg Hilltop castle 11./12. century Expanded into a castle from 1594–1597, destroyed in 1646; Ruin accessible Rauschenberg Castle 3.jpg
Burgmannenhaus Rauschenberg Rauschenberg Burgmannshof around 1600 Residence of various ministerials, privately owned since 1812 Burgmannenhaus Rauschenberg 2.jpg
Rickelskopf Castle Weimar (Lahn) -
Hilltop castle around 800 Wall and neck ditch remains Rickelskopf Castle (0001) .JPG
Röderburg Ebsdorfergrund -
Moated castle 13th century (possibly as early as 800) small remains of walls, moat Moat Röderburg.jpg
Schönstadt Castle Cölbe -
lock 1344, 1618 new building Palace complex on the site of a moated castle, private property Schönstadt Castle.jpg
Schweinsberg Castle (Hesse) Stadtallendorf -
Hilltop castle 1231-1234 Condominiums Schweinsberg2.jpg
Seelbach Castle Lohra -
Hilltop castle around 800 small residues Lohra - Burg-Seelbach (001) .JPG
Stedebach Castle Weimar (Lahn) -
Niederungsburg (Motte) before 13th century Nothing
Stedebach moated castle Weimar (Lahn) -
Moated castle 15th century Remains of the outer lining wall of the castle pond
Trugelrode Castle Neustadt (Hesse) Hilltop castle Mentioned in 1248 small remains of the wall
Gun sand castle Stadtallendorf -
Höhenburg ( rock castle ) 12th Century Walls, remains of walls
Weissenstein Castle Marburg -
Hilltop castle 8/9 century Wall remains Marburg Weißenstein 03.jpg
Wenigenburg Amöneburg Hilltop castle 2nd half of the 12th century Parts of the building, two cellars, remains of the tower, parts of the curtain wall Wenigenburg2wiki.JPG


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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Old castle Bulkheads Moated castle around 1000 New half-timbered building, moat, gate area preserved Alteburg Schotten Entrance Graben.png
Altenburg Castle
(Riedesel Castle)
Alsfeld -
lock Beginning of the 12th century, new building in the middle of the 18th century Private property (the Barons Riedesel ) Alsfeld Altenburg AmSchlossberg 34 Church.png
Angenrod moated castle Alsfeld -
Moated castle 13th century, mid-15th century noble estate, 1645 castle house in Angenrod Owned by the Alsfeld construction and settlement cooperative since 1989 , expanded for apartments, private Angenrod moated castle.jpg
Angersbach Castle Stables Wartenberg -
Niederungsburg before 1232 Foundations built over
Berleburg Castle
(Villa Wittgenstein)
slot Castle-like modern mansion 1859 preserved in private ownership Berleburg Castle (Schlitz) .jpg
Burghaus Breungeshain Scots -
Moated castle Mentioned in 1314 departed
Burg-Gemünden Castle Gemünden -
Hilltop castle 13th century (first mentioned in 1274) Preserved restored, privately owned BurgGemuenden Castle.png
Eisenbach Castle Lauterbach lock New building in 1217, 16th century Renaissance complex, mighty pentagonal keep, restaurant Lauterbach Castle Eisenbach.jpg
Eppstein Castle Bulkheads lock after 1323 Building with stepped gables Schotten - Eppsteiner Schloss 0360.jpg
Freiensteinau Castle Freiensteinau Castle (emerged from a mansion on a noble estate) 1688, at the beginning of the 19th century expansion into a country palace Country castle in private ownership Freiensteinau Castle Geruest.png
Grebenau moated castle Grebenau Moated castle 13th Century today town hall Rathaus-Grebenau.png
Hallenburg Castle slot lock 1755 Baroque two-and-a-half-storey building, Landesmusikakademie Hallenburg Castle.jpg
Hinterburg slot Höhenburg, in local position 13th century, 16th century reconstruction retirement home Schlitz Hinterturm.jpg
Hohhaus Castle Lauterbach City Palace around 1700 preserved, seat of the Hohhaus-Museum-Lauterbach Lauterbach (Hessen) 2560.JPG
Homberg Castle Homberg (Ohm) Hilltop castle 11th century, documented in 1065 Palace complex with remains of the old castle, owned by the town of Homberg / Ohm Homberg castle 1.jpg
Castle Lauterbach
(Lauterbach Castle)
Lauterbach Castle, emerged from the castle around 1266 Receive Lauterbach - Castle 1050 49 48.jpg
Lehrbach Castle Kirtorf -
Moated castle around 1180 Ruins of the Palas with stepped gable and remains of a fireplace, surrounding wall Kirtorf Lehrbach BurgLehrbach E a.png
Merlau Castle Mücke -
Moated castle, later a castle Mentioned in 1279 Burgstall, remains of the castle's foundation wall Merla (Merian) .jpg
Naxburg Freiensteinau Hilltop castle around 1290 small remains of the wall On the Naxburg 1.JPG
Burgstall Nieder-Ohmen Mücke -
Niederungsburg 10th century Tower foundations Muecke Nieder-Ohmen Burgstall NO.png
Castle Niederschlitz
slot moth 12th Century Castle stable with remaining hill Schlitz Castle Niederschlitz.png
Ottoburg slot lock 1653-1681 Count's archives and house museum Schlitz Ottoburg rueck.png
Petershain Castle Ulrichstein -
Moated castle before or in the 13th century Landgrave Heinrich I of Hesse and his sons were already destroyed in the inheritance disputes in 1293 , presumably underground. Remnants, today built over with Petershainer Hof
Romrod Castle Romrod lock 1st half of the 12th century, 1578–1587 converted into a renaissance castle Hotel, restaurant, owned by the German Foundation for Monument Protection Romrod Castle.jpg
Ruhlkirchen Castle Hill Drift Valley Moated castle around 1100 Restored castle hill with remains of a curtain wall Burghügel Ruhlkirchen Nord.png
Schachtenburg slot lock Reconstruction in 1557, 1st half of the 17th century retirement home Schlitz Schachtenburg entrance.png
Seeburg Castle
(Hartershausen Castle,
Old Wall)
Schlitz -
Moated castle around 1200 Remains of the residential tower Schlitz Hartershausen BurgSeeburg.png
Sickendorf Castle Lauterbach -
lock 1886-87 receive Lauterbach castle sickendorf 20120523 by Emha 0687 crop.jpg
Schmitthof Castle Kirtorf -
Moated castle 1538 Privately owned Castle Schmitthof Kirtorf Sued.png
Stockhausen Castle Herbstein -
Riedesel's castle on the remains of its predecessor: the Hermannsburg 1770–1807 (16th century castle) Castle in private hands Stockhausen Herbstein Schloss Rueck.png
Ulrichstein Castle Ulrichstein Hilltop castle 12th Century Corner tower, trenches, ramparts Vogelsberg - Ulrichstein - Ulrichstein Castle - WLMMH 3627.jpg
Vorderburg slot Hilltop castle 1565 reconstruction Hotel Restaurant Schlitz Vorderburg Westfluegel.png
Wartenberg castle ruins Wartenberg -
Spurburg around 1220 Foundation walls of the keep and hall Wartenberg castle ruins 2004.png
Zwiefalten hunting lodge Scots -
Acorn Saxons
Hunting lodge 1722-23 received, official seat Jagdschloss Zwiefalten JG Sockmar before 1859.PNG

Kassel administrative district (North Hesse)


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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Bellevue Palace kassel lock 1714 Only a small palace has been preserved, use is still open, currently being renovated PalaisBellevueKassel-II.JPG
Chattenburg kassel lock 1817-1821 Construction abandoned unfinished in 1821, remnants removed from 1840–1870 Ruin-Chattenburg-Kassel.jpg
Palais Hessen-Rotenburg kassel Castle, city residence 1767-1769 Canceled in 1911 Kassel palais hessen Rotenburg.jpg
Löwenburg kassel Pleasure palace (artificial castle ruin) 1793-1800 Castle Museum Schlosspark Wilhelmshöhe Löwenburg 01.jpg
Burgstall Niederzwehren Kassel -
Niederungsburg probably 13th century no leftovers
Nordshausen Castle Kassel -
Hilltop castle unclear, probably before 1317 no leftovers
Orangery kassel lock 1703-1710 Seat of the Astronomical-Physical Cabinet with a planetarium Kuechenpavkassel.jpg
Residenzpalais kassel Palace complex, residence (parts of the Red and White Palais , among others ) 1769-1826 Built-in remains Residenzpalais Kassel.jpg
Reichenbach Palace kassel lock 1772 Nothing, demolished in 2006 for commercial and office buildings Palaisreichenbach.jpg
Red Palace kassel Residential palace 1821-1826 Destroyed in World War II, ruin demolished 1954–1960; only portico preserved, as an extension to a department store in the same place Residenzpalais Kassel.jpg
Schönfeld Castle kassel Castle, summer residence 1777 In 1989 the Verein Schloss Schönfeld e. V. the buildings, "Restaurant Park Schönfeld" Schönfeld Wehlheiden Palace (04) .jpg
City Palace of Kassel kassel Residential palace 1556-1562 Destroyed by fire in 1811, demolished in 1816; only the roundabout on the Fulda is still preserved Stadtschloss-Kassel-Merian-Ausschnitt.PNG
Palais Waitz von Eschen kassel City Palace 1770-1773 Destroyed in a bombing raid in 1943 Palais Waitz von Eschen (1770-1943) .jpg
Waldau moated castle Kassel -
Moated castle around 1463 southern defensive wall with two round corner towers Wasserburg Waldau (01) .jpg
White palace kassel Residential palace 1769; Expanded 1815–1821 Destroyed by air raid in 1943, demolished in 1948–1950 Palais-Friedrichsplatz-Kassel.jpg
Wilhelmshöhe Castle kassel lock 1606-1610 Museums, exhibitions, state museums in Hessen SchlossWilhelmshoehe kasselgalerie de.jpg

District of Fulda

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altenstein Palace Fulda City Palace 1701-1704 Baroque palace, later rebuilt in rococo form, preserved, offices of the city of Fulda Fulda - Palais von Altenstein 2177.jpg
Alt-Mackenzell Castle Hünfeld -
Hilltop castle 12th Century departed
Anberg Castle Kalbach -
Niederungsburg Called in 1392 departed
Auersburg ruins Hilders Hillside castle 1120 (or earlier) Remnants of the tower, ramparts and moats, surrounding walls Auersburg ruins 2018-05-19 d.JPG
Bieberstein Castle Hofbieber lock 1710-1740 Boarding school Bieberstein Castle3.JPG
Blankenwald Castle Hosenfeld -
Hilltop castle 13th Century Castle stable with small remains
Buchenau Castle (Schenck Castle ) Eiterfeld -
lock 1550, 1694 new building Privately owned since 2001, group house with 110 beds Schlossbuchenauluft.jpg
Buchenau old castle Eiterfeld -
Niederungsburg 1217 Five-story residential tower, neck ditch, two multi-story half-timbered buildings from the Renaissance; later divided into:
former outer baileymirror lock and
former main castleSeckendorff lock
Buchenau castle halsgrabenwest.jpg
Burghaun hunting lodge Burghaun Hunting lodge 1744 Hunting lodge of the Fulda abbot Amand von Buseck . Expropriated in 1803, forestry office since 1868. Burghaun hunting lodge 2.JPG
Burghaun Castle Burghaun lock 1613-1619 Castle of the Knights of Haun and von Schenk, 1692–1803 Fürstlich-Fuldisches Rentamt, 1866–1932 District Court, since then municipal administration. Burghaun Castle 1.JPG
Ebersburg ruins Ebersburg Hilltop castle around 1100 Keep, enclosing walls Ruin Eberburg Rhoen.JPG
Eberstein ruins
(Tannenfels Castle)
Hilders Hilltop castle 1220/50 small remains of foundations and walls
Eichenzeller Schlösschen Oak cell lock around 1250/1260, 1548 new building Seat of the municipal administration Eichenzeller Schlößchen (04) .jpg
Fasanerie Castle Oak cell lock 1730 Baroque complex with five courtyards one behind the other, central pavilion, castle museum, restaurant CastleFasanerie.JPG
Fulda City Palace Fulda lock 1706-1714 / 20 City administration, visit to historical interior and representative rooms Fulda City Palace.png
Fürsteneck Castle Pus field Hilltop castle around 1200 Castle-like converted facility, academy for professional and musical-cultural training aerial view.jpg
Baroque Gersfeld
Castle (Lower Castle)
Gersfeld (Rhoen) lock 1740 Former seat of the von Ebersberg family. In the possession of the von Waldthausen family since 1903, today library, local museum, city administration Gersfeld baroque palace 1.JPG
Middle Gersfeld Castle Gersfeld (Rhoen) Moated castle 1560 former ruling court, prison. Owned by the von Waldthausen family since 1903, today apartments Gersfeld Middle Castle 1.jpg
Upper Gersfeld Castle Gersfeld (Rhoen) Moated castle, later moated castle 12th century, 1486–93 palace construction In the possession of the von Waldthausen family since 1903, today apartments and doctor's office Upper Gersfeld Castle (02) .jpg
Park villa Gersfeld Gersfeld (Rhoen) lock 1908 Built by Bruno von Waldthausen. Schlosspark Clinic since 1995 Gersfeld Parkvilla 1.jpg
Giesel hunting lodge Neuhof -
Wasserburg, new building as a hunting lodge 1340 (1717) rectangular building in place of an earlier moated castle, private property Jagdschloss Giesel.JPG
Haselstein castle ruins Nüsttal Hilltop castle 11th century small remains of the wall Haselstein castle ruins.JPG
Haselstein Castle Nüsttal lock 1546 simple baroque building with stair tower
Propsteischloss Johannesberg Fulda Castle and Church 811-830 Initially a monastery complex, 1726–1747 expansion into a baroque palace (Red House); today the Hessian state domain, in the Schlosshof restaurant. Propsteischloss Johannesberg 5.JPG
Klinge Castle
( Siglindisburg )
Hünfeld -
Spurburg probably 11th century Castle stable, neck ditch, curtain wall and remains of the foundation are visible
Mackenzell moated castle Hünfeld -
Moated castle 1253 Sanatorium of the Good Templars
Milseburg Castle Hofbieber -
small people
Hilltop castle 11th century small remains (tower, remains of a ring wall)
Neuhof Castle Neuhof lock 1239, early 16th century four round corner towers, low parts of the surrounding walls, today a school Neuhof Palace 3.JPG
Burgstall Poppenhausen Poppenhausen Moated castle 13th Century Overbuilt cellar and built-in wall remains Burgstall 02.JPG
Seckendorff lock Eiterfeld -
lock Castle renovation around 1578 Two residential towers that go back to the medieval Buchenau Castle Seckendorff lock.jpg
Mirror lock Eiterfeld -
lock Palace construction around 1572 Two-wing palace in the Renaissance style on the site of the former Buchenau Castle, next to the Seckendorff Palace Buchenau burg spiegelschloss.jpg
Schwedenschanze Gersfeld (Rhön) - Rengersfeld ( Reesberg ) Jump Thirty Years' War Ramparts Schwedenzanze near Gersfeld 2.jpg
Tann Castle Fir lock 1558 (Red Castle), 1669/1714 (Yellow Castle), early 18th century (Blue Castle) largely closed four-wing construction Tann schloss strasse.jpg
Uttrichshausen Castle Kalbach -
Niederungsburg 12th to 13th centuries departed
Burgstall Weyhers Ebersburg - Weyhers Moated castle First mentioned in 1270 no leftovers

District of Hersfeld-Rotenburg

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altwehrda castle ruins Haunetal -
Niederungsburg around 1185 Castle hill, small remains of the outer walls Altwehrda haunetal.jpg
Blue Castle
Hohenroda -
lock 1820 two-winged building with roof turrets Blue Mansbach Castle (03) .jpg
Blumenstein Hunting Lodge Wildeck -
Hunting lodge 1727 Little remains of buildings, a cellar on the north side, archway, was the successor to Wildeck Castle Blumenstein weg.jpg
Blumenstein summer palace Wildeck -
lock 1770 Former guest house, successor to the Blumenstein hunting lodge HEF WILDECK SOMMERSCHLOSS.jpg
Dreienburg castle ruins Friedewald Spurburg around 1257 Remnants of the foundation, neck ditch Dreienburg friedewald mauerreste.jpg
Eichhof Castle Bad Hersfeld lock expanded to a palace complex around 1572 Residential tower, state teaching and research institute for grassland farming and forage production Hersfeld schlosseichhof rueck.jpg
Eulenburg Hohenroda -
Niederungsburg before 1280 Destroyed in 1280, rebuilt as the ancestral seat of the Knights of Mansbach in the 14th and 15th centuries. 1935 new building. Today residential building. Eulenburg Mansbach (03) .jpg
Friedewald moated castle Friedewald Moated castle 1476 Local history museum, castle hotel in the outer bailey Friedewald castle ruins.jpg
Yellow Wehrda Castle Haunetal -
lock 17th century Horseshoe-shaped baroque building with a mansard roof Yellow Castle Wehrda.jpg
Geyso Castle
Hohenroda -
lock 1577-1578 Rectangular building with high, curved gables and an octagonal stair tower, local history museum Hohenroda mansbach geysoschloss.jpg
Grasburg Hohenroda -
Höhenburg, presumably only Fliehburg probably eighth century Ramparts and moats on the mountain of the same name
Hattenbach Castle Niederaula -
Spurburg around 1235 Residential building Niederaula Hattenbach Schloss Hattenbach Schlossberg NO.png
Hauneck Castle Haunetal -
Hilltop castle around 1200 Hall, keep, remains of walls Hauneck Castle - 1980.jpg
Herzberg Castle Breitenbach a. Herzberg Hilltop castle 1280 and 1290 Stronghold, chapel Herzberg Castle komandanten.jpg
Hohenwehrda Castle Haunetal -
lock around 1900 Herman-Lietz School Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Hohenwehrda.jpg
Hohenroda Castle Hohenroda -
lock 1909 Manor house with palace gardens, town hall Hohenroda town hall total.jpg
Holzheim Castle (thick tower) Haunetal -
Niederungsburg 12th Century Stone residential tower, today a private residential complex Holzheim Castle (02) .jpg
Holzheim hunting lodge Haunetal -
Hunting lodge 15th century today residential building Jagdschloss Holzheim.jpg
Hornsberg Castle Herring (Werra) Spurburg First mentioned in 1214 already abandoned and dilapidated at the end of the 15th century WAK DKMSHSN HORNSBG.jpg
Imshausen Castle Bebra -
lock 1791 Right side building conference and meeting center, left side building privately owned HerrenhausTrott.JPG
Landeck castle ruins Schenklengsfeld Spurburg Late 12th century Neck ditch, remains of walls, remains of retaining walls, Landeck ringmauer.jpg
Old Lispenhausen Castle Rotenburg on the Fulda -
Niederungsburg unknown Burgstall, no relics preserved
Lispenhausen moated castle Rotenburg on the Fulda -
Moated castle 13th Century Residential building Moated castle Lispenhausen (02) .jpg
Ludwigseck Palace Ludwigsau lock around 1400, new building in 1858 Privately owned Ludwigseck Castle.jpg
Milnrode castle ruins Bad Hersfeld Spurburg 12th Century Round tower remains, foundation walls of the upper castle Milnrode mauerreste.jpg
Neuenstein Castle Neuenstein -
Höhenburg, later a new palace around 1250 Conference and event center Neuenstein Castle bergfried.jpg
Upper Castle
Hohenroda -
lock 1561 Former post office. Rebuilt 1935–1945. Vacancy today. Upper Mansbach Castle (03) .jpg
Philippsthal Castle Philippsthal (Werra) lock 1685 Palace complex with integrated church, palace park, town hall, restaurant, museum Philippsthal church south east.jpg
Richelsdorf manor house Wildeck -
Mansion 1598-1600 Completely preserved; today the seat of a specialist clinic Richelsdorf herrenhaus.jpg
Rittershain Castle Cornberg lock 1854 Association for the promotion of research and training in the field of plant breeding Rittershain Castle.jpg
Rodenberg castle ruins Rotenburg on the Fulda Hilltop castle around 1150 Trenches, small remains of walls, ramparts, freely accessible ruins Rotenburg - Rodenberg 1.jpg
Rotenburg Castle Rotenburg on the Fulda lock 1571-1607 Headquarters of the training center of the Hessian road and traffic administration Rotenburg Castle front view.jpg
Red lock Haunetal -
lock 17th century Building with a round stair tower and half-timbered upper floor Wehrda Red Castle (02) .jpg
Schwarzenhasel moated castle Rotenburg an der Fulda -
Moated castle around 1600 Patronage and residential house, moats Schwarzenhasel moated castle (01) .jpg
Sinzigburg Haunetal -
Niederungsburg, moth early medieval, documented in 1409/1460 Ramparts, trenches Sinzigburg haunetal Zentralhuegel.jpg
Alt-Tannenburg Nentershausen Spurburg probably around 1000 Moat
Tannenberg Castle Nentershausen
(on the Herzberg )
Spurburg around 1300 Spornburg, medieval castle complex with an inn and beer garden Tannenberg north.jpg
Burgstall Wallenfels Niederaula -
Spurburg before 1327 Neck ditch and remains of the foundation Niederaula wallenfels burghuegel.jpg
Wildeck Castle Wildeck -
Spurburg in the 11th century Wildeck Castle was built over by the Blumenstein hunting lodge. The remains of the wall therefore mostly do not come from the Middle Ages Blumenstein nah.jpg

District of Kassel

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Ahlberg ring wall Immenhausen -
Wallburg, tower hill Early middle ages Wall and moat clearly visible, remains of the late medieval watchtower foundation have been preserved. Ahlberg tower relict.jpg
Beberbeck Castle Hofgeismar -
lock 1829 Hunting lodge Wilhelm II of Hessen-Kassel, since 1929 nursing home Beberbeck Castle Front.jpg
Burgstall Beltershausen Naumburg -
Niederungsburg before or in the 1st half of the 15th century Burgstall (castle hill and weak moat remains)
Burgstall Blumenstein Zierenberg Niederungsburg 1213 Nothing Wichtelkirche1.JPG
Gut Bodenhausen Habichtswald -
Mansion 1660, gatehouse from 1649 Three-storey half-timbered building, private property Gut Bodenhausen, Torhaus.jpg
Burguffeln Castle Grebenstein -
Niederungsburg 9th century later state domain , since 2000 handicapped accessible residential complex; Remains of the castle walls have been preserved Burguffeln Castle (01) .jpg
Elberberg Castle Naumburg -
lock 15th century new building, 16th century new building Privately owned by Buttlar , seat of the private forest administration of Buttlar-Elberberg Elbenberg, Elberberg Castle.jpg
Elmarshausen moated castle Wolfhagen -
Moated castle 13th Century Not inhabited, private property Elmarshausen Castle.jpg
Escheberg Castle Zierenberg -
lock 19th century Privately owned by the Malsburg Escheberg Castle.JPG
Falkenberg castle ruins Zierenberg Hilltop castle Mid 13th century Wall and moat remains
Falkenstein castle ruins Bad Emstal -
Hilltop castle 1346 some remains of the wall, remains of the moat and ramparts Falkenstein castle ruins near Niedenstein.JPG
Gasterfeld Castle Wolfhagen Niederungsburg around 1100 Nothing
Gieselwerder Castle Wesertal -
Moated castle 1093 Gate, substructure of a semicircular tower, remains of the surrounding wall Gieselwerder 01.jpg
Grebenstein Castle Grebenstein Hilltop castle around 1272 Wall remains, hall Grebenstein Castle.jpg
Grossenritt hunting lodge Baunatal -
Great Rides
Hunting lodge 1866 only shell completed, used as a nursing home from 1877, demolished in 1972 Gertrudenstift Jschloss-Großenritte 1910 Archive-City-Baunatal.PNG
Wallburg Great Ride Baunatal -
Great Rides
Wallburg Hallstatt period, Celtic Wall remains present Castle hill at Grossenritte.  Remnants of the ring wall (1) .JPG
Großer Gudenberg castle ruins Zierenberg Hilltop castle 1209 Ramparts, ditches, small remains of walls
Kleiner Gudenberg castle ruins Zierenberg Hilltop castle 1175 Ramparts, ditches, small remains of walls
Haldessen Castle Grebenstein Niederungsburg around 1303 Nothing
Helfenberg castle ruins Wolfhagen Hilltop castle Early 13th century Ditches, walls Nsg festberg view phillippinental ds wv 03 2011.jpg
Igelsburg castle ruins Habichtswald -
Hilltop castle 772–804, around 1100? (Data contradicting) Castle stable with neck ditch and rampart Burgstall Igelsburg (05) .jpg
Immenhausen Castle Immenhausen Spurburg 13th Century exposed foundations Immenhausen Castle (04) .jpg
Burgstall Knickhagen Fuldatal -
Hilltop castle probably 8th to 10th century Wall and moat remains, today a cemetery Knickhagen Castle (04) .JPG
Krukenburg Bad Karlshafen -
Hilltop castle 1215-1520 Keep, ruins of the round church, ruins of the residential tower, enclosing walls Krukenburg helmarshausen.jpg
Ringwall Laar Zierenberg -
Spurburg 9th century Wall remains
Laar Castle Zierenberg -
lock 1790 Mansion SchlossLaar2.JPG
Liebenau Castle Liebenau Mansion around 1293 Manor from 1600 Liebenau Castle (01) .jpg
Malsburg castle ruins Zierenberg Hilltop castle before 1123 Remnants of a tower, remains of a wall
Junkernhof Meimbressen
(Meimbressen Castle)
Calden -
Wasserburg, rebuilding as a manor Castle: first documented
mention 13th century, manor with manor house 1659–67
Privately owned Junkershof Meimbressen (02) .jpg
Nightingale Castle Wolfhagen -
Niederungsburg 1204 Ring wall
Naumburg Castle Naumburg Hilltop castle 12th Century small residues
Riede Castle Bad Emstal -
lock 1563–64 conversion to a renaissance castle Privately owned Riede, Schloss (2017) .jpg
Rodersen castle ruins Wolfhagen Hilltop castle around 1180/1200 Foundation of the square residential tower, remains of the wall, neck ditch Castle ruin Rodersen general view Seite.jpg
Sababurg Hofgeismar Hilltop castle 1334 partially preserved castle, hotel and restaurant; animal park founded in 1571 to the west Reinhardswald Sababurg.JPG
Schartenberg castle ruins
Zierenberg Hilltop castle 1124 Neck moat, ring and retaining wall remains, part of the keep
Schauenburg castle ruins Schauenburg Hilltop castle 1089 "Scouwenburg" ring-shaped trench, wall remains Schauenburg wall remains1.JPG
Schöneberg castle ruins Hofgeismar -
Hilltop castle 1122 restored castle fountain, otherwise hardly any remains of the castle complex Ruin-Schöneberg.png
Schönburg Castle Hofgeismar lock 1787-1790 Conference center Evangelical Academy Hofgeismar Hofgeismar-Schönburg2.JPG
Sensenstein Castle Sneezes Hilltop castle around 1372 Moats visible; Youth castle Sensenstein Wall 2.jpg
Gut Sieberhausen Zierenberg Mansion 1800, 17th century gatehouse Two-storey plastered half-timbered building, private property Sieberhausen 2019-11-10 d Herrenhaus.jpg
Castle Tribes Trendelburg -
Manor house of a manor 1766–1771, 1910 addition of a portico Retirement home, private property Stamen Hofgut.jpg
Stenderberg Castle Liebenau -
Hilltop castle not clear Burgstall, remains of the foundation archaeologically examined Stenderberg Ostheim.jpg
Trendelburg Castle Trendelburg Spurburg 13th Century Hotel and restaurant Trendelburg view.JPG
Old Veckerhagen Castle Reinhardshagen -
Niederungsburg 1430/1431 Destroyed by major fires in 1914 and 1967. Remnants of the wall used to rebuild a factory Old Castle Veckerhagen (01) .jpg
Veckerhagen hunting lodge Reinhardshagen -
Hunting lodge around 1689 Establishment of a factory administration in the 19th century, privately owned Veckerhagen Castle.jpg
Weidelsburg Wolfhagen -
Hilltop castle 1273 Outer bailey, two residential towers, curtain wall Weidelsburg.jpg
Wilhelmsthal Castle Calden lock 1744-1761 Castle museum, extensive park Wilhelmsthal-Parkseite.JPG
Windhausen Castle
Germanic Garden
Niestetal -
lock 1769-1770 Privately owned Windhausen Castle (05) .JPG
Wolfhagen Castle Wolfhagen Höhenburg, in local position around 1230 to 1231 Castle remnants Wolfhagen Castle.jpg
Wülmersen moated castle Trendelburg Moated castle, manor 1612 new building, 1108 (former manor) Residential house with half-timbered superstructure, state museum Wuelmersen moated castle 3.jpg
Ziegenberg Castle Fulda Valley -
Hilltop castle probably 11th century no remains, overbuilt

Schwalm-Eder district

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Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altenburg castle ruins Felsberg -
Hilltop castle 11th century Keep, remains of buildings, some cellars, enclosing walls with a circular corner Altenburg zu Felsberg 2007.JPG
Altenburg Niedenstein Wallburg 1st century BC Chr. Wall and moat remains Altenburg view.JPG
Bellnhausen castle ruins Gilserberg -
Moated castle 13th Century small remains of walls and ditches
Bertherode Castle Melsungen Hilltop castle unknown no leftovers
Betzigerode mansion Bad Zwesten -
Niederungsburg 16th Century Two-storey, plastered half-timbered building; Privately owned Betzigerode Herrenhaus.JPG
Binsförth Castle Morschen -
Niederungsburg probably 1st half of the 13th century Remnants of the wall in today's Hofgut
Bischhausen Castle Neuental - Bischhausen Talburg First mentioned in 1160 Burgstall Bischhausen Church, from the northeast.jpg
Borken Castle Bark Hilltop castle First mentioned in 1269 Burgstall
Buraburg Fritzlar -
Unthoughts (on the Büraberg )
Hilltop castle around 680 small remains of the wall 135 3570 Büraburg.jpg
Stick Schrecksbach -
moth uncertain, abandoned in the 13th century Castle hill, rampart, moat
Densberg castle ruins Jesberg -
Hilltop castle 1085 Neck ditch, wall remains, ring wall Densberg Castle Hill.jpg
Dillich Castle Borken -
lock around 1360 Privately owned, three-storey massive rectangular building Dillich Castle, view from southeast.jpg
Falkenberg ruins Wabern -
Hilltop castle Mid 13th century Bergfriedrest, enclosing walls Falkenberg castle ruins.JPG
Falkenberg Castle Wabern -
lock 1560-1778 Residential buildings with tower, parts of the bastions Falkenberg Castle (02) .jpg
Rock castle Felsberg Hilltop castle 11th century Keep, enclosing walls, kennel walls Felsberg (Hesse) 2006-02-25.jpg
Forkenburg Fritzlar -
Wallburg 9-10 century Wall and moat remains
Garvensburg Castle Fritzlar -
lock First mentioned in the 16th century (Lords of Meysenburg), new building from 1894–98 Café, hotel, restaurant Garvensburg Castle.JPG
Mittelhof Gilsa Neuental -
Originally moated castle, rebuilt in 1635 after being destroyed in the Thirty Years' War as a manor ,
former ancestral castle of those from and to Gilsa
Mid 15th century massive south wing, foundations of the SW corner tower and east wing with half-timbered upper floor;
Private property, not open to the public
Mittelhof Gilsa.jpg
Oberhof Gilsa
(Gilsa Castle)
Neuental -
Manor house, headquarters of the branch " Gilsa -Oberhof" 16th Century Castle-like mansion with park Gilsa Castle (Oberhof) .jpg
Gilsa lower courtyard Neuental -
Manor house of the estate of the branch " Gilsa -Uunterhof" around 1700 Half-timbered mansion with a dwelling in the central axis, with private cemetery for those from and to Gilsa Unterhof Gilsa (02) .jpg
Castle Grifte Edermünde -
Hillside castle before 1258 Wall remains
Großropperhausen Castle Frielendorf -
castle-like mansion 1832 receive Großropperhausen Castle (02) .jpg
Hausen Castle Oberaula -
Moated castle, later a castle before 1311 Private ownership, castle structure preserved Upper auditorium schloss hausen.jpg
Hattenbachscher Burgsitz
(castle seat of those of Romrod)
(Helmschwerdtsche Castle)
Schrecksbach Niederungsburg 1569 no leftovers
Haydau Castle Morschen - Old Morschen
lock 16th century new building strictly symmetrical layout around the former cloister Haydau.jpg
Heiligenburg Castle Felsberg -
Hilltop castle 1180-1186 Tower stump, remains of the shield wall and gate construction Heiligenburg on the Heiligenberg.JPG
Castle Stables (Raubenburg, Rabsburgk)
Gilserberg -
Höhenburg, probably built on an even older Fliehburg presumably late Carolingian Burgstall, only remnants of ramparts and moats
Hesserode moated castle Felsberg - Hesserode Moated castle around 1300 Remains of the moat; Manor from 1665
Hohenburg Homberg (Efze) Hilltop castle before 1190 Ring wall, kennel, gate Castle tower Homberg Efze.png
Hundshausen Castle Jesberg -
Moated castle 10th century Nothing
Jesberg Castle Jesberg Hilltop castle Late 12th century Keep, remains of the wall Jesberg Castle1.jpg
Jesberg Castle Jesberg lock 1723 Community library, function room Jesberg Castle.jpg
Kalbsburg Borken -
Watch tower ,
later manor with manor house
1197 Privately owned Kalbsburg mansion (2) .JPG
Kehrenbach Hunting Lodge Melsungen -
Hunting lodge 1469/1470 Nothing
Landsburg Schwalmstadt -
Hilltop castle 1345 completely removed by quarry
Lembach mansion Homberg (Efze) -
Mansion 1606 Nothing
Lembach moated castle Homberg (Efze) -
Moated castle 13th Century Ponds as trench remains
Lenderscheid mansion Frielendorf -
Mansion 18th century receive
Linsingen Castle Lentil singing Niederungsburg 11th or 12th century Nothing
Loshausen Castle Willingshausen -
Mansion 1891 receive Loshausen Castle.jpg
Löwenstein castle ruins Bad Zwesten -
Hilltop castle Early 13th century Keep, remains of the cellar vaults, the building walls, the rampart and the moat Löwenstein Panorama.jpg
Melsungen Castle Melsungen lock 1550-1557 Tax office of the Schwalm-Eder district and a court Melsungen Castle.jpg
Nassenerfurth Castle (Baumbach Castle) Borken -
Moated castle around 1600 Castle, trenches, farm buildings; Privately owned Nassenerfurth Castle (01) .jpg
Niedenstein Castle Niedenstein Hilltop castle 1160-1164 Nothing; Lookout tower built in 1931 Niedensteiner Kopf, Hessenturm.jpg
Niederurff Castle Bad Zwesten -
Hilltop castle 11th and 12th centuries Palas, tower remains, keep, wall remains, moat Niederurff, Urff'sche Burg northeast view.jpg
Obernburg Gudensberg Hilltop castle around 1061 Parts of the kennel walls, gate structures, remains of buildings, retaining walls Gudensberg Obernburg below.jpg
Oberurff Castle Bad Zwesten -
Castle-like fortified courtyard of Löwensteiner Ganerbe unknown only the remains of a moat survived, all medieval remains including the surrounding wall with corner towers torn down, 18th century manor house with park and outbuildings, private property Herrenhaus Oberurff (02) .jpg
Oberurff Castle
(Hanau Castle)
Bad Zwesten -
lock 1877 Youth Village Christophorus School of the Christian Youth Village Association Germany Oberurff Castle (03) .jpg
Odenberg ring ramparts Gudensberg Circular ramparts Early middle ages Wall and moat remains from two plants Odenberg and Obernburg.JPG
Ropperhausen Castle Frielendorf -
Spurburg probably 13th century Part of the residential tower, parts of the surrounding wall, neck ditch in the east preserved; freely accessible castle ruins Ropperhausen Castle (01) .jpg
Rommershausen Castle Rommershausen lock 1539-1549 Three buildings with half-timbered upper storeys, irregular courtyard, east wing main building with portal, private property Rommershausen Castle.jpg
Altes Burghaus Schrecksbach
(Old Castle)
(Langenstein Castle Seat)
Schrecksbach Niederungsburg 1580-1592 received, restaurant Old Castle House Schrecksbach (01) .jpg
Schleierscher castle seat
(Baumbachscher Hof)
Schrecksbach Niederungsburg Mentioned in 1569 no leftovers
Castle ruin Schönstein Gilserberg -
Spurburg 12th Century Castle ruins Castle ruins Schönstein.jpg
Schwertzellsch castle seat Schrecksbach Niederungsburg unknown no leftovers
Spangenberg Castle Spangenberg lock around 1214 Hotel, restaurant, hunting museum in the armory Schloss-Spangenberg Germany October-2010 Front-View.jpg
Convict Head Castle Bark Hilltop castle 10th century nothing received
Wallenstein castle ruins Knüllwald -
Hilltop castle around 1220 Enclosing wall, former stair tower as a lookout tower Wallenstein castle ruins (03) .jpg
Wabern hunting lodge Wobble Hunting lodge 1701-1704 Social Pedagogical Center Wabern / Homberg DE Wabern Jagdschloss.JPG
Wenigenburg Gudensberg Hilltop castle before 1272 nothing, today's buildings are from more recent times and are privately owned Gudensberg Wenigenburg.jpg
Willingshausen Castle
(Schwertzell Castle)
Willingshausen Manor house as a castle-like Renaissance building end of the 15th century at the latest, castle in the 16th century. Received, estate management of the agricultural estates of the von Schwertzell family Willingshausen Castle.jpg
Wolfershausen Castle Felsberg -
Niederungsburg 12th Century small remains of the wall at the churchyard (?)
Ziegenhain Castle Schwalmstadt -
goat grove
Fortress / castle Around 900, 1470 the castle was converted into a landgrave's castle, and the castle and town of Ziegenhain were surrounded by fortifications in the 17th century the castle, in five wings grouped around a courtyard is, as since 1842 the prison used Ziegenhain gouverneursfluegel paradeplatz.jpg
Züschen Castle Fritzlar -
Höhenburg, in local position unknown (by the end of the 14th century at the latest) Built over with an estate around 1600
Zwesten Castle Bad Zwesten lock 1782 fully preserved, today residential building and doctor's office Bad Zwesten Castle.jpg

Waldeck-Frankenberg district

  As of: March 30, 2020 | 87   in 83 articles 

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Adorf Castle Diemelsee -
Moated castle 13th Century Center, small remains of the curtain wall Adorf Platz of the former moated castle.jpg
Arolsen residential palace Bad Arolsen Residential palace 1710–1728 based on the Versailles model Preserved, museum, residence of the descendants of the royal family Arolsen Castle.JPG
Arolsen New Castle Bad Arolsen lock 1764-1778 Preserved after the major fire in 1970, reopened as a hotel in 1974, used as a clinic with a new extension since 1998 Bad Arolsen-New Castle-1-3735.jpg
Aulesburg Haina (monastery) -
Hilltop castle 1140 few wall remains, cross trenches
Castle by the oven Vöhl -
Hilltop castle 8th century Double moat
Old Battenberg Castle Battenberg (Eder) Spurburg 11th century Wall remains, cellar Battenberg (Eder) De Merian Hassiae.jpg
Battenberg Castle Battenberg (Eder) Hunting lodge 1732 City administration seat since 1971 Battenberg (3) .JPG
Bergheim Castle Edertal -
lock 1692 instead of a castle Preserved, extensively renovated in 1990, unused Bergheim Edertal Castle.jpg
Bilstein Castle Bad Wildungen - Reitzenhagen
( Bilstein cliffs )
Hilltop castle 9th / 10th century Dismissed in the 12th century, outer bailey on Bilstein cliffs, remains of moats
Braunsen Castle Bad Arolsen -
Niederungsburg 1223 Nothing
Castle Bring Edertal -
Hilltop castle First mentioned around 1196 Few wall remains, foundation walls, cellar remains are not visible when the Edersee is fully blocked Edersee Liebesinsel Burgrest.jpg
Brobeck Castle Diemelstadt -
Niederungsburg 1188 Nothing, lost castle
Buhlen Castle Edertal -
Niederungsburg around 1333 Nothing, lost castle
Christiansburg Castle Edertal -
Residential palace 1662 Four-wing palace complex, nothing
Deisfeld Castle Diemelsee -
Spurburg early middle ages Remains of two moats
Ehrenburg Vöhl -
Hilltop castle 8th or 9th century, new building in 1354 Remains of the moat, keep and ramparts
Eifa Castle Hatzfeld -
Spurburg 13th Century Remnants of the neck ditch
Eilhausen Castle Bad Arolsen -
lock 1537 Nothing
Eisenberg castle ruins Korbach -
Hilltop castle 1345 1520 expansion to a castle, foundation walls preserved Burchteisenberg.JPG
Ellershausen moated castle Frankenau -
Moated castle Early 13th century little remnant of the curtain wall, cellar
Esbeck Castle Diemelsee -
Moated castle First mentioned in 1255/56 Moat, wall remains of two buildings
Eschenbeck Castle Lichtenfels -
Hilltop castle 1270 Nothing
Fetzgesburg Haina (monastery) Hilltop castle unknown Wall and moat remains
Freienhagen Castle Waldeck -
Niederungsburg around 1251, first mentioned in 1354 Nothing
Confidence of friends castle Hatzfeld Hilltop castle unknown no leftovers mentioned
Friedrichstein Castle Bad Wildungen lock 1663 1693 Conversion of a castle into a baroque palace, museum, branch of the Hessian State Museum Kassel BadWildungen-Friedrichstein1-Asio.JPG
Friedrichsthal hunting lodge Waldeck -
Hunting lodge 1701 Residential house, private property Ederseebahn cycle path selbach model castle ds wv 04 05 2012.jpg
Fürstenberg Castle Lichtenfels -
Hilltop castle 13th Century Nothing
Fürstenstein Castle Volkmarsen -
Hilltop castle 1269 Basement foundation with entrance stairs
Geppenhagen Castle Waldeck -
Tower castle before 1150 boggy moat
Gershausen moated castle Bad Wildungen -
Moated castle (expansion of a moated castle) from 1692 Privately owned manor; Residential house, tower stump, moat preserved
Goddelsheim Castle Lichtenfels -
Moated castle 12th Century Basement and gatehouse
Burgring Goddelsheim Lichtenfels -
Wallburg 2nd half of the 8th century Spitzgraben and Wall
Grimmenstein Castle Diemelsee -
Hilltop castle 12th Century Nothing
Large house Vöhl -
Hunting lodge, seat of the mining authority End of 17th century or beginning of 18th century preserved, private property Thalitter-1-DSCF3303.jpg
Hartenstein Castle Willingen -
Hilltop castle 1347 nothing, the castle only existed for a few years
Hatzfeld Castle Hatzfeld (Eder) Spurburg 13th Century Parts of a shield wall, neck ditch, small remains of the wall, freely accessible ruins Hatzfeld Castle.jpg
Helmighausen Castle Diemelstadt - Helmighausen Moated castle unknown, first mentioned in 1544 Minor trench remains
Hessenstein Castle Vöhl -
Hilltop castle 1328-1342 Until October 31, 2007 youth hostel of the German Youth Hostel Association from April 1, 2008 youth hostel again Hessenstein Castle 08 main building.jpg
Höckelsburg Vöhl - Thalitter
(but closer to Herzhausen )
Spurburg La Tène time Remnants of the wall, freely accessible Höckelsburg 2010-09-24 .jpg
Höhnscheid Castle Bad Arolsen -
lock 1730 in place of an abolished monastery received, hotel and conference center Hönscheid Castle.JPG
Höringhausen moated castle Waldeck -
Moated castle before 1314, exact date unknown Coat of arms stone Höringhausen-Graft-2072.jpg
Ringwall Hünenkeller Korbach -
Ring wall 8-10 century elongated moat to the east, remains of the wall at the south entrance, ground monument Only Ringwall Hünenkeller Korbach-Lengefeld.png
Hünselburg Waldeck -
Fliehburg Late Latene period Wall and moat remains Nature reserve Hünselburg Edersee Urwaldsteig May 5.JPG
Huxhohl moated castle Lichtenfels -
Moated castle 1335, first mentioned no remains
(one of the three Itterburgen )
Vöhl -
Fortress 1126 Outer wall, tower remains, foundation walls Itterburg-1A-DSCF3299.jpg
Jägersburg Bad Wildungen -
Hunting lodge 1718 nothing, exposed well (2006), natural monument
House fight Lichtenfels -
Mansion 1593 Privately owned House Campf in Dalwigksthal.jpg
Cellar castle Battenberg (Eder) Hilltop castle around 1300 Remains of the surrounding walls, moat Battenberg (Eder) De Merian Hassiae.jpg
Keseburg Vöhl -
Hilltop castle in the 11th century Double moat and remains of the wall of the keep Keseburg (Kellerwald) (0002) .JPG
Kleudelburg Battenberg (Eder) -
Hunting lodge 1721-1732 Cellar, well; 1770–1779 sold for demolition Johann Georg Stockmar View of Kleudelburg near Battenberg.jpg
Kugelsburg Volkmarsen Hilltop castle Late 12th century Residential tower from the 13th century, remains of the great hall , cellar Kugelsburg.jpg
Landau Castle Bad Arolsen -
lock around 1330 Today retirement home Landau Castle.jpg
Lauterbach farm Vöhl -
Lauterbach farm
lock 1661, complete renovation in 1817 Privately owned, farm and grain distillery Lauterbach farm-14-08-10-2-DSCF3490.jpg
Lengefeld moated castle Korbach -
Moated castle 1228 Manor house, remains of residential tower, privately owned Former  Wasserburg - mansion
Lichtenfels Castle Lichtenfels -
Höhenburg, later extension of the palace 1189 Privately owned Castle lichtenfels small.jpg
Burgstall Linne Burgwald -
Bottendorf -
moth unknown Remnants of the moth hill
Manor Malberg Twist valley -
Upper Waroldern
Moated castle around 1347 nothing, between 1840 u. Canceled in 1860 Gut Malberg-1.jpg
Burgstall Mederike Volkmarsen
(desert Mederich )
Moated castle 1236 Nothing
Meineringhausen Castle Korbach -
Moated castle around 1240 (?) Nothing
Mengeringhausen Castle Bad Arolsen -
Moated castle, later a castle around 1388 three-storey building, remains of a residential tower in the middle of the building, private property Bad Arolsen - Burghotel Mengeringhausen.jpg
Mückenburg Vöhl -
Kirchlotheim /
- Altenlotheim
Hilltop castle 10th century two moat remains Mückenburg Castle Hill, Sections Ditch.jpg
Neu-Jägersdorf Battenberg (Eder) Hunting lodge 1703 Wall remains; today settlement Johann Georg Stockmar View of Neujägersdorf, the Kröge, near Battenberg.jpg
Nieder-Waroldern Castle Twist valley -
Moated castle around 1390 small remains of the foundation
Nordenbeck Castle Korbach -
Moated castle 13th century Preserved tower, privately owned since 1790 Nordenbeck-1.jpg
Nuhn Castle Lichtenfels -
Hilltop castle 8th or 9th century Burgstall: section trenches, wall trenches
Upper castle
(one of the three Itter castles )
Vöhl -
Hilltop castle 1058 Neck ditch, section ditch Weisenstein near Obernburg Grundriss.png
Ober-Ense Castle Korbach -
Upper Ense
Moated castle before 1350 Two corner towers, remains of the surrounding wall
Burgstall Panzenberg Volkmarsen Hilltop castle 13th Century Burgstall of an unknown castle complex, double wall and moat system still visible
Reckenberg Castle Lichtenfels -
lock 15th century, mansion 1671 Private property
(not open to the public)
Reckeringhausen Castle Korbach -
Moated castle, moth 12th Century Nothing, lost castle
Older castle Rhena Korbach -
Hilltop castle around 1235 Nothing
Rhena moated castle Korbach -
Moated castle around 1555 two stone buildings, today a farm
Lusthaus Rhoden Diemelstadt -
Hunting lodge around 1650 small remains of water art
Rhoden Castle Diemelstadt -
lock 1647-1654 Today retirement home Rhoden Castle2.jpg
Schiffelbach castle ruins Gemünden (Wohra) -
Moated castle around 1500, alterations around 1700 Small remains of walls, vaulted cellar
Schwalenburg Willingen -
Wallburg 8./10. century Wall remains, arches of the inner and middle ring Schwalenburg Remains of the middle wall2.jpg
Sehlen Castle Gemünden (Wohra) -
Heights and ramparts suspected: Late Carolingian , finds from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages Burgstall: tower hill, wall and moat remains
Selbach moated castle Waldeck -
Moated castle before 1229 Nothing, canceled in 1701
Steffenburg Diemelsee -
Tower castle Early 16th century, documented in 1507 nothing, demolished 18th century
(one of the three Itter castles )
Vöhl -
Hilltop castle probably 13th century Foundation walls Tax castle section günther.png
Twiste Castle Twiste Valley -
Moated castle 12th Century Nothing
Vöhl Castle Vöhl lock extended by 1385, 1663 Well, small remains of the wall (demolished in 1845)
Waldeck Castle Waldeck -
Höhenburg, later castle extension, temporarily residential castle 1120 Hotel and restaurant, museum Waldeck Castle general view 2008.jpg
Wetterburg Bad Arolsen -
Spurburg 1306 Restaurant, aquarium museum Wetterburg.JPG
Wolkersdorf Castle Burgwald -
Moated castle around 1250 Demolished in 1479, replaced by a new building for Wolkersdorf Palace; nothing received
Wolkersdorf hunting lodge Burgwald -
Hunting lodge of the Hessian landgraves 1480-1484 1811–1813 Demolished by Jérôme Bonaparte's orders , only small remains of the walls and the castle pond remain DMeissner - Thesaurus Philopoliticus - View of Wolkersdorf Castle - 1625.PNG

Werra-Meißner district

  Status: December 13, 2019 | 41   in 37 Articles 

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Arnstein Castle Neu-Eichenberg -
lock 12th century, mansion around 1600 Castle with a mansard roof, private property Arnstein 01.jpg
Manor house Aue Wanfried -
Mansion 1576 completely preserved, private property Aue (Wanfried) manor 145.JPG
Aue moated castle Wanfried -
Moated castle around 1000, mentioned around 1060 Cellar, built-in wall remains, dry moat, Auer Wasserburg 2.jpg
Augustenau Castle Herleshausen lock 1539 Privately owned
Berlepsch Castle Witzenhausen -
lock 1368 Private ownership, small three-wing complex, building group from Gothic and early Renaissance Berlepsch Castle.jpg
Berneburg residential tower
Sontra -
Tower castle around 1385 preserved, part of an agricultural property, private property, cultural monument Berneburg in the North Hessian Werra-Meißner district - Kemenate.jpg
Bilstein Castle (Eschwege) Eschwege -
Hilltop castle around 1120 A few remains of the wall, traces of the cellar and former well Bilstein Castle - Wall remains.jpg
Gut Bischhausen
(Castle Bischhausen)
Witzenhausen -
Spurburg before 1308 The remains of the coat of arms and walls below the manor house of today's manor Mansion Gut Bischhausen.jpg
Old Boyneburg Castle Sontra -
lock around 1460 Local museum Wichmannshausen manor house 53.JPG
Boyneburg Sontra Hilltop castle around 1100, mentioned around 1107 two sides of the keep, chapel Boyneburg (2) .JPG
Rittergut Boyneburgk
(Gut Datterpfeife)
Sontra -
Manor 15th century, documented in 1460 received, Hofgut
Brandenfels ruins Herleshausen -
Hilltop castle 1248 Remains of the hall, curtain wall and supporting pillars of the access bridge Brandenfels 1998.jpg
Ermschwerd Castle Witzenhausen -
Königspfalz around 822/42 Moats of the outer and main castle
Ermschwerd Castle Witzenhausen -
Castle-like mansion around 1551 Preserved and restored, as today 's municipal house of generations used Castle Ermschwerd.jpg
Eschwege Castle Eschwege lock 1386 lock Eschwege schloss ostfront.jpg
Fahrbach Castle Witzenhausen -
Niederungsburg 14th Century built-up remains, private property
Fürstenstein Castle (Albungen) Eschwege -
Hilltop castle before 1264 Privately owned Fuerstenstein Castle - east side.jpg
Gelsterburg Großalmerode -
Spurburg probably 2nd half of the 12th century Section ditch, neck ditch, wall ditch Gelsterburg.jpg
Grebendorf Castle Meinhard -
Mansion 1610 Local government Grebendorfer Schloss117.jpg
Hohenhaus Holzhausen (Herleshausen) lock 16th century manor house, 1901 castle Castle, hotel HohenhausManorGate.JPG
Jestädt Castle Meinhard -
lock Mid 13th century Apartments, three-wing complex Jestaedt-Castle-2008.jpg
Keudell Castle Wanfried Mansion 1655; Previous building around 1000 Local museum Wanfried Keudell's Castle.jpg
Lüderbach Castle Ringgau -
Manor house of a manor 1560 Private ownership, restored Lüderbach Castle (3) .jpg
Ludwigstein Castle Witzenhausen -
Hilltop castle 1415/16 Youth castle Ludwigstein.jpg
Nesselröden Castle Herleshausen -
lock 1592-94 Privately owned Nesselr-Schloss-1.jpg
Netra moated castle Ringgau -
Moated castle 13th century, new building 1590–1600 Receive; Privately owned Netra moated castle 2.jpg
Ottersbach moated castle Bad Sooden-Allendorf -
Moated castle probably 14th century small remains of the moat
Reichenbach Castle Hessian Lichtenau Hilltop castle 8th or 9th century Lookout tower, remains of the shield wall Reichenbach ruins 20.09.2009.jpg
Röhrda Castle Ringgau -
Niederungsburg unknown, first mentioned in 1549 Residential tower, residential building Rhörda-Burg-residential tower.PNG
Rothestein Castle Bad Sooden-Allendorf lock 1357 new building 1891 Privately owned Bad-Sooden-Schloss-Rothestein-03a.jpg
Rückerode castle ruins Witzenhausen -
Hundelshausen -
Weiler Rückerode
Spurburg around 1100 (1327 documented) Castle ruins with walls, cellar remains and tower ruins Lgraf-MvH draft-Burg-Rückerode-1627 frontal-tr.PNG
Schnepfenburg castle ruins Eschwege -
Spurburg 12th Century only wall remains of a curtain wall, wall and moat remains Schnepfenburg-Sketch.png
moated castle (Walrabshof)
Meinhard -
Moated castle 1243 Stone house, farm Schwebda Castle Front 2013-09-16 12-21-36.jpg
Landgrave Castle Sontra Sontra lock First mentioned in 1368,
extension to the castle in 1491, extension to
a representative building around 1600
Destroyed in 1634, nothing has been preserved Lgschloss sontra.jpg
Burgstall Taubenberg Sontra -
Hilltop castle Early middle ages Time position unclear, Burgstall a presumed small. Wall or refugee castle or unfinished castle complex, rectangular wall-ditch system and presumed cellar or cistern remnants have been preserved The Taubenberg near Breitau (2) .jpg
Landgrave Castle Wanfried Wanfried lock February 5, 1015 First mentioned: "Königsgut in Wanifredum",
14th century. Expansion to a moated castle,
16th and 17th century. Palace construction
Residential construction, agricultural buildings Wanfried Landgrafenschloss.jpg
Werleshausen Castle Witzenhausen -
Castle on manor 1556/1565 Private property Gutshof Werleshausen.jpg
Willershausen Castle Herleshausen -
Moated castle around 1539 round Schaleneck tower, built-up remains in the manor building, holiday apartments Willershausen moated castle 2.jpg
Wolfsbrunnen Castle Meinhard -
Castle (modern) 1904-07 Hotel and restaurant Wolfsbrunnen Castle near Meinhard-Schwebda.jpg
Wommen Castle Herleshausen -
lock 1535 Retirement and nursing home, core building and renaissance portal Wommen-Castle-1.jpg
Ziegenberg Castle Witzenhausen -
Spurburg around 1100 Remnants of a square tower, a few remains of the wall Ziegenberg Castle 01.jpg

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