Seeburg Castle (Schlitz)

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Seeburg Castle
View from Hartershausen to the ruins of the Seeburg castle

View from Hartershausen to the ruins of the Seeburg castle

Alternative name (s): Seeburg, Seeburg Ruins, Hartershausen Castle or Old Wall
Creation time : around 1100 to 1200
Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: Ruin, remains of the tower
Standing position : Ministeriale
Construction: Quarry stone masonry
Place: Hartershausen
Geographical location 50 ° 37 '58.5 "  N , 9 ° 34' 1.4"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 37 '58.5 "  N , 9 ° 34' 1.4"  E
Height: 255  m above sea level NHN
Seeburg Castle (Hesse)
Seeburg Castle

The castle Seeburg , including Seeburg , ruin Seeburg , castle Hartershausen or Old wall called, is one as a cultural monument designated ruins of a moated castle in the district Hartershausen the city slit in central Hesse Vogelsbergkreis .

With the Vorderburg , Hinterburg with Hinterturm, Ottoburg , all of which were integrated into the city ​​wall and formed the medieval city ​​fortifications of Schlitz, with the Schachtenburg , the Hallenburg Castle just outside, and the now lost Castle Niederschlitz, there are seven castles in and around the city of Schlitz.

Geographical location

The Seeburg ruins are located about 1100 meters to the west and slightly above Hartershausen (229 to 261  m ) in the Hartershausen corridor . It stands on a hill in front of the Seeberg ( 324.2  m above sea  level ) at a height of around 255  m . One of the Seeberg , the location of mounds is, the Dörre Berg ( 405.9  m ), Erlesberg ( 387.3  m ), Singer Berg ( 494  m ), Wend Berg ( 379.9  m ) and the temple mount ( 385.2  m ) The existing wooded ridge, which begins almost 250 m west-southwest of the ruin and extends right up to the gates of the town of Schlitz , which is about 4.5 kilometers to the north , surrounds the ruin and Hartershausen in a wide arc in the shape of a sickle.

A stream coming from the Welzgrund flows around the ruins at a minimum of around 400 m to the northwest . At the "castle hill" itself rises on the eastern slope, about 450 m from the former castle site and halfway to the village, another source that was certainly important for the castle's drinking water supply. Other streams also arise south of the ruins - for example at Pfaffenborn . All of the streams mentioned flow into the Fulda, which flows directly east of Hartershausen .


Ruins of the castle from the open side

Seeburg Castle was probably built in the 12th century to protect the possessions of the Fulda Monastery . The influential family of the Lords von Schlitz , who were first mentioned in a document with Ermenoldus de Slitese in 1116 and who could be considered as builders of the castle , emerged from a ministerial family of the imperial abbey of Fulda . In addition to the Hartershausen settlement , the villages of Hemmen and Üllershausen in this valley are likely to have belonged to the castle district . The destruction of the castle in the 13th century is attributable to Bertho II von Leibolz .


From the former castle complex, the eastern half of the keep with the remains of a chimney on the inside have been preserved. Ramps and ditches were leveled. The ruin is designated as a cultural monument and rises as a landmark clearly visible above the village.

Individual evidence

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