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Chill on the beach

Chilling ( engl. : Cool , cool , American Slang also: calm down , relax , hang out , depend ) is an inherited from the English usage term.

It is mainly used in today's youth language for “relax” (“chill out!” Instead of “calm down!”) Or “hang out” (“let me chill!”).

Over time, various variations of the term "chill" developed, such as "chill", "chiller", "chilled" or "chillaui". "Chilling" has meanwhile become more general for activities that are mostly relaxing, passive and associated with enjoyment ("chilling, chilling and snacking on the sofa", "relaxing"; the term can also be found as a suitcase word "chillaxing". )

“Chüün” came in 3rd place in the selection for the Austrian youth word of the year 2013. In 2011, the song titles of two Upper Austrian music groups contributed to the spread of this spelling. There is also the spelling "Tschün".

Chill out

In many discos and especially in techno clubs there are so-called chill zones (also chill-out zones), in which exhausted dancers can relax, often accompanied by chill-out trance , ambient music, dub music, lounge -Music or calm minimal techno . Even at raves or in clubs there is a room where calm music is played. There you can take a break from hard techno . In chill-outs, fruit or special drinks are sometimes served to promote regeneration. The KLF group is said to have introduced the term “Chill Out” to the scene for the first time in 1990 with their sound collage album Chill Out . However, there is no verified origin.

In general, chill-out means letting an event or an evening come to a close.

Outside of the techno scene, the term chill-out became known in particular through the music program Chill Out Zone on MTV . In this context, it developed into a collective term for calm, atmospheric music between ambient , techno and electronica . Well-known artists in this genre are The Orb , Vargo , Thomas Lemmer , Blank & Jones , Ian Pooley , Moby and Gotan Project . The German Chill Out Charts appear monthly in Germany under the name DCOC in the categories single, album and compilations. DJs of the Chill Out Sound include José Padilla , DJ Ravin, Chris Coco , Raphaël Marionneau , DJ Jondal, DJ Nartak, Dom Paradise and Stéphane Pompougnac .


The Big Chill is the UK's premier alternative and chill out music festival. It has been held since 1994. The Big Chill is also the title of a film by Lawrence Kasdan . The word “chill” has a different meaning here. In Germany, the film was released under the title The Great Frustration . The record label Kontor Records annually releases a compilation with chill music (calm, relaxing music) under the title Sunset Chill .

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