Christian Siegmund von Horn

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Christian Siegmund von Horn (* 1714 in Prignitz ; † after 1776 in Salzwedel ) was a German major general and chief of the cuirassier regiment "von Seydlitz" (Magdeburgisches) No. 7 .

Live and act

Von Horn was the son of the Swedish captain Balzer Friedrich von Horn and his wife Dorothea Sophie von Ziethen . In 1730 he joined the Bayreuth Dragoon Regiment No. 5 in Bayreuth as a Junker . As early as 1732 he was promoted to sergeant and, meanwhile transferred to the body hussar corps No. 2 under Egidius Arend von Beneckendorff , promoted to cornet on April 28, 1733 . On December 17, 1735 he was transferred again and on October 17, 1739 appointed secondary lieutenant . As part of his next promotion to Rittmeister on August 3, 1742 , he joined Johann von Oppeln-Bronikowski's hussar regiment No. 1 as squadron chief . After a brief exemption from service in April 1744 on the occasion of his wedding, it was his task in 1744 and 1745 to take part in the Second Silesian War . After this mission, he was promoted to major on February 8, 1746, and two years later, on November 27, 1748, he was transferred to commander in the No. 2 Leibhusarenregiment under Hans Joachim von Zieten . Together with von Zieten he took part in the Seven Years' War , the third of the Silesian Wars (1756–1763), in the battles for Lobositz , Prague , Kolin and in the raids on Egeln, Roßbach , Leuthen and Kay . Christian Siegmund von Horn was awarded the order Pour le Mérite for outstanding military merits and exemplary bravery during these battles .

In the meantime he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and commander of the cuirassier regiment "von Seydlitz" (Magdeburgisches) No. 7 under Lieutenant General Georg Wilhelm von Driesen on July 19, 1757 and only a few months later on November 20, 1757 to colonel. On November 20, 1758 he was given the position of chief of this regiment and a few weeks later on January 17, 1759 he was promoted to major general. As a result of the multiple war strains, he fell seriously ill between 1759 and 1762 and had to go into medical care in Salzwedel. On March 4, 1762, he was released from military service for health reasons, but the pension he had requested was rejected on September 16, 1776. An unknown time later he died lonely and withdrawn.

Christian Siegmund von Horn comes from the Ranzin branch of the von Horn family , an old German noble family , and was married to Christiane von Schack with whom he had three children:

  • Friedrich († 1800), Landdrost in Mecklenburg-Strelitz ∞ Bernhardina von Plessen
  • Sigmund Stefan († October 1799) Prussian captain ∞ Frederice Eleonore von Plessen
  • Christian Leopold (* 1760; † March 29, 1833), Chamberlain in Mecklenburg-Schwerin ∞ Carolina Sörensen

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