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The house where Christian Trebinger was born in a drawing by Egon Moroder Rusina .

Christian Trebinger , also called Christian da Trebe (* around 1580 in St. Jakob (municipality of Ortisei in Val Gardena ); † before 1676 ), was the earliest documented sculptor in Val Gardena .


Born at Hof Trëbe , he moved to the Pescosta farm in Ortisei in 1605 and married “Margreta” da Scurcia. According to Nicolò Rasmo's stylistic study of Trebinger's work, his training in Brixen with Hans Reichle and Adam Baldauf .


Trebinger was first mentioned in a document when he was carving a crucifix for the parish church of St. Ulrich. In 1643 he created a cross for the church flag of Tagusens near Castelrotto and in 1646 the main altar of St. Christina in Val Gardena .

The Trebinger family of wood carvers

A son of Christian who was born in 1634, Valerio, no longer carried on his father's profession. The brothers Bartholomäus (Bartlme), Dominikus (Dominik) and Anton and his children mainly worked as frame carvers (frames, clock stands and consoles). Bartholomäus built the Junerei house in Ortisei for himself in 1662 . In 1668 Bartholomäus carved a crucifix for the Antonius Church in Ortisei. In 1679 Bartholomäus and his son Hans took part in the suit of the masters against the "botchers", which was heard in the Janes inn Janes in Ortisei by the Gufidauner court . Bartholomäus died in 1689, and his son Hans built the New Year's Eve altar in Canazei in the Fassa Valley as his successor . In 1652 Dominikus built the Ciancel house in Ortisei. Another student of a Trebinger, who was also one of the first sculptors in Val Gardena, was probably Jakob Runggaldier named in the national defense list of 1647. He also came from St. Jakob from the Runggaudie farm and settled in St. Ulrich at the Luca farm . A tabernacle made around 1648–50 in the St. Vigilius Church in Altenburg - Kaltern is documented by Jakob .

Some works from the Trebinger School can be viewed in the Val Gardena Museum in Ortisei. Sculpture in Val Gardena was continued in the 18th century by the Vinazer family of artists .


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