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Christof Stählin and his instrument, the Vihuela

Christof Stählin (born June 18, 1942 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber , † September 9, 2015 in Hechingen ) was a German writer , songwriter and cabaret artist .

Live and act

Christof Stählin 1975 at the Lenzburg Folk Festival (Switzerland)

Christof Stählin grew up in Middle Franconia and Munich. He studied comparative religious studies , ethnology and sociology in Marburg , Bonn and Tübingen . His instrumental teacher was Oscar Besemfelder .

From 1970 he went on tours with his own songs and lyrics. With the trumpet virtuoso Edward Tarr and the cellist and bassist Martin Bärenz , he founded the ensemble “Fanfare der Poesie”. The rediscovery of the songs of the "German Bellman ", Johann Christian Günther , goes back to their collaboration .

From 1979 to 1986, Stählin gave the periodical " Schöner haben" once or twice a year, at random. Newspaper for humor & mysticism . In 1989 he established the "Friedberger Academy for Poetry and Music - Sago ", now the "Mainz Academy for Poetry and Music".

Christof Stählin died at the age of 73 from complications from a brain tumor.


About Christof Stählin

"Among the really good cabaret artists, he is certainly the most stylish: Christof Stählin, whose name has become synonymous with noble, literarily sophisticated cabaret [...] Always at an elegant, sophisticated level and rhetorically brilliant, without garish tones, but with dazzling facets."

“Christof Stählin, the secret doyen of the Waldeck lieder 'makers', is a precise observer and word mason, sound poet and singer. [...] His last CDs herald a mature, relaxed late work. Some German waves have spilled by while Stählin's softly plucked, unobtrusive yet powerful songs continue to sound unmistakably. "

By Christof Stählin

“I want to entertain my audience in a way that is as loud as possible but also haunted. I try to draw the material for the pieces from the intermediate areas of life, from the cracks: daydreams, shadows, foam, small hand movements. My attention moves where the most private is common to all, where the trivial turns into the mysterious. I look for society where it takes place in each individual, politics where it has a common root with supposedly non-political areas of life. Karl Valentin is my role model in questioning the self-evident, because the self-evident is the most sensitive side of any society [...] I want my listener to feel how close to him the border to the unexplored lies, even through himself goes through. The point is to overturn some things that are so firmly established with us: that fantasy is not precise, that dreams are not concrete, that thinking is not sensual, that poetry and a critical view of the world do not belong together. "

“And if I am not to be found, / then don't look for me in the north, because then I stand / as a cypress, as a cypress, as a cypress, / on a mountain beyond all passes, / together with others in the grove, / then let me be with cypress trees. "

Cabaret programs

  • Snow air in the greenhouse
  • Nobody likes the Federal Republic?
  • Sire, it's time
  • Barbarians
  • The art of condescension
  • Miss Meier: Poison and goodness ...
  • In the gorges of everyday life
  • Giacomo Casanova
  • Germany. We ask for your understanding.
  • Miracle points



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Sound carrier

  • My sinecure - four chansons . EP around 1967
  • Private songs . LP 1974
  • Songs for others . LP 1976
  • Fanfare of poetry: Johann Christian Günther, songs (1st part) . LP 1977 (1st and 2nd part as CD 2014)
  • Fanfare of Poetry: The Unicorn . LP 1978
  • Fanfare of poetry: Johann Christian Günther, songs (2nd part) . LP 1979 (see above 1st part)
  • Cross-section songs 1968–1979 . LP 1980
  • Fanfare of poetry: fire, water, air and earth . LP 1981
  • How life tastes . LP 1982
  • Snow air in the greenhouse . LP 1983
  • Nobody likes the Federal Republic? LP 1984
  • Secret hymns . LP 1986
  • Sire, it's time . LP 1989
  • Promenade . CD 1990
  • On a different sheet . CD 1997
  • Quiet man . CD 2006
  • Of my own free will . CD 2011
  • Miss Meier - poison and goodness of an old Swabian woman . CD 2013


  • Imke Sönnichsen / Elizabeth Liddle: Mama, how big is the sky? Translated from the English by Christof Stählin. Gabriel, Stuttgart / Vienna 2003, ISBN 3-522-30032-7
  • Imke Sönnichsen / Elizabeth Liddle: That's so unfair! Translated from the English by Christof Stählin. Gabriel, Stuttgart / Vienna 2009, ISBN 978-3-522-30133-6
  • Imke Sönnichsen / Elizabeth Liddle: Sometimes I'm the best and sometimes you! Translated from the English by Christof Stählin. Gabriel, Stuttgart / Vienna 2009, ISBN 978-3-522-30211-1


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