Cissus-leaved maple

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Cissus-leaved maple
Cissus-leaved maple (Acer cissifolium)

Cissus-leaved maple ( Acer cissifolium )

Eurosiden II
Order : Sapindales (Sapindales)
Family : Soap tree family (Sapindaceae)
Subfamily : Horse chestnut family (Hippocastanoideae)
Genre : Maples ( Acer )
Type : Cissus-leaved maple
Scientific name
Acer cissifolium
( Siebold & Zucc. ) K. Koch

The Cissusblättrige maple ( Acer cissifolium ), also Virgin maple, is a kind of the genus of maple ( Acer ). These are in today family of the soap tree plants provided (Sapindaceae), but were formerly their own family maple plants (Aceraceae). It grows as a deciduous tree and is native to Japan, in Japanese this maple is called Mitsude-kaede ( Japanese. 三 手 楓 , English: "three-handed maple").


The cissus-leaved maple is a small tree or large shrub that can grow up to ten meters, in exceptional cases up to 20 meters. The treetop is round and wide with dense horizontal branches. The shoots are olive green, reddish on the sun, and initially hairy, later glabrous. The bark of older twigs is gray and stays smooth for a long time, but becomes rough on the branches and trunk over the years.

The leaves are reminiscent of some species of the genus Cissus from the vine family (Vitaceae). They are threefold with clearly stalked leaflets . These are obovate , pointed, sharp, coarsely serrated , ciliate, light green on top and bare. The middle leaflet reaches a length of five to ten centimeters on a one to two centimeter long stalk, the lateral leaflets are slightly smaller. The petiole is wire-like thin and three to ten centimeters long. The autumn color is orange to scarlet red, with the leaves on the outside of the crown turning earlier than those on the inside.

The tree is dioecious . The flowers appear only after the leaves. They are small, yellow-green, in five to ten long, upright or arched, hairy racemes that contain 20 to 50 flowers. The single flower consists of four sepals and four petals . Male flowers contain four, rarely five stamens , the gynoeceum is completely absent. Likewise, no rudiments of the stamens are visible in female flowers.

The fruits are split fruits with bright red wings at an acute angle to each other, the tips of which are strongly curved inwards. A winged seed measures about 2.5 to three centimeters.


The home of the cissus-leaved maple is Japan . It occurs there in the southern part of Hokkaidō , on Honshū , Kyushu and Shikoku . It grows there in deciduous deciduous forests, on Honshū at altitudes of 200 to 1300 meters.

In Central Europe it is seldom planted and can almost only be found in botanical gardens and collections.


Originally the kind is called Negundo cissifolium sieve. & Zucc. has been described. Within the genus of the maples ( Acer ), the species is classified in the section Negundo and the Cissifolia series.


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