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Claudia Erdheim, Warsaw 2016.

Claudia Erdheim (born October 6, 1945 in Vienna ) is an Austrian writer .


Claudia Erdheim is the daughter of the psychoanalyst Tea Genner-Erdheim and the politician Laurenz Genner . She completed a degree in philosophy at the universities of Vienna , Munich and Kiel and earned her doctorate in philosophy on a topic from type logic in 1985. After teaching positions at the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg, she worked from 1984 to 2005 as a university lecturer for logic at the Institute for Philosophy in Vienna, where she lives as a freelance writer .

Claudia Erdheim is a member of the IG Authors Authors , the associated Graz Authors Authors' Assembly and the Literature Association Podium .


Claudia Erdheim is best known as a writer of narrative texts; she also wrote radio plays and plays. In her novels, she first addresses the problematic relationship with her mother and personal therapy experiences. Later works depict excerpts from contemporary Austrian society. Most of Erdheim's works can be regarded as key literature and are characterized by a style that is partly soberly descriptive, but partly also interspersed with irony . Erdheim regularly participates in projects on Galician Jews and has published several essays on this subject.


The Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Sports awarded her its first prize in 1984. Other prizes followed, including the City of Vienna Prize in 1987 and the Theodor Körner Prize in 1998 . Claudia Erdheim has also received numerous scholarships since 1993 .


  • Have you gone mad Vienna 1984
    • Russian translation: Ты что, с ума сошла? Moscow 1999
  • Broken heart . Vienna 1985
    • Russian transl . : Изломы Сердца . Lviv 2003
  • Anyway, at most half . Vienna 1987
  • The owner of the property . Vienna 1993
  • Karli's vacation . Vienna 1994
  • Men please ring the doorbell . Vienna 1995
  • Such a lovely love . Vienna 1995
  • Virve . Vienna 1998
  • Impressions . Vienna 1999
  • Everything was better in the past . Vienna 2000
  • Lviv - Lwów - Lviv 1880–1919. Album. Vienna 2003
  • No longer kosher. A family story. Novel. Czernin Verlag , Vienna 2006 ISBN 3-707602-087
  • The Stetl . Galicia and Bukovina 1890–1918. Album Verlag, Vienna 2008
  • Twelve women and one man. Travel stories. Löcker Verlag, 2010 ISBN 978-3-85409-562-0
  • Betty, Ida and the Countess. The story of a friendship. Czernin, 2013 ISBN 978-3-7076-0464-1
  • In the Jewish city. Czernin, 2015 ISBN 978-3-7076-0547-1
  • with Ruth Steindling: Vilma Steindling. A Jewish communist in the resistance . Amalthea , 2017 ISBN 978-3-99050-067-5


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