Cockneys vs Zombies

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German title Cockneys vs Zombies
Original title Cockneys vs Zombies
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2012
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Matthias Hoene
script James Moran
production Matthias Hoene
Mark Lanen
James Harris
music Jody Jenkins
camera Daniel Bronks
cut Neil Farrell
John Palmer

Cockneys vs Zombies is a British splatter film - comedy from director Matthias Hoene from the year 2012 .


Brothers Terry and Andy plan a robbery of a London bank to keep their grandfather's home from closing. Her cousins ​​Katy, Davey and the psychopathic Mickey are also there.

Meanwhile, two construction workers come across a burial chamber on a large construction site in the East End, which they explore on their own. They are promptly bitten by two badly decomposed zombies and transform - the beginning of a zombie epidemic .

Terry, Andy and Co didn’t notice any of this and attacked the bank. They are prevented from escaping by police officers who have rushed over. Mickey shoots wildly and the five bank robbers hide in the bank again to discuss how to proceed. Mickey takes the lead and takes two hostages to force an escape. But when they leave the bank again, they find a great bloodbath in which almost all people have turned into zombies. However, together with the hostages and the money, they manage to escape.

The zombies have now also reached the old people's home where Grandpa Ray lives. The pensioners can hide in the old people's home.

Meanwhile, the brothers and their cousin have other problems. Mickey wants to flee with the hostages, but is about to turn into a zombie after being bitten. Katie intervenes and saves one of the hostages. The hostage Emma joins the brothers and Katie. They flee together, not without first making ample use of Mickey's weapons container in order to rush to the aid of Grandfather Ray and his friends. With a double-decker bus and a boat, everyone finally manages to escape from the East End.



"Bloody zombie comedy with drastic effects, but also with lots of puns, dry humor and almost absurd slapstick."

“Rabid and above all rabidly funny British zombie comedy by the German Matthias Hoene, in which the bloody splatter of Peter Jackson combines with the cynical London cockney humor to create fast-paced fun. The comic pulp ripper also comes up with old British stars, including Alan Ford ("Snatch") and Bond girl Honor Blackman. All-round splatter fun with enough good guys, ideas and quotes to keep everyone from splatterkids to cineastes happy. "


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