Crescendo (2019)

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Original title crescendo
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2019
length 112 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Dror Zahavi
script Stephen Glantz ,
Johannes Rotter , Dror Zahavi
production Alice Brauner
music Martin Stock
camera Gero Steffen
cut Fritz Busse

Crescendo is a film directed by Dror Zahavi from the year 2019 . The premiere was in July 2019 at the Munich Film Festival .


A charity organization is planning a concert that the German star conductor Eduard Sporck will perform with young Israeli and Palestinian musicians as part of a Middle East peace conference in South Tyrol. Sporck finds it difficult to unite the different views, requirements and interests of the musicians; In the end, the project fails due to an external act of violence.


The German Film and Media Assessment (FBW) justifies its rating "particularly valuable" as follows:

“The majority saw the courageous film with great respect. In her opinion, the escalation of the positions makes him interesting for an audience that is not familiar with all the details of the conflict. The film clearly represents a humanistic perspective that considers reconciliation possible by learning to perceive each other as human beings by working together on the music. This is a message that applies universally and can also be transferred to other conflicts, such as dealing with refugees. The conflict is so diverse that it has to be reduced and not all details can be dealt with. This was achieved very well with a clear and coherent script that goes a long way, but has many important details and strong identifiers. "

- FBW press release

The Jüdische Allgemeine attests to the film's realism and tension. Only the scenes in which Jewish and Muslim musicians share their experiences are not very convincing.

The film service judges: “Inspired by the success of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra , founded by Daniel Barenboim in 1999 , the drama aims to tell the story of overcoming resentment through the power of music, but ultimately disappoints. The conflicts and contradictions are developed too schematically, the figures are overdrawn or overloaded with meaning. "

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