D major

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D major
Chord symbol (s) : D.
Parallel Tone : B minor
Dominant : A major
Subdominant : G major
Scale : d - e - fis ^ g - a - h - cis ^ d

D-Dur is a key of the musical scale major based on the root note d is built. The key of D major is written with two sharps (f sharp, c sharp) in musical notation . The corresponding scale and the basic chord of this key (the tonic d-f sharp-a) are also designated by the term D major.

Accident D major C.D.E.F.GA.HC.D.E.F.GA.HKey4border.png

D major is considered the most festive of the keys. This has to do with the fact that in the times of baroque music the baroque trumpets that were played on festive occasions were mostly tuned in D. Johann Mattheson , a contemporary of Bach, describes in his music-theoretical work "The newly opened Orchester" in D major as "the most comfortable for making noise, funny, bellicose and encouraging things."

In addition, D major is the most common key in Irish folklore as the Irish traditional wind instruments (e.g. the uilleann pipes ) are tuned in D. This key can also be played quite easily on the violin.

Classification of the key

Keys and their accidentals
Sign : 7 + fes
C-flat-major a-flat-minor.svg
6 + ces
G-flat-major e-flat-minor.svg
5 + total
D-flat-major b-flat-minor.svg
4 + des
A-flat-major f-minor.svg
3 + as
E-flat-major c-minor.svg
2 + es
B-flat-major g-minor.svg
1 b
F-major d-minor.svg
0 /
C-major a-minor.svg
1 f sharp
G-major e-minor.svg
2 + c sharp
D-major h-minor.svg
3 + g sharp
A-major f-sharp-minor.svg
4 + dis
E-major c-sharp-minor.svg
5 + ais
B-major g-sharp-minor.svg
6 + ice
F-sharp-major d-sharp-minor.svg
7 + his
C-sharp-major a-sharp-minor.svg
Major keys: Ces Ges Of As It B. F. C. G D. A. E. H F sharp Cis
Minor keys: as it b f c G d a e H f sharp cis g sharp dis ais

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Individual evidence

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