B minor

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B minor
Chord symbol (s) : h, Hm, (English :) b, Bm
Parallel Tone : D.
Dominant : F sharp major / F sharp minor
Subdominant : E minor
Natural minor scale : h - cis ^ d - e - fis ^ g - a - h
Harmonic minor scale: h - cis ^ d - e - fis ^ g - ais ^ h
Melodic minor scale: h - cis ^ d - e - fis - gis - ais ^ h

h - a - g ^ fis - e - d ^ cis - h

B minor is a key of the musical scale minor based on the fundamental building h. The key of B minor is written with two sharps (f sharp, c sharp) in musical notation . The corresponding scale and the basic chord of this key (the tonic hd-f sharp) are also referred to by the term B minor.

In English , the key is called b minor , which is why it is often given the chord symbol b or Bm in light music (see also tone names in other languages ).

Accident B minor C.D.E.F.GA.HC.D.E.F.GA.HKey4border.png

Many composers of the Baroque period and later (such as Beethoven and Schubert) associated this key with darkness and death; but also see the article Key Character Character . The B minor Mass by JS Bach is named after this key, which Bach's contemporary Johann Mattheson describes as "bizarre, uncomfortable and melancholy". Beethoven is said to have called it the “black key” (he was working on a B minor symphony). The tone h also often stands for death (Schubert: “ Die Schöne Müllerin ”, “ Winterreise ”).

Classification of the key

Keys and their accidentals
Sign : 7 + fes
C-flat-major a-flat-minor.svg
6 + ces
G-flat-major e-flat-minor.svg
5 + total
D-flat-major b-flat-minor.svg
4 + des
A-flat-major f-minor.svg
3 + as
E-flat-major c-minor.svg
2 + es
B-flat-major g-minor.svg
1 b
F-major d-minor.svg
0 /
C-major a-minor.svg
1 f sharp
G-major e-minor.svg
2 + c sharp
D-major h-minor.svg
3 + g sharp
A-major f-sharp-minor.svg
4 + dis
E-major c-sharp-minor.svg
5 + ais
B-major g-sharp-minor.svg
6 + ice
F-sharp-major d-sharp-minor.svg
7 + his
C-sharp-major a-sharp-minor.svg
Major keys: Ces Ges Of As It B. F. C. G D. A. E. H F sharp Cis
Minor keys: as it b f c G d a e H f sharp cis g sharp dis ais

Individual evidence

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