C major

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C major
Chord symbol (s) : C.
Parallel Tone : A minor
Dominant : G major
Subdominant : F major
Scale : c - d - e ^ f - g - a - h ^ c

C major is a key of the musical scale major based on the fundamental building c. The key of C major is in the notation without sign posted. The corresponding scale and the basic chord of this key (the tonic ceg) are also denoted by the term C major.

Accident in C major C.D.E.F.GA.HC.D.E.F.GA.HKey4border.png

C major is often described as bright, clear, festive, or the key of "simplicity", albeit less glossy than the sharp keys . Compare the article Key Character .

Since there are no accidentals to be observed, there are, for example, a particularly large number of easy pieces for beginners in C major - the same applies to the parallel key A minor. In most of the harmony textbooks, C major / A minor is used as the starting point and heavier keys are introduced later (usually via a progression based on the circle of fifths). One of the few harmony teachings that deviates from this methodology is Frank Sikora's “New Jazz Harmony Teaching” .

C major is the simplest scale on keyboard instruments, but less easy to implement on transposing wind instruments. For example, on a trumpet or clarinet in Bb, the B flat major scale is much easier to play.

The title of the piece In C by Terry Riley refers to the key of C major.


Keys and their accidentals
Sign : 7 + fes
C-flat-major a-flat-minor.svg
6 + ces
G-flat-major e-flat-minor.svg
5 + total
D-flat-major b-flat-minor.svg
4 + des
A-flat-major f-minor.svg
3 + as
E-flat-major c-minor.svg
2 + es
B-flat-major g-minor.svg
1 b
F-major d-minor.svg
0 /
C-major a-minor.svg
1 f sharp
G-major e-minor.svg
2 + c sharp
D-major h-minor.svg
3 + g sharp
A-major f-sharp-minor.svg
4 + dis
E-major c-sharp-minor.svg
5 + ais
B-major g-sharp-minor.svg
6 + ice
F-sharp-major d-sharp-minor.svg
7 + his
C-sharp-major a-sharp-minor.svg
Major keys: Ces Ges Of As It B. F. C. G D. A. E. H F sharp Cis
Minor keys: as it b f c G d a e H f sharp cis g sharp dis ais
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