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Daniel von Plessen (born January 3, 1606 in Hoikendorf ; † March 8, 1672 ) was a German administrative officer and district administrator of Mecklenburg . He came from the originally noble Mecklenburg-Holstein noble family von Plessen ; his parents were the landlord zu Hoikendorf cp and Parin cp, Valentin von Plessen and his wife Abel, the daughter of the landlord Jaspar von Oertzen zu Roggow and his wife Margarethe nee. from Pogwisch .


Plessen enrolled at the University of Rostock in 1616 , later studied in Leiden , Groningen and Oxford and began the last part of his studies on October 21, 1624 at the University of Groningen . He spent almost all of the year 1629 in France on the occasion of his Grand Tour . He lived in Hoikendorf until 1635, in Bössow and Manderow until 1641 and had a house in Wismar.

In 1633 he was appointed captain in a Mecklenburg regiment under the leadership of Fritz von Ihlenfeld. After the Peace of Prague in 1635, under Duke Adolf Friedrich I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin , Plessen became the Mecklenburg councilor and bailiff of the Schwerin office.

A year later, Plessen accompanied Prince Ludwig I of Anhalt-Köthen on his north German trip , which he undertook to regulate the Holstein-Schaumburg rule. At the end of 1636, Prince Ludwig accepted Plessen into the Fruitful Society at the request of both parties . Daniel von Plessen is recorded in the Köthener society book of the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft under the number 297 with his company name der Reine . As an emblem he was given the Irish wood in timbered vaults , whose motto was Von Spinn und Würmen . His skill and splendid eloquence were praised.

In 1641 Plessen was appointed court master to Prince Christian Louis; three years later, Plessen quit this job while on a trip abroad. In 1650 he was appointed to the Mecklenburg District Administrator. From 1653 to 1659 he was provisional in the Dobbertin monastery .

After the death of the Dobbertiner monastery captain Churdt von Behr on June 29, 1659, Domina Anna Sophia von Scharffenberg asked Dukes Christian and Gustav Adolf to appoint District Administrator Daniel von Plessen as monastery governor due to the late election due to the harvest . However, on July 20, 1659, Christoph Friedrich was elected by Jasmund from Cammin zu Stargard to be the monastery captain.


Daniel von Plessen married on January 20, 1635 on his estate in Hoikendorf Dorothea Eleonore von Blumenthal , the daughter of the electoral councilor Christoph von Blumenthal auf Pröttelin and Dübow and his wife Dorothea, née. by Hake . The marriage had fourteen children.


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