Demyan Korottschenko

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Demyan Korotchenko Signature 1954.png
Cyrillic ( Ukrainian )
Дем'ян Сергійович Коротченко
Transl. : Demjan Serhijovyč Korotčenko
Transcr. : Demjan Serhijowytsch Korottschenko
Cyrillic ( Russian )
Демьян Сергеевич Коротченко
Transl .: Dem'jan Sergeevič Korotčenko
Transcr .: Demjan Sergejewitsch Korottschenko

Demjan Serhijowytsch Korottschenko (born October 29 / November 10, 1894 in Pohrebky , Sumy Oblast , Ukraine , † April 7, 1969 in Kiev ) was a Ukrainian- Soviet politician.

Korottschenko was in the Russian army from 1915 to 1918 and a member of the Communist Party since 1918 . From December 26, 1947 to January 15, 1954 he was chairman of the Council of People's Commissars (head of government) of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and from January 18, 1954 until his death he was chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR and succeeded Mychajlo Hretschucha Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. He died in Kiev and was buried there in the Baikowe cemetery .


Korottschenko received the following medals and titles:

1939: Lenin Order for Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture 1945: Order of the Patriotic War, First Class for the successful implementation of the plan for grain procurement in 1944 1964: Hero of Socialist Labor , Lenin Order and the Suvorov Order 1st Class and five more times the Order of Lenin


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