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The term Depro-Punk or Dark-Punk (more rarely called Depri-Punk or Doom-Punk ) describes a musical peculiarity of German-speaking punk . The term depro-punk appeared for the first time in the German-speaking punk and post-punk scene in the early 1980s and was used in the German fanzine scene in 1982 in connection with a review of a music cassette by the Swiss group Mittageisen . The term is still used today for bands that musically move between hardcore / punk, post-punk and dark wave . According to the post-punk fanzine Interzone , Darkpunk was "originally the term that was used here in Germany [for groups like TSOL ] before the word 'Gothic' came up", while the writer knows Depro-Punk "only in connection with bands like ' Killing Joke 'and' Death in Dresden '”.

The term "Depro-Punk" was also used abroad as a special term for the dark, post-punk style of groups such as EA80 and Flieende Stürme . B. used by the American Deathrock Magazine in the late 1990s as a name for the group Death in Dresden. In Scandinavia, the Swedish band Junk or Silent Minute first used the term for their music style in the 1980s.


Depro-Punk shows similarities to English Gothic Punk and American Death-Rock , but differs through the influences of Hardcore and a mostly more political orientation; In addition to topics of everyday life and feelings such as grief, hatred and depression, socially critical content is also dealt with, whereby life and the world are mostly portrayed negatively or experienced as surreal. The language of the texts, which is between brutal everyday poetry and a metaphor-shaped, often pictorial language, is characteristic. Andrewkorsch from Nonpop -Webzine describes him as a third form of punk next to the attitude "in the minds of a perhaps not so very young youth, the pig system was the system and is hostile and with raised fists facing", and that “Makes fun of the system and those who support it”, as “that is to say: punk who over the years has become aware of his hopeless position, the feeling of a system-related narrowness, ie that of a prison , from which he cannot free himself “. Bands like EA80 and Flieende Stürme in particular have taken on this feeling "and given it a voice".

Musically, the sound, which is characterized by experimental post-punk and dark-wave influences, is determined by wobbling guitar walls, monotonous bass lines and drum rhythms, the change between fast and aggressive as well as very calm and slow passages. Sometimes unusual instruments such as synthesizers , violins , piano or saxophone are also used in punk . Elaborately designed covers with surrealistic motifs are characteristic of the groups assigned to this style.

Sometimes groups that had a great influence on depro-punk bands, such as Joy Division , Killing Joke, Crisis , Blood and Roses or Wipers , are assigned to this.

Well-known compilations of German dark or depro-punk bands are the sampler stories from the meantime and machine trauma published on Sturmhöhe Records, the label of Chaos- Z- / Fliehende-Stürme singer Andreas Löhr .

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