The Baron (TV series)

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Television series
German title The baron
Original title The baron
Country of production United Kingdom
Year (s) 1965-1966
length 60 minutes
Episodes 30 in 1 season
genre Crime series
idea John Creasey
production Monty Berman
music Edwin Astley
First broadcast September 28, 1966 (UK)
first broadcast
November 25, 1966 on ARD

The Baron is a British crime series produced between 1965 and 1966 based on the series of novels by John Creasey .


The American art dealer John Mannering, known as "The Baron" because of his always correct and polite demeanor and who runs antique shops in various countries, works undercover for the British secret service . Through his contact, Templeton-Green, he is assigned to cases involving valuable works of art. At Mannering's side are initially his assistant David Marlowe, later his secretary Cordelia Winfield.


The Baron was the first television series shot entirely in color by the British production company ITC Entertainment , which also produced Simon Templar , number 6 and Die 2 .

In the literature, John Mannering is a married British man. In order to better market the series in the United States , however, Steve Forrest was cast as an American in the lead role, and he was also portrayed as a bachelor. His criminal past as a jewel thief mentioned in the original was also omitted from the TV series.

For the broadcast in the USA, synchronization was carried out in some scenes . British terms were exchanged for American ones, for example petrol (petrol) in the US version became gas . Although the series was popular in its home market, it was discontinued after the first season due to a lack of response in the United States.

In Germany, the first seven episodes were only broadcast in black and white before color television was introduced . In the mid-1980s, Sat.1 and RTL Television each broadcast a few episodes of the series. It was last broadcast by ProSieben in April 1992 , but only two episodes were shown.

In the GDR the series was broadcast in 1969 with its own synchronization. There is some confusion about the title in the GDR. While some sources claim that it ran under the title John Mannering , it is also listed in the GDR's 1969 film bibliographical yearbook as Der Baron, and in the television magazine FF the series has no title at all, but the episodes are listed as separate titles.


The synchronous work was done by Bavaria Atelier GmbH based on a dialogue book by MZ Thomas and the dialogue direction by Hans Jürgens .

role actor Voice actor
John Mannering Steve Forrest Claus Biederstaedt
Cordelia Winfield Sue Lloyd Rose-Marie Kirstein

DVD release

The series was released on DVD in the UK, Australia and the US . In Germany , three episodes cut to the length of a feature film are available on DVD: Adventure in Rome , The Corelli Sword , and A Daring Game .

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