The Prince of Pennsylvania

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German title The Prince of Pennsylvania
Original title The Prince of Pennsylvania
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1988
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Ron Nyswaner
script Ron Nyswaner
production Joan Fishman , Sara Risher , Robert Shaye
music Thomas Newman
camera Frank Prinzi
cut William S. Sharp

The Prince of Pennsylvania ( The Prince of Pennsylvania ) is an American film comedy by Ron Nyswaner from the year 1988 .


Rupert Marshetta, a teenager, lives in a small mining town in Pennsylvania . He is unhappy because his family is broken. His father Gary wants Rupert to work in the mining industry like himself. His mother Pam expects Rupert to pursue a more ambitious goal.

Rupert learns that Pam is cheating on his father and his boyfriend. He kidnaps Gary, with his girlfriend Carla Headlee helping him so he can move away with the ransom. However, Pam refuses to pay. Rupert and Gary get to know and understand each other better during the kidnapping.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times of October 28, 1988 that the film was of a type that has become common in recent years: it forces realistic characters into an absurd plot and expects the audience to accept the plot because the characters are believable be. If the characters were as smart as they seem, they would have recognized their lives as “ manipulated fiction ”. Ebert went on to write that when he sees a three-dimensional character in such an " obviously artificial and silly " film, he wonders why the character doesn't tell the scriptwriter to put the script where the rays of the sun wouldn't get. (" When I see a convincing, three-dimensional human being doing something in a movie that is obviously artificial and silly, I wonder why he doesn't simply tell the screenwriter to shove his screenplay where the sun don't shine. ") The critic continued to criticize the lack of logic, using phrases such as “ brainless ” and comparing the film to an “ artificial sitcom ”.

The lexicon of international films wrote that the film did not resolve the conflict between the father and the son convincingly dramaturgically. He likes " because of his authentic description of the milieu, the sensitive playing of Keanu Reeves and some concise supporting roles ".

Cinema magazine wrote that the film, described as a tragic comedy, was " a quirky black comedy with a number of noteworthy individual scenes, which unfortunately don't mesh well ."


Ron Nyswaner was nominated for the Deauville Film Festival Critics' Award in 1988 . Bonnie Bedelia, Amy Madigan for Best Female Supporting Actress and Ron Nyswaner, Joan Fishman and Kerry Orent for Best Debut were nominated for the Independent Spirit Award in 1989.


The film was in Houston ( Pennsylvania ), Mars , Slovan and Zelienople in Butler rotated. It had its world premiere on September 11, 1988 at the Toronto International Film Festival .

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