Deutsche Bank Foundation

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Deutsche Bank Foundation
legal form Foundation under civil law
founding 2005
founder Deutsche Bank AG
Seat Berlin
Office Frankfurt am Main
Chair Jürgen Fitschen (Chairman), Michael Münch (Deputy Chairman), Christof von Dryander, Claudia Schmidt-Matthiesen
Managing directors Kristina Hasenpflug
sales 13,648,000 euros (2019)
Foundation capital 140,328,000 euros (2018)

The Deutsche Bank Foundation is a foundation under civil law. It finances projects in the areas of culture, promotion of excellence, integration, equal opportunities and supports initiatives in global disaster prevention. The foundation supports sustainable projects in Germany that work at the interfaces of the funding areas and combine social, cultural and educational aspects.


The Deutsche Bank Foundation was established on January 1, 2005 as a foundation under civil law . The foundation's statutory grants in 2019 amounted to 3.598 million euros. The Deutsche Bank Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations. It is a member of the Federal Association of German Foundations . Since 2017, the former is German bank -Vorstand Juergen Fitschen , the CEO of German Bank Foundation.


The Deutsche Bank Foundation emerged in 2005 from the merger of the “Deutsche Bank Foundation Alfred Herrhausen Help for Self-Help” and the “Deutsche Bank Culture Foundation”. With the merger of the two foundations, the commitment in the social and cultural area was to be bundled. In 1986 the foundation "Help for Self-Help" was established with endowment assets of 100 million DM. The initiative came from the then CEO of Deutsche Bank Alfred Herrhausen . For the first time, Deutsche Bank has institutionalized its social commitment. After Alfred Herrhausen's murder in 1989, the foundation was named after him. In 1995, the Deutsche Bank established the “Deutsche Bank Culture Foundation” on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the bank. This started work in February 1995 with a foundation capital of 100 million DM.


With its activities, the Deutsche Bank Foundation aims to develop and strengthen potential, especially young people. She initiates and supports projects that open up new spaces of experience. In the area of ​​promoting excellence, it also encourages young artists in particular to dare to try new things and develop professional skills. Many projects contribute to integration and strengthen equal opportunities for the disadvantaged. Last but not least, the foundation promotes the diverse culture in Germany. It is committed to disaster prevention with strong partners around the world.


Since 2014, the Deutsche Bank Foundation has been the main sponsor of the German Book Prize and organizes readings itself. The idea of ​​the German Book Prize is to inspire people for literature, for the medium of books and reading, and to stimulate discussion about contemporary literature. Awarded for the first time in 2005, the award has meanwhile developed into a popular prize for contemporary German-language literature. The “novel of the year” is awarded every year at the beginning of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Prize winners include Saša Stanišić (2019), Inger-Maria Mahlke (2018), Robert Menasse (2017) and Bodo Kirchhoff (2016).

Promotion of excellence

In the operational foundation project “Akademie Musiktheater heute” young international talent from the fields of stage and costume design, conducting, dramaturgy, composition, cultural management, libretto / text and direction come together and discuss questions about the future of music theater. The special thing about the funding program is the exchange and networking between all seven areas of music theater. The academy was founded in 2001. Every year 15 new international talents are accepted. The two-year scholarship program includes workshops and visits to selected productions at German and European opera houses and festivals. Former scholarship holders include Vera Nemirova , Hannah Dübgen , Cornelius Meister , Vito Žuraj , Torsten Herrmann .

Equity of opportunity

The “Study Compass” project was launched in 2007 on the initiative of the German Business Foundation , the Accenture Foundation and the Deutsche Bank Foundation. The educational initiative offers young people from non-academic families individual support and encourages them to study. During the three-year support, the participants are accompanied on their way from school to university. The program includes workshops on study planning and career orientation.


Since 2016, the foundation "KIWI - Children and Young People Welcome" from CARE Deutschland eV has supported teachers in their work with refugees. Educators receive practice-oriented teaching material and extensive training opportunities. This includes workshops or on-site support.

Disaster prevention

For many years, the foundation has been involved with partner organizations in worldwide disaster relief in order to quickly help people in acute emergency situations. However, many regions are exposed to recurring natural disasters due to geological and climatic processes . In order to support the population in these regions in protecting themselves against the effects of such crisis situations in the long term and in securing their livelihoods in a more sustainable manner, the Deutsche Bank Foundation is increasingly committed to disaster prevention. In the pilot project “Forecast-based Financing” of the German Red Cross eV , a precautionary mechanism based on meteorological forecasts is being established in Central Asia .

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