We'll get you too!

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German title We'll get you too!
Original title Disturbing Behavior
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 82 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director David Nutter
script Scott Rosenberg
production Armyan Bernstein
Jonathan Shestack
music Mark Snow
camera John S. Bartley
cut Randy Jon Morgan

We'll get you too! is an American horror - thriller from the year 1998 . The film opened in German cinemas on May 27, 1999.


After his brother's suicide, Steve Clark and his family move to Cradle Bay Island. At the local high school there is the Blue Ribbons clique , which consists of seemingly perfect model students. Steve befriends the outsider Gavin. He tells him absurd stories about the group, which Steve initially does not believe. After some strange incidents, he and Gavin begin to investigate. Both overhear a meeting of parents and the school doctor Caldicott. There it is decided that Gavin Strick should become a member of the Blue Ribbons . The next day, Gavin is totally different and is involved with the clique. Steve decides to get to the bottom of the matter and investigates together with Rachel Wagner in the direction of Dr. Caldicott.

In a mental hospital, where Caldicott's daughter is also staying, they find out that the doctor is experimenting with brainwashing. They also learn that people who have been brainwashed are prone to violent outbursts when they are sexually aroused. They learn from the school's caretaker, Newberry, that the people affected react with pain to certain frequencies. In addition, some of the police are already involved.

Back home, Steve is told by his sister that he has also been proposed for the Doctor's program . They try to escape, but the Blue Ribbons are waiting for them and they are kidnapped in Caldicott's laboratory for brainwashing. Rachel and Steve manage to escape from the laboratory, but before they reach the rescue ferry, the assembled Blue Ribbons and Dr. Caldicott stopped. But before another capture, Newberry drives the doctor with his pickup truck , which has a large loudspeaker system on the loading area that is set to the special pain frequency. Driven by pain, the Blue Ribbons try to climb onto the car and destroy it. Newberry sacrifices himself by throwing himself down the cliff and dragging the gang with him. Finally there is a fight between Steve and Dr. Caldicott, who ends with the doctor falling off the rocks. After these events Rachel and Steve leave the island together with the ferry.

At the end there is a cliffhanger : Gavin is still alive and works as a teacher at another school. He's still obsessed.


The lexicon of international films said the film was clearly lacking in tension and irony .


Katie Holmes won an MTV Movie Award and was nominated for the Saturn Awards .

Further information

  • Filming took place from January to March 1998 in Port Coquitlam and Vancouver .
  • The US release date was July 24, 1998. In Germany, the film opened in cinemas on May 24, 1999.
  • The production cost was around $ 15 million. At the box office, the film grossed approximately $ 18 million.

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