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The Tuesday is (obsolete: by counting German DIN 1355 ) and according to the international count ( ISO 8601 the second) day of week ; the third according to Jewish, Christian and Islamic counting.


The name “Tuesday”, Middle Low German dingesdach , goes back to the Nordic-Germanic god Tyr , Protector of Things , who was given the Latinized name Mars Thingsus , and is a loan transfer from Latin Dies Martis “Day of Mars” . The word has spread from the Lower Rhine in the German-speaking area and displaced the original form Ziestag . This is only preserved in the Alemannic Zischtig / Zischdi and comes from the Old High German ziestag / ziostag ("day of Ziu") from the same god Tyr in the Old High German spelling Ziu . This spelling in turn corresponds to the English Tuesday ( Old English tiw "Ziu", hence tiwesdæg "Tuesday").

The North Germanic variant Tyr appears, for example, in Danish tirsdag and Norwegian tirsdag / tysdag (in Bokmål / Nynorsk ) and goes back to the Old Norse tysdagr , probably through the mediation of Gothic missionaries, similar to Saturday and Pfinztag ( Thursday ).

In Swabian , especially in the area of ​​the diocese of Augsburg , Tuesday was also referred to as aftermontag (post-Monday). The Bavarian dialect word Ertag ( Erchtag , Irda ) is well- gothic mediation on the Greek day names Ἄρεως ἡμέρα (Areos Hemera) ( "day of Ares" = Mars) back, where in by Wulfila to Arianism converted Goths, the name of Arius in the Spread should have played a part.


The symbol for Tuesday is , which stands for man and the planet Mars , among other things .

Special Tuesdays in the USA

In the US, Tuesday is election day (the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, falls between November 2nd and November 8th) and often also the release day for new movies (usually Thursday in Germany) and updates (e.g. for Windows ) or new computer programs.

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