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Margrave Dietrich (* around 990; † November 19, 1034 ) was a Saxon feudal lord, as Dietrich II. Count von Wettin , from 1015 Count in Schwabengau , from 1017 Count von Eilenburg and Brehna , Count in Hassegau and Gau Siusili and as Dietrich I. from 1032, the first Marquis of Mark Lausitz from the noble family of the Wettiner . He was a son of Count Dedo I of Wettin .


At Christmas of the year 1009, King Heinrich II in Pöhlde, at the request of his wife and the princes , awarded him the county and all of his father's fiefs, including a county in northern Hassegau and his father's part on Burgward Zörbig . In 1017, after the death of his uncle Friedrich I von Eilenburg , the emperor granted him the county and rights in the Gau Siusili. Dietrich II's wife was Mathilde, the daughter of Margrave Ekkehard I of Meissen .

Together with Margrave Hermann I of Meissen , a son of Ekkehard I, and the imperial chamberlain Friedrich, he was one of the witnesses who swore the peace of Bautzen in 1018 , which initially started the war between Heinrich II and King Boleslaw that had been ruling since 1002 finished by Poland . When war broke out again under the leadership of Boleslaw's son Mieszko II , the Wettin organized the resistance against Poland . According to the Annalista Saxo for the year 1030, it was even Dietrich II alone who offered effective resistance to Mieszko and finally threw him back. From around 1032 he was Margrave of the Lausitz region. On November 19, 1034 Dietrich II was slain by followers of his brother-in-law, Margrave Ekkehard II .


  • Dedo II. (* Around 1010; † 1075), Margrave of Lusatia (Dedo I.)
  • Friedrich I (around 1020 - April 18, 1084), Bishop of Münster
  • Gero (around 1020; † 1089), Count of Brehna
  • Thimo (* before 1034; † 1091 or 1118), Count of Wettin
  • Konrad, Count of Camburg
  • Rikdag
  • Hidda
Spytihnev II (* 1031; † January 28, 1061), Duke of Bohemia (1055-1061)


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