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The Echo vom Tödi chapel was a country chapel from the Swiss canton of Glarus , named after Glarus' local mountain, Tödi .

In 1977 René Wicky produced his first sound carrier with accordionist Kurt Albert from Linthal and his musicians - with the later evergreenUrnerbodä Kafi ”. The official Echo vom Tödi was founded in 1980 by Kurt Albert as a hand organ duet in the concert style of Central Switzerland. Over the years, however, there were four to five musicians in the band. They knew how with a mix of traditional Landler , Country , Classical and popular light music to develop his own style.

In 1990 Echo vom Tödi took part in the Grand Prix of Folk Music (reinforced by the singing duet Markus and Wädi ) . In the Swiss qualifying, they came in second with “The Alphorn Yodel”, and in the final they came fourth.

Albert's teammates were most recently Köbi (Jakob) Kamm (accordion), Ernst Ehrler from Schwyz or Hermann Luchsinger ( piano ) and René Walker ( bass violin ). During a stay in Australia, Köbi Kamm got to know and play the instrument of the indigenous people, the didgeridoo . With the echo of the Tödi he picked up a didgeridoo Scottish . Regular guests were an alphorn player, the yodelling duet Geschwister Rymann (daughters of Ruedi Rymann ), as well as Markus and Wädi .

On December 29, 1999, Echo vom Tödi gave their farewell concert in front of more than 500 fans. Before the members announced that they would close their band in order to devote themselves to professional matters, they released the CD “So isch es gsy” in 2001. Kurt Albert's most famous melody, the Schottisch Urnerbodä Kafi (Urnerboden coffee) , is immortalized on it.

Kurt Albert had at his residence at the Klausenstrasse in Linthal with a base for Kärcher - Pressure Washer made independently.

Today, the echo of the Tödi occasionally appears again on cruises or at special events and thus still exists in fact.

Discography (selection)

  • So it's gsy (Best of)
  • For alli öppis
  • Echo from Tödi-Schtimmig
  • One more beautiful than the other
  • Always forward
  • Maximum (Chapel Carlo Brunner and Chapel Echo vom Tödi )

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