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Elem Germanowitsch Klimov ( Russian Элем Германович Климов , scientific transliteration Elem Germanovič Klimov ; born July 9, 1933 in Stalingrad ; † October 26, 2003 in Moscow ) was a Russian film director .

life and work

Klimow, the son of a designer and a sports teacher, first studied from 1952 at the MAI in Moscow , where he graduated as a flight engineer in 1957. After working in this profession for a year, he studied film directing in Jefim Dsigan's master class at the WGIK until 1963 . His diploma film Herzlich Willkommen or Unauthorized Entrance Is Forbidden caused a sensation in 1964: The satire set in a pioneer camp was initially banned for a short time, but then released and became a popular success.

His internationally best-known films are Agonia (1974/1981) about the spiritual healer Rasputin and Come and See (1985), a gloomy parable from the Second World War. After this film, Klimov temporarily ended his career as a film director in order to look for ways out of the crisis of Soviet cinema as elected first secretary of the new filmmakers' association in times of massive social upheaval. Later there was no other possibility for Klimow to make films, so that the high point of his cinematic work also marked the end of the day.

At the 1987 Cannes Film Festival he was a member of the jury; The jury president was Yves Montand .

Elem Klimow had been married to the director and screenwriter Larissa Schepitko since 1965, who died in a car accident in 1979 while filming her film Farewell to Matjora . The film was completed by Klimow in 1982.


  • 1959: Осторожно: пошлость (short film)
  • 1960: Жиних (short film)
  • 1962: Смотрите, небо! (Short film)
  • 1964: Welcome or unauthorized entry prohibited ( Добро пожаловать, или Посторонним вход воспрещён ) - WGIK diploma film
  • 1965: The Adventure of a Dentist ( Похождения зубного врача )
  • 1970: Sport, Sport, Sport ( Спорт, спорт, спорт )
  • 1972/76: And yet I believe ( И всё-таки я верю ) - documentary by Michail Romm , completed by Klimov and Marlen Chuzijew after his death
  • 1974/81: agonia / agony ( Агония )
  • 1979/82: Farewell to Matjora ( Прощание ) - a film by Larissa Schepitko, completed by Klimov after her death
  • 1981: Larissa ( Лариса ) - documentary about Larissa Shepitko
  • 1985: Come and see / Go and see ( Иди и смотри )

Literature about Klimow

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