Hermit Islands

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Hermit Islands
Map of the Western Islands of the Bismarck Archipelago, with the Hermit Group to the east
Map of the Western Islands of the Bismarck Archipelago, with the Hermit Group to the east
Waters Pacific Ocean
Geographical location 1 ° 31 ′  S , 145 ° 4 ′  E Coordinates: 1 ° 31 ′  S , 145 ° 4 ′  E
Hermit Islands (Papua New Guinea)
Hermit Islands
Number of islands 17th
Main island Air
Total land area 250 km²
Residents 200 (2010)
Hermit Islands on the lower map (nautical map)
Hermit Islands on the lower map ( nautical map )

The Hermit Islands (also Hermit Islands , Luf group , Hermitinseln or Agomes called) are a group of small islands in the Western Isles in the western part of the Bismarck Archipelago , and part of Papua New Guinea . They extend between 144 ° 56'-145 ° 8 'east longitude and 1 ° 26'-36' south latitude.

The islands are of volcanic origin. Seven islands, including the five larger group (Jalun, Tset, South Gochonsipi, Luf, North Gochonsipi) and the two small islands Akib and Maron are in the lagoon , while 10 on the fringing reef coral islands lie, as is typical of an atoll is : Leabon, Pechu, Makan, Pianau, Kocheran and Amot in the south, Tatahau, Kena and Mono in the northwest, and Pemei in the east. The reef has some passages into the lagoon.

The only inhabited island with a population of around 200 is Luf . The islands belonged to the German colonies ( German New Guinea ) between 1884 and 1918 . The highest point at 244  m is on the main island of Luf.


The 17 islands at a glance and grouped by location:

South Reef North West Reef East Reef lagoon
  • Leabon
  • Pechu (Peegue)
  • Makan (Machan)
  • Pianau
  • Kocheran (Kochapiti, Kocherau)
  • Amot (Amota)
  • Tatahau
  • Kenai
  • Mono
  • Pemei (Pemé)
  • Akib (Arkeb)
  • Maroon (Maronn, Maroon, Moron)
  • Jalun (Djalum, Djalun, Geloon, Gelun)
  • Tset (Tet, Zet)
  • Luf (Louf, Lub, Luf-Atoll, Luf-luf, Lup)
  • North Gochonsipi
  • South Gochonsipi

Jalun is the highest of the Western Islands at around 244 meters.

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