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8 groschen value of the first costume series with Lower Austrian costume and Rosenburg Castle

The first costume series is a definitive stamp series from Austria , which was published from 1934 to 1938 and was valid for postage until September 30, 1938. Each stamp shows an Austrian folk costume and in the background partly a landscape or a building. This edition should not be confused with the second costume series , which appeared in 1948.

Drafting and printing

The stamps were designed by Georg Jung and produced in the Austrian State Printing House. Letterpress printing was used for the smaller values and intaglio printing was used for the 3 S and 5 S values . The stamps were printed in sheets of 100 and perforated for separation.


  • Values ​​of 1 gr. Up to 35 g .: K 12 teeth
  • Values ​​of 40 gr. up to 2 S: serration K 12.5
  • Values ​​from 3 S to 5 S: line perforation L 12


In older Michel catalogs, catalog number 588 designed by Wilhelm Dachauer (worth 10 schillings with a portrait of Federal Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss ) was also included in this series. This stamp was only valid for postage until March 15, 1938, when Austria was annexed to the German Reich .

On November 11, 1935, there was a charity issue because of the winter aid in different colors and with an imprint of the hammer price.

Market value

Since this series has been in use for a relatively long time, the supply is high. In mint condition the values ​​with high face values ​​are of course most valuable. Due to the very short term of less than eight months, the value of 2 shillings in the color gray-green is the most expensive. The values ​​with 12 groschen and 24 groschen are most common.

The definitive stamp series is canceled together in the cheapest types at online auctions or can be had mint for around 100 EUR each.

Due to the large variety of colors, paper types and plate defects, this series is very popular with philatelists.

List of expenses

Values ​​in shillings motive colour Issue date Edition number ANK number Michel number
1 gr. Horse herdsman in front of a windmill on the Zicksee violet August 15, 1934 unknown 567 567
3 gr. Farmer's wife on the way to the weekly market in front of Forchtenstein Castle red August 15, 1934 unknown 568 568
4 gr. Wedding bitter before Heiligenblut green August 15, 1934 unknown 569 569
5 gr. Glantal girls in front of the Wörthersee purple August 15, 1934 unknown 570 570
6 gr. Winegrowers on the Wachau in front of the Aggstein ruins blue August 15, 1934 unknown 571 571
8 gr. Girls on the church path in front of the Rosenburg green August 15, 1934 unknown 572 572
12 gr. Farmer from the Traunkreis in front of the Traunsee brown August 15, 1934 unknown 573 573
20 gr. Upper Austrian with gold bonnet in front of the Mondsee brown August 15, 1934 unknown 574 574
24 gr. Lumberjack in front of Lake Zell and the Kitzsteinhorn blue August 15, 1934 unknown 575 575
25 gr. Pinzgauerin on the way to the fair in front of the Hohensalzburg Fortress violet August 15, 1934 unknown 576 576
30 gr. Hunter from Prügg and the Grimming brown August 15, 1934 unknown 577 577
35 gr. Altausseerin before Graz and the Schloßberg red August 15, 1934 unknown 578 578
40 gr. Woman from Lower Inn Valley with confirmation in front of the Kufstein Fortress blue August 15, 1934 unknown 579 579
45 gr. Kaisertal peasant couple in front of Lermoos and the Wetterstein Mountains red August 15, 1934 unknown 580 580
60 gr. Bridal couple on the wedding corridor in front of Körbersee blue August 15, 1934 unknown 581 581
64 gr. Mother and daughter from the Montafon in front of Innerberg brown August 15, 1934 unknown 582 582
1 p Viennese family in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral purple August 15, 1934 unknown 583 583
2 pp Tyrolean Kaiserschützen gray-green August 15, 1934 87,600 584 584
2 pp Tyrolean Kaiserschützen emerald green April 3, 1935 unknown 585 585
3 pp Reapers and sheaf binders orange June 28, 1936 unknown 586 586
5 p construction worker brown June 2, 1936 unknown 587 587

Individual evidence

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