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Esther or Ester is a female given name .

Meaning and origin

The etymological origin of the name Esther is unclear. Possibly it is of old Persian origin and means "star". A relationship with the old Iraqi Ishtar and thus the name of the Syrian or Canaanite goddess Astarte does not seem plausible, since the story of the book does not take place in Iraq, but in the former old Persian capital Susa . In the book of Esther in the Tanach , this is the old Persian name of the Jewish woman Hadassa , who becomes the wife of the Persian king Xerxes I ( Hebrew : אחשורוש, Achaschwerosch). Esther is a historically unproven figure of the Jewish tradition who is said to have saved the Jews from annihilation during their time of the diaspora in the Persian Empire through a clever act.


May 24th (Catholic)


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