Ferdinand Broemser

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Ferdinand Broemser (born August 4, 1919 in Bernkastel-Kues , † May 9, 2001 in Andernach ) was a German classical philologist , historian and teacher.

Broemser was a teacher of Latin , Greek and history and, after his legal clerkship at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium , Trier , and at the Regino-Gymnasium , Prüm , taught at the Kurfürst-Salentin-Gymnasium in Andernach until his retirement in 1983 , most recently with the rank of director of studies . In 1975 he was appointed specialist advisor for Greek in the administrative districts of Koblenz and Trier.

He became known through the publication of Latin school readings by Aschendorff Verlag from Tacitus ' Annalen , Senecas Apocolocyntosis and Lucretius ' De rerum natura as well as the new edition of the carnival game by Andernachers Matthäus Creutz from 1552. In 1989 he published a study about the Andernach humanist and doctor Johann Winter from Andernach (1505–1574). To mark the 2000th anniversary of the city, he introduced its famous sons. He also wrote a contribution to the history of the Metternich family . Finally, he was involved in the translation of Cicero's philosophical writings in the Tusculum Collection .


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