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Fibroblasts from a mouse embryo

The fibroblast is the local specific cell of the connective tissue . In addition, fibroblasts also occur as mobile free cells in the interstitium . Fibroblasts are of mesenchymal origin. They play an important role in the build-up and breakdown of the intercellular substance, the extracellular matrix . The products of fibroblasts mainly include collagen fibers , which together with the proteoglycans that are also formed, ensure increased strength of the extracellular matrix. Fibroblasts without synthesis are called fibrocytes . A special form is the myofibroblast , which, in addition to its role in the synthesis of extracellular matrix, also has the properties of smooth muscle cells . In certain life processes, such as wound healing , fibroblasts can temporarily take on the properties of myofibroblasts.

Fibroblasts have an oval cell body and many long, irregular cytoplasmic processes . The cell processes can come into contact with the cell processes of other fibroblasts and form zonulae occludentes . The cytoplasm is rich in ergastoplasm , so it contains a lot of rough ER and a well-developed Golgi apparatus . In the histological staining it is basophilic , but can hardly be displayed with standard staining . The nucleus is light, oval and has one or two distinct nucleoli .

Fibroblasts are also capable of phagocytosis . You can also synthesize enzymes for the physiological breakdown of collagens, the collagenases , which is important for remodeling processes. In addition to the build-up of connective tissue, fibroblasts are an essential element in wound healing. In the first phase of wound healing, they stabilize the newly formed tissue. Fibroblasts also play a role in inflammation, and thus in diseases such as rheumatism or Dupuytren's disease .

Fibromas are benign tumors originating from the fibroblasts, malignant ones are called fibrosarcomas .

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