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This is a list of characters from the Better Call Saul television series .

main characters

Jimmy McGill

Bob Odenkirk (2013)

Jimmy McGill ( Bob Odenkirk ), whose real name is James Morgan McGill , is a moderately successful lawyer based in Albuquerque , New Mexico . In addition to his poorly paid jobs as a public defender, he takes care of his brother Chuck, who is at home after a mental attack with self-diagnosed electrosensitivity . Jimmy drives a completely desolate small car and operates his office in a storage room of a Vietnamese massage studio.

James McGill originally made his living by fraud in his hometown of Cicero near Chicago . By his own account, he was called Slippin 'Jimmy . After his brother Chuck had to get him out of jail, Jimmy started working in the mail room at his Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill law firm . On the side, he took a distance learning course from the University of American Samoa, the only one that allowed him, to be admitted to the bar.

Over the course of the series, Jimmy builds an empire as a lawyer, sometimes more and sometimes less legally. First at the law firm Davis & Main , then as a partner to his girlfriend Kim Wexler. Occasionally, however, he relapses and commits minor offenses.

The relationship with his brother Chuck McGill is extremely changeable. Although both stick together in the worst case, the tense relationship becomes more and more apparent as the series progresses. Chuck is suspicious of his younger brother and blames him for many past misconduct (in particular, he blames Jimmy for his father's death). At first, Jimmy longs for his brother's approval. That changes, however, when he learns that Chuck had prevented his attorney employment with Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill .

Mike Ehrmantraut

Jonathan Banks (2012)

Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut ( Jonathan Banks ) is an ex-cop who works as a parking lot attendant at the court at the beginning of the series. He often refuses to give Jimmy the exit because he never takes care of the stickers he needs. However, after Mike gives Jimmy the decisive tip on a tricky case, their relationship improves.

Mike's son, also a police officer, was murdered by corrupt colleagues while he was working. Mike, seeing through the situation, killed his son's murderers, resigned and moved from Philadelphia to Albuquerque. In order to support his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter financially, Mike does some jobs in a criminal environment. When he arrested his boss Tuco Salamanca for Ignacio "Nacho" Varga, however, he unplannedly made the infamous Salamanca clan an enemy.

Kimberley "Kim" Wexler

Rhea Seehorn (2016)

Kimberly Wexler ( Rhea Seehorn ) is Jimmy McGill's girlfriend and works as a lawyer for Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill at the beginning of the series . An ambitious attorney, she is loyal to her law firm, but falls victim to Howard Hamlin's draconian punishments for any misconduct. She is loyal to Jimmy and warns him if he doesn't take the law so carefully. However, Kim lets himself be carried away by Jimmy a few times to do little trickery. In the middle of season two, Kim leaves Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill after being transferred to a document review by Howard Hamlin. She then works with Jimmy. However, since she is not convinced of the business practices of her lover, she refuses a joint agency.

Charles "Chuck" McGill

Michael McKean (2009)

Charles "Chuck" McGill ( Michael McKean ) is a successful attorney who suffered a mental attack several months before the start of the story and has since suffered from self- diagnosed hypersensitivity. He only leaves the house in extreme emergencies and almost always wears aluminum foil as a blanket around his body. All electrical objects are forbidden in their home and all visitors must “ground” themselves (i.e. touch an object that is in contact with the ground) before entering their home.

Chuck is very suspicious of his brother Jimmy. He is the only character who is aware of Jimmy's criminal past and at the same time envies him for his charming and engaging personality. So he prevented Jimmy from working as a lawyer with Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill , even though Jimmy takes care of Chuck.

At the beginning of the second season, Chuck's condition improved noticeably. He leaves the house more often and sometimes even goes back to work. However, this changes abruptly after he is betrayed by Jimmy and suffers a breakdown.

After Jimmy confesses the fraud to Chuck (and Chuck secretly records the confession), Chuck begins to work against Jimmy. He reciprocates by giving Chuck's professional liability insurance an indication of his illness, whereupon the premiums of all Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill employees are to be increased, which is only prevented by Howard Hamlin pushing Chuck out of the company with a severance payment . At the end of season three, Chuck destroys the walls of his house in search of a supposedly hidden power source and then deliberately knocks over a gas lamp in the face of the devastation he has caused, which burns down his house and kills himself in the process.

Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill

Howard Hamlin

Patrick Fabian (2011)

Howard Hamlin ( Patrick Fabian ) is an attorney and is Chuck McGill's partner at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill . Hamlin is a typical, powerful businessman who puts his business above all else. He has great respect for Chuck and continues to run the business in his absence. At the beginning he is clear that Chuck does not have much sympathy for Jimmy, but takes on his cap that Jimmy is not allowed to work as a lawyer for Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.

Throughout history, Howard found Jimmy a job at Davis & Main after Kim talked him into it. When Jimmy is disgraced there, he puts Kim under document review as a punishment. She quit shortly afterwards with Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill .

When Jimmy finally succeeds in uncovering Chuck's psychological problems in court and embarrassing him in public, Howard slowly turns away from Chuck. After insurances are expected to rise enormously due to Chuck's condition, he advises Chuck to retire. This sparked an argument between the two and Howard pays Chuck's severance payment out of pocket. After his eviction, Chuck's condition deteriorates dramatically and he sets his own house on fire and dies in it.


Ernesto ( Brandon K. Hampton ) is an employee of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill and also knows Jimmy from his time at the firm. After the conflict between Chuck and Jimmy begins, Howard Hamlin hires him to take care of Chuck and take on Jimmy's role.

When Chuck breaks down in a copy shop and Jimmy is largely to blame, Ernesto mistakenly tells Chuck that he brought Jimmy to the scene (even though Jimmy was already there). Jimmy first covers this with Chuck. When Jimmy asks Ernesto why he lied for him, Ernesto replies that the argument between Chuck and Jimmy is affecting him himself.

When Ernesto accidentally overhears a recording that Chuck secretly made of Jimmy, Jimmy warns him and is fired from Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill .

Other lawyers & their assistants

Rick Schweikart

Rick Schweikart ( Dennis Boutsikaris ) is a respected lawyer and fights in the Sandpiper case as a lawyer for the Sandpiper Group . He has great respect for Chuck McGill and is doing well. His attempt to poach Kim Wexler gets the ball rolling and she leaves Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill .

Bill Oakley

Bill Oakley ( Peter Diseth ) is a lawyer who mostly works as Jimmy's "opponent" (as a prosecutor) when that public defender is in court. The two conduct all important negotiations and conversations in the courthouse toilet. Most of the time people talk about penalties at the urinal .

Clifford Main

Ed Begley Junior (2009)

Clifford Main ( Ed Begley Junior ) is the head of the law firm Davis & Main and thus temporarily Jimmy's boss. Main hires Jimmy extremely euphoric, because Howard Hamlin and Kim Wexler put in a good word for him and Jimmy had just uncovered the Sandpiper case. At the beginning, the collaboration between the two seems to bear fruit, but until Jimmy broadcasts a commercial without Main's permission. Main, however, gives Jimmy a second chance. Jimmy, who now wants to start his own business, does not take the chance and wants to quit. Since he wouldn't get a bonus in this case, he provokes Main in every possible way. Jimmy leaves work whenever he wants, doesn't wash down his big business and wears brightly colored suits. When Jimmy finally plays the bagpipes at work, he is fired by Main. When Jimmy tells Main that he is a good person, he tells Jimmy that he is an "asshole" for it.


Omar ( Omar Maskati ) is Jimmy's assistant at Davis & Main and is a loyal and competent employee. When he resigns, he points out to Jimmy that he will lose the bonus and unwittingly convinces Jimmy to provoke his resignation.

The Salamanca clan

Hector Salamanca

Héctor Salamanca ( Mark Margolis ) is the son of Abuelita Salamanca and the uncle of Tuco, Leonel, Marco and Lalo Salamanca. He is also a high-ranking member of the cartel, in which he is highly regarded.

In the 90s, Héctor expands into the USA. He buys an ice cream parlor in New Mexico, which he uses to conduct his drug business, especially money laundering. The ice cream parlor is called "El Griego Guiñador". The name is an allusion to the name Don Eladios.

He forces Mike to exonerate him after Tuco's arrest. After Mike initially refused, he threatened Mike's family with the help of his nephews, Leonel and Marco. Intimidated by this, Mike changes his statement to the police that the gun found was his and not Tucos. Hector pays Mike $ 50,000 to testify.

Tuco Salamanca

Raymond Cruz (2015)

Tuco Salamanca ( Raymond Cruz ) is a drug lord Jimmy meets by pure chance. Jimmy wanted to provoke an accident with the Kettlemans with the help of two con artists and thus sneak their money. However, the two assistants mixed up the cars and accidentally provoked the accident with Tuco's grandmother. After Tuco, who was already unpredictable at the time, captured Jimmy and his accomplices, he broke the two boys' legs and let Jimmy go.

After Tucos assistant Nacho wants to get rid of this, Mike provokes an argument with Tuco. Mike makes use of his indecision in this Tucos and lets himself be beaten up by this. Tuco is arrested and sent to jail for the attack on Mike, in which he also carried an illegal weapon. The originally promised 10-year prison sentence is reduced after Mike, at Hector's urging, changes his statement to the police and says that the gun found at the scene is his.

While in prison, Tuco stabs a fellow prisoner to death and attacks a prison guard. He is then transferred to solitary confinement and his sentence extended again.

Ignacio "Nacho" Varga

Michael Mando (2015)

Ignacio "Nacho" Varga ( Michael Mando ) is one of Tuco's henchmen. However, he is not particularly loyal to him and is often intent on his own gain. This is how he protects Jimmy McGill from Tuco after hearing that Jimmy actually wanted to cheat on the wealthy Kettleman family. Without the knowledge of his boss, he then tries to rob the Kettlemans himself, but it fails.

Mike also comes into contact with Nacho through his secret work as a bodyguard. Mike witnesses several times when Nacho cheats on his boss Tuco by making secret drug deals. When Nacho becomes paranoid about it, he assigns Mike Tuco to kill. However, this dissuades him from the plan and convinces him that it would be better to bring Tuco to prison. Mike then provokes a fight with Tuco, which brings him to prison and attracts the hatred of the Salamanca clan.

Lalo Salamanca

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca ( Tony Dalton ) is the nephew of Héctor Salamanca and the cousin of Tuco, Leonel and Marco.

After Héctor's stroke, he took over his position at “El Michoacáno” to continue the business and to support Nacho in meeting the dealers. He wants to smash Gus' drug empire to take over his territory. He triggers a war between Gus and the Salamancas or the cartel.

After fleeing to Mexico, his home was attacked one night. He can defend himself against the attackers. In doing so, however, he becomes aware that the attackers were sent by Gus and got onto the property with Nacho's help. Then Lalo sets out to get revenge on Gus and Nacho.

Leonel & Marco Salamanca

Leonel & Marco Salamanca ( Daniel Moncada & Luis Moncada ) are twins and the cousins ​​of Tuco Salamanca. They serve Héctor Salamanca as bodyguards and henchmen. When Mike Ehrmantraut refuses to exonerate Tuco Salamanca with statements, they suggest killing Mike's granddaughter.

Abuelita Salamanca

Abuelita Salamanca ( Míriam Colón ) is the grandmother of Tuco Salamanca and thus the mother of Héctor Salamanca. She falls victim to an accident trick that Lars and Cal were supposed to perform on behalf of Jimmy McGill on Mrs. Kettleman. The mentally no longer particularly healthy Mrs. Salamanca, however, commits an accident escape, which leads Jimmy, Cal and Lars directly into the arms of Tuco.

She later dies.

Gonzo & No-Doze

Gonzo ( Jesus Payan Jr. ) & No-Doze (Cesar Garcia) are assistants and bodyguards of Tuco Salamanca. Gonzo is also Tuco's stepbrother.


Domingo "Krazy-8" Molina ( Max Arciniega ) is a drug dealer who trades with Tuco Salamanca. He is arrested by the police when he tries to free several sachets of meth from a gutter that is used for safe delivery to the buyer. In prison, he is questioned by Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. As Saul and Lalo planned from the start, he makes a deal with the DEA and becomes Hank's personal informant. His information leads to the arrest of three of Gus' people.

He gets his nickname during a poker game with high-ranking members of the Salamanca clan. Lalo uses a bluff to get Domingo to throw away his cards and give up the round. After Lalo then reveals his cards, 2 and 7 (the worst hand in poker), he reaches for Domingo's cards. He had two eights in his hand, another eight was in the middle. Since Domingo would have won the round with three of a kind, but threw the cards away, Lalo nicknamed him “Ocho Loco” (Spanish for “Krazy-8”).

Other figures

Craig and Betsy Kettleman

Julie Ann Emery (2017)

Craig and Betsy Kettleman ( Jeremy Shamos & Julie Ann Emery ) are the local chamberlain couple in the ward that Jimmy McGill is a member of. They are suspected of embezzling $ 1.5 million. Although it is obvious that the two are guilty, they are not aware of any guilt and insist on being innocent. After Jimmy woos the two, they decide for Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill and Kim Wexler is charged with the case.

When Nacho tries to rob the Kettlemans because of Jimmy's guilt, Jimmy warns them anonymously about Nacho and the Kettlemans flee into the wilderness behind their house. When Jimmy later finds her there, he also finds the $ 1.5 million. However, the two continue to believe that they deserve the money and they bribe Jimmy.

When Kim Wexler is supposed to defend the two and strikes a good deal with the prosecutor, the intransigent couple of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill split up and assign Jimmy with the case. Since Kim is then forcibly transferred by her boss and suffers from the case, Jimmy steals the money with Mike's help and blackmailed the Kettlemans into negotiating the deal with the prosecutor with Kim's help.

Dr. Caldera

Dr. Caldera ( Joe DeRosa ) is a veterinarian. After Mike arrives in Albuquerque with a gunshot wound, he asks a taxi driver to drive him to a discreet doctor. Dr. Caldera then bandages his wound, which he sustained in the revenge murder of two ex-colleagues. Then Dr. Caldera Mike made several contacts in the criminal milieu.

Shell babineaux

Huell Babineaux ( Lavell Crawford ) is Jimmy McGill's bodyguard.

Lars and Cal

Lars and Cal ( Steven Levine & Daniel Spenser Levine ) are two petty criminals who try to use an accident trick to get Jimmy out of pain and suffering. Jimmy chases them away and later assigns them to perform the same trick on the Kettlemans. However, it fails when Lars and Cal accidentally hit Tuco Salamanca's grandmother Abuelita's car.

Tuco captures the two of them and beats them up several times. Eventually, Jimmy prevents Tuco from killing Lars and Cal by allowing him to break their legs. When Jimmy takes them to the hospital, Lars calls him "the worst lawyer ever".

Mrs. Nguyen

Mrs. Nguyen ( Eileen Fogarty ) is the boss of the Vietnamese pedicure studio, in which Jimmy initially uses an adjoining room as an office. She's not particularly friendly towards Jimmy, but Jimmy takes it with humor.

Daniel "Pryce" Wormald

Daniel "Pryce" Wormald ( Mark Proksch ) is a simple-minded criminal whom Mike found after being mediated by Dr. Caldera is supposed to protect him in drug deals with Nacho as a bodyguard. Pryce, who is obviously a newcomer to the drug business, quickly buys a tuned Hummer H2 with a colorful design and spinners . When Pryce shows up with this car at the agreed location, Mike refuses to work with it and offers his car as a compromise. The cocky Pryce then fires the apparently superfluous Mike and goes to the meeting alone.

Nacho finally robs Pryce and Pryce calls the police. Without Pryce's knowledge, the police suspect him because the two officers find a secret hiding place and Pryce makes some suspicious statements.

When Mike sees Pryce drive past the gate on the way to his testimony, he realizes the situation and calls Pryce Jimmy to help as a lawyer. To cover up Mike and Pryce, Jimmy invents an obscure story and sells the hiding place to the police as a repository for fetish porn. Since the police want to continue investigating, Pryce now actually has to shoot these videos with the help of Jimmy.

Marco Pasternak

Mel Rodriguez (2014)

Marco Pasternak ( Mel Rodriguez ) is Jimmy's former accomplice from Cicero . While Jimmy at least officially grew up and stopped cheating, Marco didn't grow up and Jimmy meets up with him again after years in his local pub. Jimmy, who is currently in a low phase, starts with Marco again to cheat people for money.

When Jimmy wants to go back to Albuquerque, Marco persuades him to carry out a fraud one last time. However, Marco suffers a heart attack and dies. The last thing he says to Jimmy is that he has just had the best week of his life.

Stacey Ehrmantraut

Stacey Ehrmantraut ( Kerry Condon ) is the daughter-in-law of Mike Ehrmantraut and is now widowed. Mike tries to give her and her daughter Kaylee a better life through money. Stacey never realizes how much Mike is putting her and her daughter in danger.

Greg Sanders & Abbasi

Omid Abtahi (2016)

Greg Sanders & Abbasi ( Barry Shabaka Henley & Omid Abtahi ) are two Philadelphia cops who are investigating Mike Ehrmantraut. Mike murdered two corrupt police officers who shot his son and moved to Albuquerque the next day. Although the evidence speaks clearly against Mike, thanks to Jimmy's help, they manage not to prosecute Mike for it.

Dr. Vera Cruz

Dr. Vera Cruz ( Clea DuVall ) is a doctor and treated Chuck McGill several times over the course of the series. She tries to convince both Chuck and Jimmy, with reasonable reasons, that Chuck is only imagining his electro- sensitivity. Although Jimmy already knows about it and realizes it, he stands by his brother and often prevents the necessary medical help.

Ken "Wins"

Ken ( Kyle Bornheimer ) is a stockbroker who uses a headset to make loud and intrusive calls to business customers. Jimmy and Kim are annoyed by his attitude and cheat him out of a lot of money with an alleged inheritance.

Francesca Liddy

Francesca Liddy ( Tina Parker ) is Jimmy's paralegal. She is hired by him early in season three after he and Kim opened an office.