Feint (fish)

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Feint (Alosa fallax)

Feint ( Alosa fallax )

Order : Herring-like (Clupeiformes)
Subordination : Clupeoidei
Family : Herring (Clupeidae)
Subfamily : Alosinae
Genre : Alosa
Type : Feint
Scientific name
Alosa fallax
( Lacepede , 1803)

The feint ( Alosa fallax ), also called elves , belongs to the herring-like species (Clupeiformes) and is an anadromous migratory fish. It becomes 55 cm long and weighs around 2 kg. It differs from the allis shad (90–155) in the number of gill spines (35–60) , although the number of points behind the gill cover is not a reliable distinguishing criterion (Hass, 1965).


The feint occurs in the coastal waters of the north-eastern Atlantic from the coast of Morocco to the coast of Norway to the heights of mountains, in the North Sea and the southern Baltic Sea to Stockholm . The subspecies Alosa fallax nilotica lives in the Mediterranean and Black Seas . Two other subspecies are pure freshwater forms. Alosa fallax killarnensis lives in the lakes near Killarney in Ireland and Alosa fallax lacustris lives in Lake Maggiore , Lake Lugano , Lake Como , Lake Garda and Lake Iseo . Due to declining stocks, this migratory fish species has been included in the Annex to the Habitats Directive .

Way of life

Finches feed on small planktonic crustaceans . The marine forms rise up in rivers to spawn . At the age of 2 to 3 years they become sexually mature with a length of about 30 centimeters. During the spawning season in May, June and July, the feints collect in the estuaries and then move to the lower reaches of the rivers. The larvae hatch from 80,000 to 200,000 eggs per female after 3 to 8 days.


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