Franz Christoph Reimers

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Franz Christoph Reimers , also Franz Christopher Reimers (born September 25, 1818 in Flensburg , † December 9, 1905 in Kiel ) was a German lawyer and politician .


Born as the son of a businessman, Reimers studied law in Heidelberg and Kiel after attending high school in Flensburg . During his studies he became a member of the Germania Heidelberg fraternity in 1839 , the Albertina fraternity in Kiel in 1841 and later in 1856 an honorary member of the Teutonia fraternity in Kiel . After the fraternity Germania Heidelberg prohibited and had been dissolved, he was from the University of Heidelberg relegated .

After his state examination in 1844, he worked as a secretary in the Flensburg office building and in the Preetz monastery until 1845 , then as a lawyer in Plön until 1848 . From 1848 to 1850 he was appointed mayor of Flensburg by the provisional government and was confirmed in an election in 1850. However, in 1853 he was dismissed by the Danish government because they disliked him because of his German aspirations. Until 1857 he was secretary at the Holstein High Court in Glückstadt , then until 1867 the court clerk in Wandsbek . During this time he also worked as a city counsel and senator in Flensburg. In 1865 he became mayor of Schleswig . From 1865 to 1866 he was referring councilor under Ludwig von Gablenz . In 1866 he became section head of the Holstein state government and then returned to Wandsbek after its dissolution. In 1867 he worked as a district judge and department head at the Altona district court .

From 1870 to 1873 and from 1886 to 1889 he was a member of the Prussian House of Representatives for the National Liberal Party . In 1877 he became a judge of appeal in Kiel, in 1879 a higher regional judge and in 1886 a secret judge .



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