Frenzal rhomb

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Frenzal rhomb
Singer Jason Whalley 2010
Singer Jason Whalley 2010
General information
origin Sydney , Australia
Genre (s) punk
founding 1992, 2008
resolution 2006
Founding members
Vocals, guitar
Jason Whalley
Ben Costello (1993-1996)
Alexis "Lex" Feltham (until 2002)
Bruce Baybrooke (1993)
Current occupation
Vocals, guitar
Jason Whalley
Lindsay McDougall
Tom Crease (since 2002)
Gordon "Gordy" Forman (since 1998)
former members
Karl Perske (1993–1995)
Nat Nykyruj (1995–1998)
Lindsay McDougall 2010

Frenzal Rhomb is an Australian skate punk or melodycore band that was founded in 1991. She released the majority of her albums in the United States through Fat Wreck Chords . In their band history they have been the opening act for numerous punk greats, such as The Offspring , Bad Religion and blink-182 . The band is very successful in Australia and also featured in the charts.

Band history

In 1992 Frenzal Rhomb was founded by school friends Jason Whalley and bassist Lex Feltham in Newtown , a suburb of Sydney. The band name is a corruption of the Fresnel parallelepiped (English: "Fresnel rhomb"). Bruce Baybrooke (drums) and Ben Costello completed the line-up.

The first extended play with the new drummer Karl Perske appeared in 1994 with the title Dick Sandwich . The coverage of Roger Climpson, about whom they wrote a song and with whom they subsequently posed for a promo picture, got the band on television, where they did all sorts of nonsense that made them known in the Australian television landscape. They threw cake at presenters, replaced cursed words that were peeped over with writing tablets or played songs like Get Fucked You Fucken Fuckw'it . In the same year they appeared as the opening act for NOFX on their Australian tour. Their singer Fat Mike was very impressed by the band and released their EP in the United States. This resulted in a long-term partnership. Almost all of the albums were released by Fat Wreck Chords in the United States. In 1995 the debut album Coughing Up a Storm was released on Shock Records. A year later, Ben Costello dropped out to prepare for his studies and was replaced by Lindsay McDougall.

After the album Not So Tough Now , the breakthrough followed with the third album Meet the Family . It sold 30,000 times worldwide. The successor A Man's Not a Camel can top this success with 60,000 units. In 1998 the band took part in the Vans Warped Tour in the United States. The band then signed with Sony Music Entertainment in Australia and released the album Shut Your Mouth there , but then separated again from Sony. With Sans Souci , the band returns to independent labels . Tom Crease replaced Alexis Feltham on bass from this album. The album was released in 2003 on Epitaph Records . In 2004 a compilation with rare and unreleased pieces followed under the title For The Term of Their Unnatural Lives . It includes the first EP and the first album, as well as a number of other pieces.

After the album Forever Malcolm Young , which alluded to the famous AC / DC guitarist Malcolm Young and the song Forever Young , the band took a break until 2008. They then signed with Fat Wreck Chords , where Smoko at The Pet Food Factory appeared in 2011 .


Frenzal Rhomb play fast melodypunk with pop harmonies , reminiscent of similar American artists like NOFX. The influences from the American skate punk scene are obvious and can also be seen in the humorous lyrics of the band, which also include political topics, but try to present them in a funny way.

NOFX frontman Fat Mike , who has released some of the band's albums through his label Fat Wreck Chords , called the album Sans Souci the fourth favorite that he distributed through his label and commented on the band's music:

Frenzal Rhomb are the most underrated band on the label [...]. People say they are the Australian NOFX but they are funnier than us, and they're amazing musicians, and they write fucking amazing songs. (Eng .: "Frenzal Rhombs are the most underrated band on the label [...]. People say they are the Australian NOFX, but they are funnier than us and they are fantastic musicians and write amazing songs")

The band consists of vegans and supports various projects. Among other things, they performed at the Say Yes to Taiwan concert, which promotes a free Taiwan .

Other Projects

Lindsay McDougall and Jason Whalley hosted a morning show on Triple J as "Jay and the Doctor" . Ironically, their own band was banned and censored by the broadcaster for a while because of their lewd lyrics. In 2010, Lindsay Dougall got his own afternoon show. McDougall published the 2004 compilation Rock Against Howard , which was directed against the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and was inspired by the similar compilation series Rock Against Bush . 34 Australian artists such as Bodyjar , Something for Kate , David Bridie , Peabody and The Resin Dogs gathered on 2 CDs .



year Title
music label
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, music label , placements, weeks, awards, notes)
1994 Dick Sandwich in-
house production
1995 Soughing up a Storm
Belly of the Buddha Records
1996 Not So Tough Now
Shagpile / Shock
1997 Once a Jolly Swagman Always a Jolly Swagman
Liberation Records
Meet the Family
Shagpile / Shock

(4 weeks)AU
1999 A Man's Not a Camel
Shagpile / Shock / Fat Wreck Chords

(9 weeks)AU
2000 Shut Your Mouth
Epic Records / Sony
AU31 (2 weeks)
2003 Sans Souci
Fat / Shock
AU42 (2 weeks)
2004 For the Times of Their Unnatural Lives
HMPIFPFT Records / Epitaph / Shock
2006 Forever Malcolm Young
Epitaph / Shock
AU34 (1 week)
2011 Smoko at the Pet Food Factory
Epitaph / Shock
AU14 (2 weeks)
2017 Hi-Vis High Tea
Fat Wreck Chords / Shock
AU9 (1 week)


year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1999 You are not my friend AU49 (1 week)

More singles and other publications

  • 1993: SAE demo (demo)
  • 1994: Sorry about the Ruse (MCD / 7 ″)
  • 1995: 4 liters (7 ″)
  • 1996: Parasite
  • 1996: Punch in the Face
  • 1997: Disappointment
  • 1997: Hard Gore Yellow Dick (Split-7 ″ with Greedy Guts, France)
  • 1997: There's Your Dad
  • 1997: Mr. Charisma
  • 1998: Mum Changed the Locks
  • 1998: Some of My Best Friends Are Racist
  • 1998: Strife (Japan)
  • 1999: We're Going Out Tonight
  • 1999: Never Had So Much Fun
  • 1999: I Miss My Lung
  • 2000: War
  • 2001: Nothing's Wrong
  • 2001: Coming Home
  • 2003: Bucket Bong
  • 2003: Punisher
  • 2003: Russell Crowe's Band
  • 2003: The Unwanted traveler (Split-7 ″ with Fuzigish, South Africa)
  • 2004: Looking Good

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