Gau Chutizi

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Location de Gaus Chutizi around 1000
Chutizi in the Sorbian tribes.

The Gau Chutizi (also Chuntizi, Gudici ...) was a medieval Gaugrafschaft between the rivers Saale and depression . In this Gau was the Miriquidi forest area , mentioned in 974 , which was given to the diocese of Merseburg by Emperor Otto II and which was mistakenly interpreted as an Erzgebirge forest for a long time . The Gau was in the eastern part of the Mark Merseburg , belonging to it was a wide strip of land east of the Mulde, which Thietmar von Merseburg called chutizi orientalis . Magdeborn was described in 969 as lying in the Gau Chutizi.

Counts in Gau Chutizi


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