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Forest goat's beard (Aruncus dioicus)

Forest goat's beard ( Aruncus dioicus )

Eurosiden I
Order : Rose-like (rosales)
Family : Rose family (Rosaceae)
Subfamily : Spiraeoideae
Genre : Goatees
Scientific name

The aruncus ( Aruncus ) is a genus in the subfamily of spiraeoideae within the family of the rose family (Rosaceae). It is common in the northern hemisphere .


Illustration of the forest goat's beard ( Aruncus dioicus )

The Aruncus species grow as perennial , sometimes somewhat woody herbaceous plants . They have a strong underground rhizome . From this grow upright, winged stems , which, depending on the species, can reach heights of between 0.4 and 2 meters.

The large foliage leaves are pinnate one to three times ( Aruncus gombalanus ), two to three parts in three parts ( Aruncus dioicus ) or almost to the base two to three pinnate ( Aruncus aethusifolius ). Stipules are missing.

Aruncus species are dioecious separate sexes ( diocesan ). The large, terminal, paniculate inflorescences consist of narrow, spiked partial inflorescences . The small flowers are mostly unisexual, rarely hermaphroditic. The mostly five (rarely four or six) sepals are also still present on the fruits. The five white to creamy white petals are only fused at their base. The male flowers contain 15 to 30 stamens ; they are longer than the petals. The female flowers usually contain three or four (rarely up to eight) carpels and short staminodes . The smooth follicles contain two seeds.


The genus Aruncus contains three to six species that are difficult to distinguish:


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