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Mother house in rue du Bac , Paris
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The Cooperative of the Daughters of Christian Love of St. Vincent de Paul (short Daughters of Christian Love or Vincentians , in Austria also Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul , Societas Filiarum Caritatis a S. Vincentio de Paulo , Compagnie des Filles de la Charité de Saint Vincent de Paul , order abbreviation FdC , German also TdchL / TchrL or BHS ) is a society of apostolic life in the Roman Catholic Church . This belongs to the Vincentine family and works in the poor and sick care. Her motherhouse has been located at 136 rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement of Paris since 1815 . The US-American Kathleen Appler has been the general superior since 2015 .

In 2006 the cooperative comprised around 21,000 sisters. It works in over 2,400 communities in 94 countries worldwide.


Until 1964 the sisters wore a large, starched bonnet, the "Cornette", which goes back to the costumes of French and Flemish country women. For a long time the cornette was characteristic of the habit of the Vincentian women.

The cooperative went from the in the year 1633 under the name Filles de la Charité , German merciful sisters , officially daughters of the Christian love of the hll. Vincent von Paul (1581-1660) and Louise von Marillac (1591-1660) founded community, which was confirmed on January 18, 1655 by the Archbishop of Paris and in 1668 received papal recognition.

As early as 1617, Vincent von Paul founded the first Confrérie des Dames de la Charité ("Brotherhood of the Ladies of Mercy"), which was soon followed by others, with the management of which he entrusted Louise von Marillac. But it turned out that the noble ladies were soon represented by their filles , the maids. This prompted Louise de Marillac to take in four poor country girls in her house in Rue de Versailles (today 21 Rue Monge) and train them as helpers from 1633 onwards.

The number of these so-called Filles de la charité , also known as Soeurs grises (“gray sisters”), rose so rapidly that they moved to the village of La Chapelle (now 2 Rue Marx-Dormoy in Paris) in 1636, before Vincent de Paul In 1641 they provided a house in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (today's numbers 94-114), which he had bought in the same year for the Maison de Saint Lazare, which was under his control. Louise de Marillac also lived in this new house and died there in 1660 at the age of 68. The building comprised three residential wings between the courtyard and the garden and was surrounded by walls. After the outbreak of the French Revolution , the community was abolished in 1790, its mother house was confiscated and sold in 1797 on the condition that a new road be built on the site (Rue de la Fidélité).

In 1797, Sister Deleau managed to reunite some of her comrades and together they found accommodation on the Rive Gauche in the Latin Quarter in a house on Rue des Maçons-Sorbonne (now Rue Champollion), which they left in 1801 to live in rue du Vieux Colombier N ° 11 in the former Orphelines de la Mère-Dieu orphanage, which was also closed during the Revolution . This building has been preserved. Finally, in 1815, the city of Paris made the former Hôtel de la Vallière at Rue du Bac N ° 136 available to the daughters of Christian love , where the cooperative's motherhouse is still located to this day. In the rue du Bac, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared three times to the novice Catherine Labouré in 1830 .

In 1882 the cooperative bought a piece of land in Bethlehem and built a hospital there. The hospital was transferred to the Order of Malta in 1985 , which has been operating it under the name Holy Family Hospital Bethlehem since 1990.


There are two provinces in German-speaking countries.

Province of Cologne-Netherlands

On June 5, 2011, the provinces of Germany and the Netherlands were merged to form a province of Cologne-Netherlands . Sr. Hildegard Köhler remains provincial superior .

  • Köln-Nippes (since 1852) with branches in Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Mönchengladbach and Speicher with around 120 sisters (January 2006)

Graz Province Central Europe

The Graz branch was founded in 1841, Salzburg / Schwarzach in 1844 (Missionshaus Schwarzach, parent company in Salzburg since 1863), both later merged (Graz 1851, Salzburg 1882) with the original community in Paris. Independent provinces emerged from the numerous branches established in the Habsburg Monarchy (Hungary 1905, Yugoslavia 1919, Slovakia 1922 and Romania 1925). In 2004 the province of Graz and Salzburg merged to form the province of Austria , with the provincial office in Graz, in 2011 Austria, Hungary and Romania were united to form the province of Graz-Central Europe . On the day of the merger, the new province had 331 sisters (Austria 241, Hungary 73, Romania 17 sisters), with 16 local communities (Austria 12, Hungary 2, Romania 2). It includes:

The Austrian branches Graz / Salzburg of the Daughters of Christian Love are closely connected to the other Austrian houses of the Vincentines, which belong to the Federation of Vincentian Communities , and also call themselves Sisters of Charity .

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