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Georg Lemberger (* around 1490–1500 in Landshut ; † around 1540–1545) was a German painter and wood cutter during the Reformation .

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Georg Lemberger was probably a relative - possibly the brother or even the son - of the Landshut carver Hans Leinberger . It is uncertain whether and to what extent the two artists were related to the Nuremberg painter and carver Simon Lainberger, who is only sparsely documented in archives. After an apprenticeship, probably with Hans Leinberger and then with the court painter of Ludwig X , Hans Wertinger , called "Schwab", in Landshut, his path led him to Regensburg. There he learned from Albrecht Altdorfer and had a. a. significant contribution to the miniatures for the "triumphal procession of Emperor Maximilian " Around 1520 he can be traced back to a panel painting, the "Conversion Pauli", in the diocese of Naumburg-Zeitz . Here, or possibly already in Leipzig , he created the epitaph for Valentin Schmidburg in 1522, now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig.

Epitaph for Valentin Schmidburg (1522)

In 1523 he gained citizenship in Leipzig and was put on record there several times. In 1532, as a convinced Lutheran, Lemberger was banished from Leipzig by Duke Georg the Bearded and went to Magdeburg . There he illustrated the so-called "Low German Bible" by Johannes Bugenhagen with 117 woodcuts. The last time the artist can be archived was in 1537 in Leipzig, where he attended the Easter fair. After that his track is lost. He probably died between 1540 and 1545 in Magdeburg or Leipzig.

In addition to the few paintings preserved by his hand, his woodcuts in particular are significant and exemplary for the art of the Reformation period, especially his illustrations for the first part of the Luther Bible from 1523 (printer Nickel Schmidt, Leipzig) and for the “Newen and Allten Testament Deutzsch” from 1524 / 25 (printer Melchior Lotter the Elder, Leipzig.), As well as the so-called "Low German Bible of Johannes Bugenhagen" (printer Michel Lotther, Magdeburg), in which Lemberger leans heavily on the style of his relative Hans Leinberger and the so-called Danube style .



Woodcuts (selection)

Beginning of the Gospel of Matthew with Matthew woodcut by Lemberger (dated 1523)
  • Title woodcut and woodcut with the four Bohemian patron saints for the Prague Missal, Melchior Lotter d. Ä., Leipzig 1522
  • Illustrations for the New Testament, Melchior Lotter d. J., Wittenberg 1524
  • Illustrations for the Old Testament, parts 1 and 2 (including the Samson cycle) from 1524, as well as for part 3 from 1525, Melchior Lotter the Elder. J., Wittenberg.
  • Large full coat of arms of Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg in the Lectionarius Ecclesie collegiate sanctoru (m) Mauricij & Marie Magdalenae (...), Melchior Lotther d. Ä., Leipzig 1525
  • Title woodcut and illustrations for the so-called Emser Testament (Das naw testament), Wolfgang Stöckel, Dresden 1527
  • Title woodcut for the “ Sachsenspiegel ”, Melchior Lotter d. Ä., Leipzig 1528
  • 117 woodcut illustrations for the edition of the Low German Bible by Johannes Bugenhagen , Michael Lotter, Magdeburg 1536
  • 8 woodcut illustrations for the Wittenberg Bible editions following the Low German Bible by Johannes Bugenhagen from 1540 (there also re-use of the 117 Magdeburg woodcuts)
  • Title woodcut and two folio woodcuts on the story of Joshua and Job for the Swedish Bible Gustav Wasas ( Biblia / thet aer / all then Helgha Scrifft / pa Swensko ), Jürgen Richolff, Upsala 1541.


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