County of Dammartin

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The county of Dammartin with the capital Dammartin-en-Goële was between Paris and the Valois .

It emerged as a lordship in the 10th century and was made a county by Manasses von Dammartin around 1025 when he assumed the corresponding title.

When Mathilde (Mahaut) von Dammartin , the widow of Philipp Hurepel , died in 1259 , Dammartin passed to the Trie family .

Count of Dammartin

House Montdidier

  • Manasses de Ramerupt, X 1037, 1025 Comte de Dammartin; ⚭ Constance, probably Constance de Dammartin
  • Odo (Eudes), their son, Count von Dammartin after 1050-1060 / 61
  • Hugo I (Hugues I), his brother, Count von Dammartin in 1071, † probably in 1100
  • Peter (Pierre), his son, Count von Dammartin, † 1105/06
    • Adele de Bulles, his sister, ⚭ I Aubry de Mello, ⚭ II Lancelin (probably Lancelin II. De Beauvais),
  • Lancelin (probably Lancelin II. De Beauvais), 1112/16 steward of Dammartin as the second husband of Adele de Bulles
  • Rainald (Renaud) von Bulles, their son, probably Count von Dammartin in 1138, † before 1167
  • Lancelin, whose brother, attested in 1134/49, was Count von Dammartin

House Mello

House Trie

House of Châtillon

    • Jacqueline de Trie, † before 1388, sister of Karl; ⚭ Jean I de Châtillon-sur-Marne, Comte de Porcien 1346/90
  • Marguerite de Châtillon, their daughter; ⚭ Guillaume de Fayel, Viscount de Breteuil

House Fayel

  • Jean de Fayel, † 1420, their son, Viscount de Breteuil, Comte de Dammartin
  • Marie de Fayel; ⚭ Renaud de Nanteuil

House Vergy

After the occupation of northern France by the English, Dammartin Antoine de Vergy , † 1439, Marshal of France , is awarded; this is the son of Jean III. de Vergy, the grandson of Jean II. de Vergy and great-grandson of Henri de Vergy and Mahaut de Trie, who in turn is a daughter of Jean II. de Trie, Count of Dammartin.

House Nanteuil

  • Renaud de Nanteuil, husband of Marie de Fayels
  • Marguerite de Nanteuil, her daughter; ⚭ 1439 Antoine de Chabannes, † 1488

House Chabannes

  • Antoine de Chabannes , † 1488; ⚭ Marguerite de Nanteuil
  • Jean de Chabannes, their son; ⚭ Suzanne de Bourbon, daughter of Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Roussilon, and Jeanne de Valois
  • Antoinette de Chabannes, their daughter, † 1527; ⚭ René d'Anjou, † 1521, Baron de Mézières

House Valois-Anjou

  • Françoise d'Anjou, their daughter; ⚭ Philippe de Boulainvilliers, † 1536, Comte de Fauquemberghe

Boulainvilliers house

  • Philippe de Boulainvilliers, their son, Count von Dammertin in 1547, sold the county to Anne de Montmorency in 1554

Montmorency House

  • Anne de Montmorency , † 1567, baron and later Duke of Montmorency; ⚭ 1529 Madeleine de Savoie
  • Henri I. de Montmorency , † 1614, his son, Duc de Montmorency etc .; ⚭ I 1558 Antoinette de La Marck, † 1591; ⚭ II 1593 Louise de Budos † 1598
  • Henri II. De Montmorency , † executed in 1632, his son, Duc de Montmorency etc.

The king confiscates his goods and gives Dammartin to the Prince de Condé.

House of Bourbon-Condé

  • Henri II. De Bourbon , † 1646, Prince de Condé; ⚭ Charlotte de Montmorency, † 1650, sister of Henri II.

The county is inherited through his descendants until the Revolution .


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