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Hanna Burgwitz (born May 18, 1919 in Berlin ; † April 14, 2007 in Inzlingen ) was a German theater and film actress and acting teacher.


Burgwitz grew up in Berlin and attended Lilly Ackermann's drama school there . This was followed by first theater roles in Essen , Frankfurt and Cologne . Hanna Burgwitz played on numerous German-speaking stages, including for a long time in Munich at the Kammerspiele and at the Residenztheater . During this time she taught at the New Munich Drama School . She later ran her own drama school. Her former students include Simone Rethel , Angela Winkler , Gwendolyn von Ambesser , Rüdiger Hacker , Friedrich von Thun , Ulrich Schwab and many others.

Hanna Burgwitz came to the Schauspielhaus Zürich through Harry Buckwitz in 1970 . From there she went to the Theater Basel almost 10 years later and was part of the ensemble until 1989. In 1991 she received the Hersfeld Prize of the Bad Hersfeld Festival for the role of Daja in Nathan the Wise .

Hanna Burgwitz probably played her first television role in 1960 in the television film So ist es - ist es so? with U. a. Pinkas Braun , Peter Capell and Horst Tappert . Other appearances followed, such as in the television series Kommissar Freytag , Das Kriminalmuseum , Der Kommissar and the crime scene Dead do not need a flat . From 1996 to 2002 she was in the WDR series Lindenstrasse (episode 568–853) as "Elisabeth Birkhahn". From 1987 she played the leading role in the ARD series Zwei alten Damen auf Gas , for which she was awarded the ARD Starlight Prize.

Also, in some movies she appeared as 1970, directed by Michael Verhoeven in the strip ok , the true events from the Vietnam War is based.


Filmography (selection)

movie theater

  • 1970: ok
  • 1978: A woman with responsibility

watch TV

  • 1960: That's it - is it so?
  • 1960: A Christmas carol in prose or a ghost story for Christmas
  • 1962: The fire escape
  • 1965: Halfway to Paradise
  • 1965: Money - Money - Money: Two billion against the Bank of England
  • 1965: Cigalon
  • 1965: Yerma
  • 1967: The preliminary investigation
  • 1967: Stine
  • 1967: east wind
  • 1968: Heart Death House
  • 1969: A thousand and one nights
  • 1973: crime scene - dead people do not need an apartment
  • 1976: The clairvoyant
  • 1977: time of sensitivity
  • 1996: Lindenstrasse (as "Frau Birkhahn" until 2002)
  • 1997: Just for one night
  • 1998: Bloody seriousness
  • 2000: Marienhof
  • 2001: The Crimes of Professor Capellari (TV series) (1st episode)
  • 2002: Until your death do us part
  • 2003: Bloch (TV series) (1st episode)


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