Bloch (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Bloch
Bloch Logo.PNG
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2002-2013
length 90 minutes
Episodes 24 ( list )
genre TV series , psychodrama
First broadcast September 4, 2002 on
Das Erste

Bloch is a TV series of the Südwestrundfunk and Westdeutscher Rundfunk . The 24 90-minute films were broadcast from 2002 to 2013 in loose sequence during prime time in the FilmMittwoch series on the Erste . Dieter Pfaff played the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Maximilian Bloch, who works in Cologne and Baden-Baden and tries to help his patients with the help of empathy , humor, cunning and detective instinct. Often his own complicated private life is strained and he is painfully confronted with himself.


The conception of the television series came from Peter Märthesheimer and Pea Fröhlich . Dieter Pfaff helped to develop the figure of the psychotherapist Bloch, in line with an earlier career aspiration. Some of the episodes were co-produced by the two broadcasters, SWR and WDR, while others were only produced by one of the broadcasters or the Baden-Baden subsidiary of SWR Maran Film .

In episodes 1-5, 7, 8, 11, 14 and 20, the film music was composed and played by Irmin Schmidt .

Each episode is preceded by the following text spoken by a child's voice:

“The soul is deep inside you - in the heart, sometimes you can feel it - at night when you are alone.
When the soul is sick, you go to the hospital or to the dermatologist, the soul weighs one and a half kilograms ... "

Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic work in series

Bloch restricts himself to a psychotherapeutic approach in the series. Psychiatric work, such as treatment with psychotropic drugs , is only mentioned in passing. In terms of content, Bloch occasionally refers to psychoanalysis as a treatment method; so patients lay down z. B. partially on a treatment couch. Despite all of the (very far-reaching) artistic freedoms of the series, one of the main concerns of psychoanalysis actually remains clearly recognizable, namely Bloch's struggle not only to record and eliminate the symptoms of his patients, but rather to relate them to life and life To see the biography of the patient and to understand its meaning as a cry for help from the soul, or to understand the unconscious conflict behind it; this - entirely in the psychoanalytic tradition - also with regard to z. B. Delusional symptoms.


Dieter Pfaff as Dr. Maximilian Bloch
actor role Remarks consequences
Dieter Pfaff Dr. Maximilian Bloch Psychiatrist and psychotherapist 1 - 24
Katharina Wackernagel Leonie Bloch Bloch's daughter from his first marriage 1 - 12
Eva Kryll Dr. Annegret Bloch Doctor and second wife 1 - 6
Catherine Flemming (in episode 2) Clara Born Bloch's partner 2 - 24
Ulrike Krumbiegel (from episode 3)
Christoph Herzog (in episode 2) Tommy Born Son of Clara Born 2 - 22
Jonathan Dümcke (from episode 3)


episode First broadcast title book Director scene of action Episode lead actor
1 04th Sep 2002 Black dust Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Ed Duke Cologne Michael Mendl
2 Sep 18 2002 A buried dog Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Peter Schulze-Rohr Cologne Catherine Flemming , Christoph Herzog
3 Jun 18, 2003 Daisies Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Christoph Stark Baden-Baden Julia Jentsch
4th Jun 25, 2003 Silver gray eyes Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Marcus O. Rosenmüller Baden-Baden Sebastian Bezzel , Rosemarie Fendel , Hanns Zischler
5 0Feb 4, 2004 A stain on the skin Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Stephan Wagner Baden-Baden Laura-Charlotte Syniawa
6th Apr 21, 2004 Sisters Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Edward Berger Baden-Baden, Cologne Nina Hoss , Nele Mueller-Stöfen
7th 09 Mar 2005 A sick heart Peter Märthesheimer , Pea Fröhlich Michael Hammon Cologne Katrin Sass
8th Aug 24, 2005 My daughter's boyfriend Marco Wiersch , Kilian Riedhof Kilian Riedhof Cologne Devid Striesow
9 Jul 12, 2006 The fury Jochen Bitzer Christoph Stark Baden-Baden Janina Stopper
10 0Nov 8, 2006 The man in the tuxedo Marco Wiersch René Heisig Baden-Baden, Mainz Rudolf Kowalski
11 Jun 13, 2007 The child friend Marco Wiersch , Kilian Riedhof Kilian Riedhof Cologne Fabian Hinrichs , Eva Löbau
12 0Jan. 9, 2008 The blue hour Thorsten Näter Thorsten Näter Cologne Dagmar Manzel , Peter Prager
13 Jul 16, 2008 Forgive, don't forget Regine Bielefeld Michael Verhoeven Baden-Baden Birge Schade , Rainer Sellien
14th 0Jan. 7, 2009 Shadow child Silke Zertz Christoph Stark Baden-Baden Florian Bartholomäi , Anke Sevenich , André Jung , Anna Fischer , Thomas Thieme
15th 0Jun 3, 2009 Gut feeling Marco Wiersch Franziska Meletzky Cologne Maria Kwiatkowsky
16 16 Sep 2009 Death of a friend Marco Wiersch Züli Aladağ Cologne Jochen Nickel , Tom Schilling , Naomi Krauss , Alice Dwyer , Kirsten Block
17th 17th Mar 2010 Tracked Martin Douven Jan Schütte Baden-Baden Victoria Trauttmansdorff
18th Oct 20, 2010 The hostage Jörg Tensing Elmar Fischer Baden-Baden, Stuttgart Claudia Michelsen , Filip Peeters
19th Jan. 19, 2011 The savior Marco Wiersch Franziska Meletzky Cologne Matthias Habich , Catherine Bode
20th Jun 15, 2011 Inshallah Jürgen Werner Thomas Jauch Cologne Aylin Tezel , Susanne Lothar , Slaheddine Ben Saad
21st Jun 20, 2012 The stranger Jörg Tensing Elmar Fischer Baden-Baden Vadim Glowna , Lisa Maria Potthoff
22nd 0Nov 7, 2012 Hot and cold soul Silke Zertz Michael Verhoeven Baden-Baden Katharina Schüttler , Rainer Bock , Christian Näthe
23 13 Mar 2013 the maze Jochen Greve , Johannes Rotter Dror Zahavi Cologne Birgit Minichmayr , Devid Striesow
24 Apr 24, 2013 The lavender queen Ingo Haeb , Martin Rosefeldt Michael Verhoeven Cologne Anna Maria Trouble

All films were released on DVD, most recently cases 21–24 on June 13, 2013. The episode Black Dust was released from the age of 16, the other cases from the age of 12.


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