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Christian Näthe (2009)

Christian Näthe (* 1976 in Potsdam ) is a German actor , guitarist and singer in the band Hasenscheisse .

life and career

Christian Näthe grew up in Potsdam. At the age of 13 he was cast by Karola Hattop for the role of young Rainer in the DEFA children's film Feriengewitter . At the same time he took up his first synchronized work for the GDR traffic education program Verkehrskompaß .

In November 1994 he starred in the leading role of 16-year-old Christoph Hansen from Hamburg in the ZDF television film Unschuldsengel , directed by Rainer Kaufmann . This was followed by the role of Harald in the ZDF children's series Secret - or what ?! , as well as DJ Andi Berkahn in the series Mensch, Pia! . He had another recurring series role in a total of twelve episodes of the ARD series Gegen den Wind . In July 1997 Näthe could be seen in the Dresden crime scene as Lothar Wagner and in Polizeiruf 110: He played the horse murderer alongside Eduard Burza as his brother. In bitter suspicion of the crime series Bella Block , he took on one of the main roles of the episode as a student Benedikt Bartels. In 2004 the figure of the pianist, composer and piano maker Andreas Streicher followed in the television film Schiller .

In the movie Der Baader Meinhof Complex he took on the role of Jochen and in the espionage drama alias Luna he played alongside Anna Maria Mühe and Götz George . In the Bloch series , Näthe took on the role of Benno Pflüger in Heißkalte Seele and that of the sailor Kolkmann in Berengar Pfahl's ARD two-parter The Men of Emden . In the successful cinema comedy Fack ju Göhte he was seen in a supporting role as a biology teacher. 2015 followed a role in Four Having a Child and 2018 in Real Farmers Sing Better . In the same year the role of Hauptmann Heym in the movie thriller Ballon followed .

Näthe also played in various television series, such as Notruf Hafenkante , Ein starkes Team , Last Trace Berlin or SOKO Potsdam .

Musical career

Together with his friend Matthias Mengert, Näthe founded the band Hasenscheisse in the mid-1990s , where he is guitarist and singer as "Chrischi". His song Kleines Sauberes Städtchen, which he wrote for his hometown, was very popular in November 2019.

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