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Hans Fricker (1940)
Hans Fricker

Hans Fricker (born February 21, 1879 in Aarau ; † December 4, 1956 there ; entitled to live in Frick and Aarau) was a Swiss politician ( KVP ) and judge . From 1922 to 1933 he represented the canton of Aargau in the National Council , then until 1955 in the Council of States .


The son of the post office clerk Johann Fricker attended school in Aarau and also graduated from the cantonal school there . He then studied law at the universities of Berlin , Munich and Bern . In 1903 he graduated with a licentiate and received a patent as a lawyer. After working for Gottfried Keller for a short time , he opened his own law firm in Stein . But in 1905 he was elected President of the district court in Laufenburg . In 1930 he was elected chief judge in Aargau; he held this office until 1949 (from 1941 to 1943 as President of the Supreme Court).

Fricker's political career began in 1909 when he was elected to the Grand Council . He was a member until 1930 and presided over it in 1917/18. In 1924 he took over the presidium of the Aargau KVP, which he held until 1951. In 1925 he was elected to the National Council . In 1929 he ran for election to the government council , but was defeated in the second ballot by the BGB representative Fritz Zaugg . By contrast, Fricker was successful in the 1933 elections to the Council of States when he was able to prevail against Karl Killer from the SP . He was the first Catholic-Conservative Council of States from the Canton of Aargau.

Fricker remained on the Council of States until 1955, and served as President of the Council of States in 1941/42 . He did not attract attention in the councils for his speeches, but for his detailed work in numerous commissions and through extra-parliamentary negotiations. Among other things, he chaired the commissions for railways, finance, military and foreign policy. With the emphasis on consensus-oriented politics, he also gained recognition in other parties.


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