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Hans Schaefer (born August 7, 1906 in Breslau ; † September 23, 1961 near Ankara ) was a German ancient historian .


The son of physics professor Clemens Schaefer first studied law in Bonn and became a member of the Catholic student association K.St.V. Arminia Bonn in KV . Schaefer then moved to Marburg and Leipzig, where he studied Classical Studies, especially ancient history with Helmut Berve , from whom he received his doctorate in 1929. Schaefer completed his habilitation in Leipzig in 1935 . After a substitute professorship in Halle in the winter semester of 1935/36, he received an extraordinary professorship in Jena on April 21, 1936, and in 1941 a full professorship at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg . Towards the end of the Second World War he worked at the University of Strasbourg . From 1957 to 1959 Schaefer headed the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy . He died together with his colleague Jacques Moreau and the young Heidelberg scientists Peter Sattler, Leo Teutsch, Martin Friedenthal, Christoph Meinhard Bulst, Hans Hermann Rohrbach, Roland Maier, Gerhard Müller and Siegfried Ries in a plane crash during an excursion.

The focus of Schaefer's academic work was Greek history, especially the theory of the state. His dissertation, published in 1932, met with criticism because of its conceptual and intellectual historical orientation; the habilitation thesis on rulers and people in archaic Greece remained unprinted. Schaefer wrote numerous articles for the real encyclopedia of classical antiquity , and from 1951 he was co-editor of the multi-part textbook for history for higher schools Erbe des Abendlandes .

Schaefer's doctoral students included Walter Schmitthenner (1949), Hans Buchheim (1951), Dietmar Kienast (1953), Christian Meier (1956) and Ursula Vogel-Weidemann (1958). Their main research interests were in the area of ​​Roman history.


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